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Feb 09, 2018

Wallpaper is material that is used as a wall covering material instead of a normal paint. It is the best option for decorating interior walls. Home wallpaper is pasted in vertical strips over the walls of a room to provide decorative surfaces. Home wallpaper is not only an option to decorate walls, but it also adds the effects to the interior wall!

Wallpaper is used in any areas of the home such as living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom & bathroom etc., but one has to properly choose the proper wallpaper for different areas.

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Material Used for Home Wallpaper:

Home wallpapers are available in various materials. Manufacturers produce wallpapers from different materials which include:

  • Paper
  • Fabric
  • Vinyl
  • Flock
  • Foil
  • Natural Material (Grass, Bamboo)
  • Natural & synthetic fibre

Types of Home Wallpaper:

In the market, there are different types of wallpapers available. Here we give you a list of home wallpaper that are extensively used for home decoration:

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Vinyl Wallpaper
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Textile Wallpaper
Courtesy - Vescom
Glass Cloth Wallpaper
Courtesy - Pinimg
Hand Screened Wallpaper
Courtesy - Flavorpaper
Foil/Metallic Wallpaper
Courtesy - Amazon
Embossed Wallpaper
Courtesy - Indiamart
Woodchip Wallpaper
Courtesy - Erfurt
Lining Wallpaper
Courtesy - Kingfisher
Liquid Wallpaper
Courtesy - 0382.ua
Cork Wallpaper
Courtesy - homedecorrs

Benefits of Wallpaper:

Here we give you an overview of benefits of wallpaper:

  • Wallpaper is sometime cheaper option as compared to paint.
  • Wallpaper is made of natural material or recycled material, so it is an environment-friendly option.
  • Home wallpaper is available as both pre-pasted and un-pasted.
  • Wallpaper for walls is available in hundreds of patterns, colours and design. Some home wallpaper can be painted, so you can add some texture in the room.
  • Wallpaper is provided with customised design and size options to fit any space.
  • Some wallpaper have borders, and hence it looks beautiful with a full wallpapering!
  • Today most of the wallpapers are available with a top coating so that they can wiped and cleaned with the household materials.
  • Some home wallpapers are washable, scrub-able, durable, cost-effective and moisture resistant.
  • In the houses; where the dirt is easily affected to the walls & you can’t frequently paint the house, home wallpaper is a great option!
  • Wallpaper is ideal to hide imperfection, dirt, damage and uneven surfaces.
  • Wallpaper may look like wood, marble or stone. This is an easy way to get a unique look.
  • Wallpaper and border can create a decorative wall panels and add the architectural interest in the flat walls.
  • Good quality wallpapers are long lasting say up to 15 years, where as a paint needs to be repainted after 5 to 7 years.
  • Wallpapers are easy to install, remove and re-install.
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Home Wallpaper Patterns:

Wallpapers are available in many patterns such as:

Plain Wallpaper Pattern
Courtesy - Alibaba
Classical Wallpaper Pattern
Courtesy - images.all
Abstract Wallpaper Pattern
Courtesy - image.freepik
Graphical Wallpaper Pattern
Courtesy - profhome
Geometrical Wallpaper Pattern
Floral Pattern Wallpaper
Courtesy - Pinterest
3d Pattern Wallpaper
Courtesy - Alibaba
Metallic Pattern Wallpaper
Courtesy - i.ytimg
Strip Pattern Wallpaper
Courtesy - iwantwallpaper
Mural Pattern Wallpaper
Courtesy - Alibaba
Brick or Stone Pattern Wallpaper
Courtesy - images.homify
Wood Wallpaper Wallpaper
Courtesy - iwantwallpaper

Application of Home Wallpaper:

For the application of wallpapers they are categorised into three ways:

(a) Pre-Pasted Wallpaper:

Pre-pasted wallpaper have adhesive already pasted to the backing of wallpaper, which is activated with water. You need to carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions when applying this type wallpaper.

(b) Self Adhesive (Peel and Stick) Wallpaper:

Self adhesive wallpaper is available in sticker – like backing which is easily removable. To apply this wallpaper you can just peel and stick to the wall.

(c) Unpasted (Paste to the Wall) Wallpaper:

Unpasted wallpapers have no paste applied to the backing so paste will be needed. It requires a separate paste to be applied to the wallpaper. Follow manufacturer’s instructions on what type of adhesive to use.

Size of Home Wallpaper:

Wallpapers are available in roll, and you will not get wallpaper in per sq.ft. The standard size of wallpaper roll is measured approximately 10.05 m (32.97 ft) in length and 0.52 m (1.07 ft) in width. You can get the wallpaper roll up to the maximum width of approximately 0.68 cm (2.23 ft).

Cost of Home Wallpaper:

When you plan for the renovation of the home, the budget is the first thing that comes to your mind! Wallpaper cost depends on the type of wallpaper and also on the printed pattern, design and its brand! Starting range of wallpaper is Rs. 1000 (15 $) to Rs. 15000 (235 $). This price is per roll of wall covering!

Note: This cost of wallpaper is approximate, and it may change with types, patterns, material and location.

Where can you Buy Wallpaper?

Wallpaper is available in the interior shops, or you can also buy wallpaper online.

Note: When you install home wallpaper follow manufactures instructions.

Home wallpaper is the best option for home wall covering decoration. You can buy wallpaper as per your choice which increases the beauty of your home.

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