Living Room & Its Furniture For Your Home!

A living room is a space that makes the first impression of our house when the guest arrived! A living room is a room primarily used for the everyday social activities of the occupants. The term sitting room is sometimes used generally with living room. In many houses, there is a separate provision of the family room where the family sits together, watches T.V. and have discussions or play games, etc.

Livingroom-factors for internal planning consideration

Factors to Keep in Mind While Designing a Living Room Space

  • Number of people to be seated in living room
  • Living room furniture arrangement
  • Living room furniture and its size
  • Space allowance for furniture
  • Space required around the furniture for easy access
  • Avoid placing furniture between traffic passages where doors leading to other rooms

A typical living room furnishings may contain sofa, chairs, occasional tables, bookshelves, electric lamps, rugs, and other extra furniture.
For an average or medium living room furniture required for an average or medium sized living room space are listed below:

01. Sofa Sets

Usually the living room sofa sets are available in a combination of three seater + two seater + one seater (3+2+1), three seater + two seater (3+2) and three seater + one seater + one seater (3+1+1) in the market.

02. Sofa Cum Bed

They are most suitable option for small size living rooms. Because of its multiple use, it can be converted in to sleeping bed when required. However, it can be adjusted as per the individual need!

03. Centre Table or Coffee Table

It is a table arranged in the center of living room sofa sets, mainly used for coffee/ tea/snacks, etc. The centre or coffee table sometime also holds the books, magazines, newspaper, TV/AC remote, food, drinks, games, & many more items. Sometimes you might want to have your feet-up while watching T.V. while relaxing on couch or the kids might need a place for drawing.

04. Side Table or End Table

It is a table use for corners or at the end of sofa for showcasing an indoor plant, antiques, lamps and many more for a living room decor. It should be perfectly placed within the easy reach of your sofa and favourite armchair. The side tables give you an ideal storage for essentials like TV/AC remote, food and many more other items along with the lower half shelf for storing magazines/books.

05. Show Case or TV/Music Unit or Media Storage

It is used for placing the TV unit/DVD player/other media storage/sound system and also displaying the attractive living room decor pieces includes – antiques, flower vases, indoor plants, etc! And also, with some storages for magazines/books/other stationary items and many more as per the individual requirements.

More Comfort & Luxurious Furniture For Your Living Room Furniture Arrangements

01. Sectional

It is a continuous seating space with arms on both ends. Sectionals are available in single straight/L-shape/C-shape/U-shape depending upon the living room furniture arrangements! A living room sectionals have one major benefit of its extended width (in one direction) for laying on it and relaxing, watching TV etc.

02. Recliner

It is a chair that make your life more comfortable and relaxed in your house! It is suggested in a common room like living room or family room for resting. Though a recliner is a part of luxury, it has many benefits. It gives you the customized comfort and relief in pains. It ca also be used in bedrooms for extra luxury.

Usually the recliner chair seat distributes your weight to ease the pain and reduce pressure points on your muscle and joints. For e.g. If you have a chronic neck pain, a recliner can ease the pain by supporting the back of your neck.
If you have a back, neck, arm and leg pain, you can invest in a recliner massage chair. They are expensive, but the cost is worth, because they provide relief from pain saving you on a regular massage therapist!

03. Rocking Chair

Rocking chair is also known as rocker. It is a type of chair with two curved bands (also known as rockers) attached to the bottom of the legs. The rockers are used to rock back and forth by shifting their weight or pushing lightly with their feet.

There are many health benefits of rocking chair. Rocking reduces the anxiety and depression often present in the elderly. It is also recommended as the perfect exercise to stimulate the circulatory system and the leg muscles. This is especially helpful for those who are elderly or housebound and are unable to do the other forms of exercise. Rocking is a relaxing activity for all age groups and you can even do it while watching TV![

04. Bean Bag

Bean bag is a kind of cushion that is made in various shapes & sizes! It is very flexible and available in various fabrics. Due to its lightweight it can be moved in any room as per the individual need!

To spice up your living room, bean bags can make the entire space comfortable for the family, from kids to the parents by adding some bookshelves around the area to give your living room a formal look!

05. Armchairs

Armchairs are the beautiful addition to any living room décor! It is an additional chair planed with living room sofa sets. It can be used isolated beside a sofa or in a pair.
This chairs are sometimes the point of attraction when add with accents. No living room space is complete without an armchair, therefore for a perfect living room furniture arrangement choose the right armchair your room!

The armchair is a very independent character as it also lives on its own by creating a magic corner. A living room corner can have a strong character when an armchair and ottoman are positioned close to the lamp near a window. It makes the area private for reading, relaxing and reflecting!

06. Ottoman or Foot Rest

Ottoman is an upholstered seat available in any shape, with or without a back. It is also the part of luxury and comfort, usually used with armchair for reading and relaxing! Alternatively, they can be used for fun, being small it can be moved when necessary; an unexpected guest or just to stretch the legs by remaining comfortably seated on the armchair.

Ottomans are the natural and elegant complement of every living room space, as many small tables with which the ottomans can be mixed in front or beside the sofa.
For e.g. It is an ideal solution in front or beside the sofa when you need to put some clothes on it or simply you need to take off your socks!

07. Bookcase

If you have a maximum wall space in your living room – adding a bookshelf or shelving would be a practical and very functional way of making use of that space as a part of small library in the living!

Bookshelves is a great way to actually display the books that we were able to read and plan on reading in the future. This is definitely a great avenue for us to encourage more people to read!

08. Grand Piano Suit

A grand piano makes an elegant focal point in a living room. A piano beautifully suits the classic interior design and traditional living room decor. It requires a good placement in the room. If you have a big living room space you can have the opportunity to put in a grand piano that will stand out in the living room furniture arrangements.

The piano effortlessly adds the luxury to your living room space and make it look more spacious!
There are many more living room furnishings for your home decor. What do you think about the living room furniture list given above? Have you already picked your favourite for your room? Let us know in a comment, and don’t forget to stay up for more inspiring designs for your home!

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