4 Simple Steps to Calculate the Carpet Area of Your Flat or House

To calculate the carpet area first you understand the meaning of carpet area, as the name suggests it means the area where you can lay carpet or in other words where the tiles are laid on the floor. This is the area which we actually use in our house. It is simply the inner dimensions of the house i.e. length x Breadth of a rooms.

To determine a floor’s square footage i.e. carpet area of a house or a flat, follow the procedure given below:

01. Arrange a measure tape (approx 5-meter length – you can get it from any stationary or hardware shop & it hardly cost few rupees)

02. Ask one of your family members to hold down the measure tape & measure the length (L) & breadth (b) of all the rooms. Measure it from the clear floor level of a room so that the exact dimensions are achieved. Also keep in mind that you have to measure all the in-to-in room dimensions including passage areas.

03. If you don’t have the measure tape handy then follows this second method. Simply take a scale and measure the length (L) & Breadth (B) of one tile. Now, Count all the tiles in the length (L) direction & then again count all the tiles in breadth (B) direction.

Let’s take one simple example and refer the sketch given below:  Say size of one tile is 2×2 feet and total tiles in a room in both the length (L) & Breadth (B) direction are 5 numbers. Now in length direction multiply the total number of tiles with the size of the tile i.e. 5(number) X 2 (feet) = 10 feet (this is the room length). Follow the same step for breadth (B) direction.

Note: This method is very easy; however, it may give you error in your measurements if tiles in your room are installed half or one-fourth or three-forth at the corners. Whatever methods you choose we usually suggest you to use measure tape as it can provide you with the precise carpet area of your house.

04. If you are living in Bungalow/Rowhouse/Duplex then also measure the staircase area of each floor, likewise the area of ground floor, first floor etc. If you are living in a flat than the staircase, stairs/lift cabin, passage, and other common areas are add-on pro-rata basis to the carpet/built-up area of flat.

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