5 Gadgets You Need for Smart Home Automation!

Smart Home Gadgets

It isn’t just your phone that’s getting smarter, it’s the entire world. And you can bring the same intelligence and connectivity into your home. Home automation uses the Internet of Things to automate and control items around your home. You could turn off a lamp via your smartphone or check out the video footage from a security camera without getting out of bed, and that’s just the start.

Smart Gadgets for Home Automation

Here are the 5 gadgets you need for smart home automation.

01. A Smart Speaker and Display

Amazon Alexa - Smart Speaker

Smart speakers allow you to use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. That lets you get information in real-time or verbally give the command to your smart home to do something. The best smart speaker and display is compatible with your smartphone and the home automation you intended to buy. Note that you can buy a smaller secondary unit like the Google Nest Mini for every room instead of the more expensive Google Nest Hub Max.

02. Smart Lights for Smart Home

Smart Light

Smart lighting is a logical next step for many people. A smart light bulb allows you to turn on the lights with a voice command to the Amazon Alexa or Google Nest device. This lets you turn on and off the lights without getting out of bed. You could control them via your phone, too, whether you set a timer so they turn on when you get home or turn them off once you realized you left them on.

03. Next Level Smart Security Systems

Smart Security

Smart security cameras can record what goes on in your home and relay the audio and video to you via a Wi-Fi connection. You can set them up inside your home or have them monitor the exterior of your home.

Wi-fi enabled video doorbells are becoming popular because they allow you to see who is at your door. You could even talk to the person in real-time, whether or not you’re home. These systems can record events. Depending on the system you choose, it can send you a text when packages are delivered.

There are also several security devices you may not have known about but won’t want to live without. For example, smart water leak detectors can automatically shut off the water valve when a leak is detected. This eliminates the risk of massive water damage to your home.

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04. A Smart Thermostat in Home Automation

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a great way to save energy. If you’re going to be home late, adjust the thermostat via your smartphone. You even have learning thermostats that collect data and analyze it to determine the most energy-efficient temperature profile for your home.

05. A Smart TV

Smart TV

A Smart TV allows you to receive over-the-air TV channels as well as watch content through streaming apps on the big screen. You can use your voice to change channels, increase the volume, or switch between inputs. Or use the remote control.

BAZZ Smart Home has a blog post on the small and simple devices you can use to create a smart home, which is handy if you don’t have a big budget.

In the end, you can even find smart window shades and smart ovens. However, the best smart home automation devices are ones you’ll use every day, impact your quality of life, and may even save you money.

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