14 Benefits of Home Automation Technology – Upgrade Your Lifestyle

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The Smartphone, which most of us carry in our day-to-day life is the powerful tool that makes the life easier! Similar to this, every advancement in technology enhances their impressive capabilities and paves the next big step toward smart technology and automation, which also can improve our life in manifold ways. Our home gets turned into a smart home and it is beneficial in at least 14 ways.
According to ‘Victor Callaghan’ (Published in Smart Homes – preface), the term smart home is used to describe a domestic living environment that is integrated and equipped with network-based sensors and other appliances which can coordinate their actions to offer new types of holistic behavior and user friendly solutions. These are then labeled as “Smart” or “Intelligent”.Utilization of the integrated sensing systems in your house is one of the most considerable new trends in digital innovations! Until recently, the idea of “Home Automation Technology” was relatively unfamiliar to a majority of the people. But now, the smart home products and technologies have become so easily accessible that the homeowners across the country are trying their best in upgrading their homes!
Smart homes have been synonymous with a luxurious lifestyle. According to ‘Olfa Kanoun’ (published in Smart Systems and Devices: Innovative Key Modules for Engineering Applications) ‘Smart systems make use of the new advances in the field of technology, devices, design methods, communication and signal processing, that will play a key role in the future.’ Therefore, with these benefits of home automation technology, you can not only upgrade the home to smarter but also gives a new lifestyle to your family with comfort and ease.

Why Smart Home Automation Technology?

Right now, it is the best time for homeowners to start reaping the benefits of home automation systems and technologies into their homes!
Till days, the idea of smart home was just limited to the use of remote to operate a TV or an air conditioner or a set of CCTV cameras and not anything more.
Who wouldn’t love being able to control light, temperature and the modes of entertainment from their couch? For example, not only would a dweller be woken with notification of a fire alarm, but the smart home automation system would also unlock doors, dial the fire department, and light the path to safety. Even if you are on work or on a holiday, with this smart home technology system, you can get alert about the events happening around. By including smart home security systems, you can build a support system to provide an efficient help in an emergency!
Transitioning to a smarter home can improve your control over every aspect of house operation, and it helps in increasing the safety and accessibility of the comfort and convenience as well! Furthermore, you can reap the benefits of home automation for setting a more efficient home leading to the savings in your energy bills and recurring costs!

Benefits of Home Automation Technology

Benefits of Home Automation Technology

01. Efficacy of The Entire System Changes

Just imagine the situation where you are the sovereign of the house and you can control the entire operations with a few buttons. It is like guiding the house according to your wishes without much physical effort. With your smart systems, you can adjust and balance electricity needs of your home.
For example, you can turn on the heat in winters and boost the cooling power in the scorching summers. Remember whatever you do, you will end up saving a lot of electricity units. You can flaunt on your selection of the system for which the bill will surprisingly be lower than usual. Efficiency is the second name for smart houses and with that, we mean not just easing methods but also saving on your budget.

02. Secured Your Home Through Automated Door / Window Locks

Secured Your Home Through Automated Door Window Locks

One of the best benefits of home automation systems is the facility of an automated door lock! Through an automated system, you can lock your doors with the tap of your finger. This easy and quickie process can ease your mind with the convenience of tight safety, so that you can focus on your day’s work rather than keep thinking of the risk of trespassing in your house!
Smart and intelligent locking system is also a definite benefit for you if you have to leave for work before your kids leave for their school. Often, children run out the door to catch the bus and forgot to lock the door. You can easily control the situation by locking the door from your office each day. With this smart lock you can stay alert whenever someone enters your home regardless you are in home or you are physically out of your place.Smart homes may have key cards or fingerprint identification in lieu of conventional locks, which is quite difficult for someone to break in! You can also install detectors on windows and doors so that you can be alert if there is any unauthorized access in your premise!

03. Activate Home Alarms

Home alarms providing security in the house

Smart home systems act as super sensitive and pro-active if it is about sensing any malicious entry to your premise.  The systems can make you immediately aware of the risk or mishaps that could violate your home’s privacy when you don’t have these systems in place. The use of alarms and notifications can keep you updated about the imminent danger and alerts you need to rectify. Home alarms provide your home the safety coverage with automation benefits.

04. Safety from Accidents Through Appliance   

Adds Safety Through Appliance

With the access and use of smart Home automation technology, you can easily add shield of safety for both your family and the home! Through smartphones, you can have the ability to control the small appliances and lighting, again with the simple tap of your finger. Let say, you can be sure whether your daughter has turned off her curling iron or you can ensure that your oven has been flipped off after the morning breakfast properly!You can also ensure the safety through controlling the lights in your home. Not only does it allow you to keep the lights off on, but it also allows you to turn them ON whenever required!
This robotic convenience ultimately helps you to controls the light, windows, LED lights, Thermostat, TV, and much more, reducing the chances of any sudden accident due to your carelessness or forgetfulness!

05. Trim Your Energy Costs!

0110010004 - 03 - Trim Your Energy Costs!

If you want your home a bit sustainable; a home automation system is actually helpful in reducing the energy costs to a certain extent. Smart thermostats and lighting can help you to use the energy more efficiently by automatic adjusting or switching OFF when the lights or the systems are not in use! There are many instances where the parents usually argue with their children about their habits of keeping lights unnecessarily on and they need to pay extra electricity bills due to indiscriminate uses of electricity by kids at home. But using the intelligent and smart home technology trends, they can trim, customize, and program their energy uses to save quite a lot from their energy bills.
Smart home automation systems can help you to avoid leaving lights ON in the garage overnight, or running the air conditioning in an empty room! By using less power, you can benefit by reducing your monthly energy costs! It is reported by the US Environmental Protection Agency, that the users of smart home automation technology by thermostat regulating alone can save 10%-30% from their energy bill. Over the course of a year, or in a 5-year span, those savings will add up quickly to the capital cost.

06. Increases Awareness through a Security Camera System

Increases Awareness Through Security Cameras

Unfortunately, we cannot be everywhere at once! This means that we often miss many happenings in our home or around! With the home automation system installed, you can easily watch the happenings in your home and around and can keep yourself and the home safe from unwanted guests’ entry! If you wish to keep an eye on all the activities around your home, use of the smart cameras is much helpful. Smart home security system is based on a vigorous internet integrated technology that works together with other smart home automation systems to provide the advanced level of protection for its users at a designated premise. The security cameras are helpful for increasing the family safety. These gadgets keep on monitoring and recording event clips at the specific time span of the day or night whenever is prompted or programed.
Within the scope of the smart home automation latest technology the use and availability of different types of high security cameras including high quality video camera models with better recording capability has earned wide popularity. The affordability of these intelligent gadgets and their low maintenance have made these gadgets quite in demand.
These smart home security systems can let you know about unexpected temperature changes if any so that you stay alert in advance! This is a good way to detect fire accidents it its initial onset.

07. Increases Convenience through Temperature Adjustment! 

Increases Convenience Through Temperature Adjustment!

We often leave for work early in the morning and usually forget to adjust our thermostat! As a result, when we come back home, we experience either too hot or cold an indoor ambiance. This is inconvenient, as it usually takes a good amount of time and use of energy to increase or decrease temperature!However, with the home automation systems, you can simply adjust the smart thermostat from your office a few hours before reaching your home. Here the system will recognize this need of keeping a place conditioned and it will work completely intuitively without much intervention in your part. It simply read your usual needs and they will be taken care by the intelligent system to control the gadgets and make the output exactly as you love to be.
This system is both cost effective and energy friendly, and it also helps you to stay on top of your life where you can operate the button of your gadgets without being at home actually. It adds more to your home making power.

08. Saves Time

Saves Time

Just imagine the amount of time you’ll save when you can convey your command from remote. So, if you feel like opening the curtains to get the enigmatic view of the sunset, then all you need to do is either give the voice command or operate it through the designated app! Isn’t it exciting!!
These 21st-century energy efficient modern homes are all about saving time and energy. Smart home automation systems can help you to reduce the amount of time we spend on basic tasks every day, like switching ON certain appliances or taking troubles of returning back to home to check whether your bedside lamp or air conditioner is switched off or not! Not to worry now: by understanding this smart home technology trends, you can plan to get more time with your friends, family & guests and less time messing with the thermostat!In nutshell, with smart automation system installed in your premise you will get to enjoy more free time with lesser stress! Realistically, you can easily save your precious time and experience with more daily productivity!

09. Keeps Eye on Your Kids/Children, Pets & Aging Parents will Become Easier! 

Keeps Eye On Your Kids -Children, Pets & Aging Parents!

As stated by ‘Victor Callaghan’ (Published in Smart Homes (preface)), the ability to identify the behavior of people in a home is the core of smart home functionality. Therefore, your kids, pets and aging parents can be easily observed and taken care of.
Through a home automation system installed, you can easily keep your eye on your kids by ensuring that they make stay safely into the house after arriving from school. You can also see their entry and departure with security cameras system, as well as you can make sure that your porch is well lit when they arrive home!This will definitely help you to keep them safe, as well as you know what they are doing every day, which is indeed satisfying and gratifying for the busy parents!
With this technology at easy access, you can also take care of your senior family members. If someone is physically challenged, or someone is suffering from chronic illness, the care and safety issues can be taken due care. Similarly, your pets will get proper care and pampering accordingly even when you are away from home.
And perhaps the most important is, the facility and the system will keep you and your family safe and your home secure!

10. Ease of Operation

Ease of operating the laptop

Convenience of operation is the buzz word for installing a smart system. With the help of this system all your electric devices will be under your control and you can seemingly lead them as a leader. A little while later when the machine understands your needs and requirements it can predict your needs and do the needful.
It is like enjoying the performance of an auto pilot when the main pilot is not actively driving the aircraft.

11. Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind – Smart Home

One of the biggest passive benefits of home automation system installation is ensuring the complete Peace of Mind!
Does the stress of the unlocked doors hit back your mind while traveling out? This is the biggest fear one can skip while making the house a smart one!No more to worry if you had forgotten to put off your room lights or to lock the door or to turn off the television! This is quite handy for those individuals who leave each day, obsessively worrying whether everything is in order! With so many stresses in daily life, it is nice to take at least few off the list!

12. Resale Smart Home / Long Term Investment

Resale Smart Home

When time comes to sell a home, the sellers will have an abundance of USP (Unique Selling Point) with the installed smart homes system! Homes with automated systems have the increased potential to sell at higher price than its real estate siblings with conventional technologies setting. Automating a home can be a worthwhile investment for increasing or even maintaining its market value and attracting possible potential buyers in the future.

13. 360 Degree Change in Lifestyle

360 Degree Change in Lifestyle

Who doesn’t want a better and improvised lifestyle! And the smart houses are capable of giving you the desired escalation of lifestyle. By using the smart devices, not only you can skip struggle for doing various unpleasant tasks repeatedly, but you can increase your flawless performance as well for home management. So, go for the smart home technology and gift yourself an exciting lifestyle to enjoy.No doubt, some of these smart technologies are still in nascent stage but the future of a smart home is on the way. It is good for the home owners too who are looking for a smart and easy life. So, make a move toward smart houses.

14. Make Your Home Awesome!

Make Your Home Awesome!

When listing the benefits of home automation system, how could you not address the “Cool” factor?We now have the ability to control home appliances and systems with our voices and movements, and as the technology becomes more perceptive, it can anticipate and react to our personal patterns and preferences!

Final Thoughts

Upkeeping the barriers aside, there are a lot of smart home benefits and it fulfills the needs when you decide to embrace the system. This cutting-edge and fully automated system will surely win you the title of being a tech-freak and make you a popular figure in your locality. A bevy of things can be done, and with money being poured into more research, a lot more will happen shortly to add more layers of convenience in your life.
According to ‘Olfa Kanoun’ (Published in Smart Systems and Devices: Innovative Key Modules for Engineering Applications), smart systems are gaining importance due to the improvement of quality, reliability and technical assistance, stress-free operations, and the comforting sense of security leading to balanced and poised convenience around.
After all, with each addition, you will be making an investment in security, energy efficiency, time saving, safety, and lifestyle – ease of living, and yes of course the vibes of awesomeness all around!

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