Revitalizing the Space You Have Available: 5 Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Organized!

Even if a person cannot afford a total kitchen makeover, there are steps to take to make the existing kitchen more attractive and better organized. Think about a new coat of paint, thorough cleaning and reorganizing, and the addition of more storage. Making better use of the available space is a low-cost way to improve the functionality of a kitchen. Other great choices for low-cost kitchen rehabs are new countertops and flooring. Think about replacing one worn-out appliance at a time. One small project at a time can add up to a great new kitchen.

How Much Kitchen Renovation Can the Homeowner Afford?

It is important for a homeowner to be realistic about the budget available for kitchen remodeling. Kitchen renovations can be as simple as repainting and rearranging a few features or it can involve gutting the space and installing an all-new kitchen suite. The difference in cost can vary widely. Talking to kitchen remodelers before starting the plans can be very advantageous. An experienced kitchen remodeling designer or contractor can give the homeowner a good idea about different renovation projects and their costs.

Compare the cost of each renovation choice with the available budget to get a realistic idea about what level of renovation is possible. The best kitchen remodeling companies, such as Simple Kitchen, Kitchen Magic, Kitchen Plus, etc. offer free design consultations in person or online. Taking advantage of this service is the first step to getting a new, better kitchen. Always keep the kitchen organization at the front of design decisions because a well-designed kitchen should be well organized for ease of use. A cluttered kitchen is unattractive and difficult to use. The new kitchen should eliminate clutter.

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Let’s assume for now that your kitchen is designed flawless and you need tips to organize it. Here are our 5 Tips for Organizing Kitchen

You may find many kitchen organization tips on other websites; however our following recommended tips are basics & much needed for a good start.

Tip 1: Remove everything from the counters and cupboards and then put back only the most-used utensils, dishes, and appliances. Get rid of duplicates and damaged pieces. If it isn’t used often, get rid of it or find somewhere to store it outside the kitchen.

Organized Kitchen Counter

Tip 2: Don’t try to solve the whole kitchen organization puzzle in one try – break it down into manageable sections, and don’t be ashamed to ask for help. A kitchen remodeling expert can tackle the where to put it challenges in the kitchen cabinet design. Ask for convenience to be part of the design. The most-used items should be the easiest to find and access.

Tip 3: Decluttering drawers and cupboards may mean adding dividers or organizing products that keep everything in a special place instead of all piled together.

Declutter Kitchen Drawer

Tip 4: In addition to closed cupboards, consider adding a few open shelves to the kitchen plan. These shelves can make use of small, awkward places over windows or doors and in corners. Open shelving is cost-effective and can give a kitchen an open, roomy look. Don’t waste the inside of cupboard doors. They can be made useful with add hangers and hooks for utensils and small containers.

Open Kitchen Shelf

Tip 5: Don’t forget to plan the use of the countertop space to remove clutter and also provide valuable storage. Some utensils and frequently used kitchen items can be mounted above and at the back of the counter. Store only often-used items on the counters, leaving as much workspace open as possible.

Utensils Mounted above the Kitchen Counter

Try to keep the “Kitchen Triangle” the most efficient and effective to the extent possible. Read here our kitchen work triangle article.

An Organized Kitchen Should be Attractive & Easy to Use

When the kitchen organization is complete, it should be an attractive, easy-to-use space the family will enjoy spending time in. The final kitchen organization tip is to keep this new space free of added clutter and to keep it clean so it always looks its best.

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