Advantages and Disadvantages of Panel Door

It is an actually panelled door which is popularly also called as panel door and more particularly on the Internet. The panel door is the most popular door that is used in the house construction. It is strong and gives better appearance than battened doors. The panel door is also known as stile and rail door. It is constructed with panels, usually shaped to a pattern, installed between the stiles and rails that form the outside frame of the door. It is made with different material like wood, glass, aluminium, etc.

Here we give certain advantages and disadvantages of the panel door which are as under:

Advantages/Pros of Panel Door

  • Panel door is hard and strong, and it is used as exterior doors.
  • This type of door is more elegant and has natural beauty.
  • It can be made to any design as per architect’s design.
  • It can be easily made in any shape.
  • They also hold up better in the everyday use.
  • It is very difficult to coincidently punch a hole in a panel door.
  • It requires less maintenance.
  • Glass panel doors add light, charm and beauty to any doorway in your house.
  • They are weather proof as compared to other types of doors.
  • It can be finished with paint or polish as per requirement.
  • It is eco-friendly as they release no gases as in the case of the flush door made from artificial wood.
  • It provides privacy in homes as they have better sound proof material.
  • It is easy to install.

Disadvantages/Cons of Panel Door

  • Solid panel door is very costly, particularly when made from wood.
  • Panel door needs more daily cleaning because dust retains more on the door as compared to flush door. Joints in wood need good workmanship and skill.
  • Glass panel doors are easily broken, when there is a high blow. They often need curtains to install along with them, to achieve privacy.

Apart from above advantages and disadvantages of panel door, it gives aesthetic look to your home. But make sure you carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of panel door so as to provide you with the comfort, safety and beauty needed when used.

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