10 Backyard Water Features to Upgrade the Aesthetics of Home!

Whenever we talk about the beauty and tranquility of water features, the beautiful and serene Japanese or Zen gardens mostly emerge in our mind. They create a peaceful and meditative ambiance around. As mentioned by ‘Richard Craze’ (Author of Feng Shui) landscaping water features, greenery and some interesting and attractive natural features’ combo creates an excellent Feng shui setting in a garden. Similarly, backyard water features can transform your outdoor living space into a tranquil oasis.

Natural Stone Pond

Your garden and backyard automatically add to the aesthetics of your home. A decorated and well-arranged gateway or even backyard attracts focus and admiration of the visitors. There are multiple experiments you can do with your garden and backyard like designing outdoor patio, backyard gardening, providing shading with pergola, adding a tree bench as of course some backyard water features, etc. But, do you know exactly, what are the points you need to keep in mind for adding the water feature in your backyard? There are endless options, which you will simply admire.

Varied Water Features for Your Backyard Landscape

A few easy but good-looking outdoor water features are suggested here that you can use to make your background aesthetically rich and lively. Get a glance through to know more about it.

01. Making Pond in A Pot

Lotus Pond in Pot

A water feature does not need to be rather lavish and adding these features in your garden is never that expensive. For experiment’s sake, you can take your regular pots, fill them with water and place some aquatic plants in the same.  Make sure that you place the potted plant at a location where the sun’s impact is minimized as otherwise the growth of the plants would be affected. For best results use a shallow pot or container to get the effect in a way that look gracious and aesthetic. Besides making pond in a pot, we have written a wonderful article regarding pot or container gardening. You can have a look at it in the link provided below:

02. Creek in The Garden

Creek in the garden

In case you have a large garden to boast around, then you can convert a part of it into a creek. You can do so either by yourself or you may hire a professional to do so. The maximum you would need is concrete, gravel, a recirculating pump, and a PVC pipe. Here you can place stones in such a manner that they pass the water into a retaining pool. From here the pump works and transfers the water back to the top of the creek. Overall a very calming effect will be created by this water arrangement which enhances the value of your home too.

03. Birdbath

Birdbath in the Garden

Although a birdbath structure is mostly for the benefit of birds, if used smartly, it can satisfy more than one needs. Normally, people do it for the most basic purpose of tackling the birds. However, if you want, you can go a step ahead and add some glamour to it. Convert it to a fountain style structure so that you can make it looking stylish and besides adding beauty, you take care of the birds as well. You just need to add a pump in the bottom of the structure and the fountain is ready to serve you.

04. Waterfall

Natural Waterfall in Garden

If you want to set up a natural feel in your garden, then this water feature probably is the best way to do so. You can go through many designs which are available at home improvement stores. However, if you want to make it lovely and inexpensive, you can adopt some other ideas. You just need some basic plumbing skills and a little bit of imagination to get it set right just the way you want it to flow. If the fountains are ready made, they will create natural aesthetics at once. If it is not done at one go, it has to be done technically.

05. Outdoor Shower

Outdoor shower

Now, an outdoor shower is something that many people have tried but the effect of all may not be as pleasing and appealing as it is expected. If a backyard spa is too much for you to afford, then a shower attached to the yard wall is just the right choice for you. As and when the weather is appropriate, you can extend your cleaning ritual outdoors and enjoy the luxury of bathing amidst nature. If you are amongst those who really love the outdoor feel, then this idea should be a good one for you.

06. Koi Pond

Koi Pond

You can build a Koi pond which definitely looks much more enthralling than any other water feature commonly available. Best is that there are kits available in most of the home improvement stores and you can comfortably adopt the most suitable one for your home’s backyard! However, enticing they may look, you need to invest a lot of effort in maintaining the koi pond. So do keep that in mind in case you opt for the same.

07. Water Wall

Water wall

A water wall can be created just anywhere in your garden. However, if you want it to look absolutely stunning, then can use it to create a division between two spaces or to exemplify a shaded effect. Here you can experiment with various materials and styles. In fact, if you choose a copper wall it would grant an ethnic yet rustic feel to your garden.

08. Wall Fountain 

Placing a typical fountain in the garden is a classy and an ageless idea but now it’s time to get a little more innovative. Get a fountain merged in your wall and make sure that you use a distinct design to get it implemented. You can take inspiration from various architectural styles or let your creativity run free flowing. The issue that you may face here would be the setting up a pump inside. But if you consult the right professionals, believe me it can be done perfectly.

09. Raining Feel 

A raining feel may seem a quirky concept at first, it has unique feel-good vibes around and the idea has not been adopted to a very large extent. Just get a stand created and make sure waterfalls down the upper beam to make it appear as if it is raining. The water then falls down into a trough and is then sent back through a pipe which shows the effect of continuous raining. Here you can use wood framing or exposed pipes as an alternative of it. The idea will rock, try it!

10. Focal Fountain

Focal fountain

This is a water feature concept where you need to create a small-time fountain but at a place where it appears as the focal point of your garden. Just a small round pool and in the midst of it the fountain structure will be placed that you can pick up from any lifestyle store. For the best result, it is better you keep the size and depth of the pool small and the fountain large enough by size so that it can grasp the attention of the viewers at first instance.


Having some water features in your garden is just a unique way of showing that you are different than the average and an ardent lover of nature. Your choice of feature would totally depend on the kind of look you wish to portray. So, before investing any money and time sit down and research on the kind of options that are available for you. Although we have suggested some unique styles for backyard water features here, you can always add more personal touch to it in making them more customized.  It goes without saying that when you choose to be a little innovative and you can think and create out of the box, the effect is remarkable too. It’s time to explore first the ideas of water features in your backyard before you implement it finally.

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