How to Have a Garden Fountain in a Small Space?

A Garden fountain is an eco-friendly décor item that adds an extra layers of aesthetic quality to your room decor or it adds to the green beauty of your roof top garden. Modern homes nowadays neither have much space for maintaining a sprawling garden nor for having large patios. If you are lucky, you may have a small garden space or a yard or you may use your terrace to have some plants there if is large enough in its surface area.

If you want to add more beauty in your small garden, a small garden fountain can do the wonder for you. Most of the garden fountains are built with natural elements like rocks, trees, pebbles, and maybe a sitting area but traditional fountains may take a bigger area to get the idea properly implemented.

Garden Fountain Ideas

Fountains create a very positive and soothing vibes on the surroundings, and if you have ever visited an old palace or a large public park or garden, the relaxing sound of water spewing out from a fountain can seem like the ideal thing to add to your garden. Don’t let the lack of space be a deterrent.

It is true that previously fountains needed a large area for installation, but nowadays, you can find the models that fit on the small spaces like a table top or a corner of your living room. If that is the case, you can easily plan to have one such tiny artistry installed in your garden or terrace and bring some Zen to your house. Here are some ideas that you can ponder on for garden fountains in small spaces

Garden Fountain Ideas for Small Spaces

01. Think Vertical – Water Feature

It is quite natural for the human eye to hover over the horizontal boundaries of a space. Think a little differently and you can create or add some vertical elements to give a more three-dimensional look to your garden. You may think of having a fountain that is not very wide and for that you can add tall and narrow plants like bamboo or a trellis for a creeper to complement the water feature.

Think Vertical - Water Feature

You can also add some light accents behind all the tall plants that can totally change the way your garden looks in the dark. Also, you may accessorize your fountain with some decorative pottery, urns, and planters along with the stone seats for creating a natural but eye candy contrast.

02. Introduce Colours to your Garden Fountain

There are some rules of thumb for using colour effect around your garden fountain. For example, you can place bright colours at the front so that they can capture the eyes along with the dark colours forming an ideal background for them. Your next idea is to create some depth and dimension in the target space. You can paint the water fountain with the dark brown or an olive green colour with an option of adding some dark green vines for adding a soothing natural effect in your small yard.

Introduce Colours to your Garden Fountain

You can also make your fountain at the focal point of the space by using natural textures like grass instead of colours to “blend” the front and back areas.

03. Large is Better

Often when landscaping small gardens, you may have the affinity to do it in small size because of the lack of space. It can also look somehow jumbled and cluttered if you add too many plants, items, and actions within that small area.

You should try your best in keeping things simple when landscaping a small front yard or spaces…Instead of surrounding your fountain with many plants, just you may try three or four variants to bring its natural ambiance at its best.  You may try to make a bold statement in the decoration by capturing the space with some large landscape rocks.  The decor plan can be emphasized with a stone seating arrangement and it will naturally help you in modifying the default fountain design with a decorative urn in its background.

Landscape Rock - Natural Fountain

04. Be Creative with the Fountain  

Even a small fountain can create a huge eye-candy impact in your garden decor and really take it up to the next level of beauty and a natural ambience around. You can be as creative as you like and carve out a fountain from a large ballast rock.

Let’s check some real-life examples. Just think of unique patterns and designs like asymmetric models or water gushing out of a fish. There are many designs you may set to beautify the fountain itself. You can even add some soothing music and soft lighting effects to your water fountain, and make it a place where you can relax at your best and rejuvenate your moods.

Be Creative with the Fountain

There are many classic or modern containers available with in-built water features that you can use.

How to Install an Urn Fountain?

Tips to Install an Urn Fountain

If you are a special do-it-yourself enthusiast, you might want to install the water fountain in the garden yourself. If so, read what the ‘Jessica Bruno’ shares her experience while installing an urn fountain in a garden.

Here are the steps to do it:

01. Identify a spot in your yard where you want to place the fountain.
02. Mark the spot by digging the hole – you can make a circle with your shovel.
03. Dig a wide and deep hole that can accommodate the base of the fountain.
04. After digging the hole, place the base inside the hole and make adjustments so that it remains at a level. You may need to dig a little deeper or wider to make the base stable. It is not a one-time job and you may need to spend a few minutes to get this leveling done.
05. Once the base is level, add the top part, which has the holes, and secure it using the clamps to the base.
06. You need to supply water: you have two options in hand. You may choose to connect the hose to the pump directly or you may just fill the base with water for having a continuous water flow.
07. If you fill the base with water, place the black tarp over the center and the cover. You need to trim it to the suitable size using scissors if it is too large.
08. Now connect the white tube with the pump, which is a part of the fountain, and feed it through the hole, pushing the pump into the base that is filled with water.
09. Plug the pump to the electrical power source and check if it works.
10. You can now add decorative pebbles and rocks on the tarp to make it more attractive by look.
Watch the video of Aquascape on how to DIY the urn fountain for your garden.

Trivia: If you have bought some colourful rocks to decorate your fountain side, make sure that you wash them in water first, before using them in the fountain. As these rocks are often dyed found artificially color treated and they may bleed some colour inside the fountain.

Once you have installed it, you can begin using the fountain and enjoying the effect it has. Go all the way out and decorate it. You may plan for planting small bushy trees around as well as you can place colourful pots to complement the natural beauty of your new fountain.

You may consider about adding some rocks around the fountain and make it a rock garden with succulents around. The Zen effect will be great and surely will attract many compliments from the viewers. With all these tips in hand, now you can start creating innovative fountain design ideas! We are sure that you will rock with your creative planning.

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