Give Your Balcony A Festive Touch With These Diwali Balcony Decoration Ideas


Diwali is that time of the year when we de-clutter our homes and throw away the junk accumulated all year. Spare some thought for the balconies of your house, and do away with the carton boxes or any other junk that invariably accumulates on most of our balconies because Diwali lighting on the balcony is a must.

To make sure you have an awesome time celebrating Diwali, wholesomely sitting on a recliner on your balcony, lit up by lights and jazzed up by some floral decorations, Gharpedia is bringing to you some amazing Diwali balcony decoration ideas that will make heads turn.

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Diwali Balcony Decoration Ideas

Balconies are crucial in any home, especially during Diwali. Kids and adults would love to spend some time in this open, breezy space, either relishing some sumptuous dishes or lighting diyas and some simple fireworks. Do the best you can to give this space a special, festive feel. Here are some tips for balcony decoration that you can use this Diwali.

Diwali Balcony Lighting Ideas With Suncatchers

Diwali Balcony Lighting Ideas with Suncatchers

Take a path less taken and purchase some stained sun catchers for creative Diwali balcony decor. It can be a permanent addition to your home. Suncatchers are becoming a rage lately. Suppose you haven’t bought one; how about purchasing one this Diwali? Suncatchers are such soothing elements that they are a must-have. During the day, they can be a visual treat, and during the Diwali nights, with lots and lots of diyas lit all over the place, these suncatchers can surely add to the colours of the festival.

Hanging Lights For Quick Diwali Balcony Makeover

Hanging Lights for Quick Diwali Balcony Makeover
Hanging Clay Lamps for Diwali Lighting

Diwali balcony lighting ideas are incomplete without miniatures and fairy lights. Every household will have a few of them, for sure. Every Diwali, newer versions are entering the market. If you like to change and experiment, pick the latest trend available on the market. However, if you are a little old-fashioned, stick to the traditional strings. You can choose the railing area of the balcony or your open walls to make a curtain of these strings. Hanging mason jars with fairy lights or candles, traditional-looking lanterns with tea light holders, there is so much to experiment with.

If you want to experiment with something off-beat, focus on the ceiling this time. You can make patterns of these string lights on the ceiling and enjoy the lighting fest.

Carpet the Floor – Modern Diwali Balcony Trends

Carpet on the Floor - Modern Diwali Balcony Trends

Balconies are usually small spaces that do not require a lot of material if you decide to dress them up. Make a green lawn on the balcony floor for a quick Diwali balcony makeover. These ready patches of synthetic lawn-like carpets are available on the market. Roll them out. Explore some floor seating arrangements, throw in some cushions and throws, add a corner piece, and complete the look with a small centre table. When you have put this together, you can then decide how you want to light up the space with the various available lighting options.

Green Delight – Best Diwali Balcony Theme

Green Delight - Best Diwali Balcony Theme

Most of us have our little garden thriving on our balcony, which is best suited for creative Diwali balcony decor. The space may be a mess because the plants are growing all over the place, and you can barely use the balcony for get-togethers. Streamline your green space, prune your plants, and keep them in an organised manner. If you have placed your pots haphazardly inside the balcony, work out a solution to put the pots outside the balcony with iron racks or holders.

Diwali Balcony Decor - Pots Hanging Outside the Balcony

The best option available now is a vertical garden. This way, you can have all your greens on the wall, clearing up the floor space. You can even take the lawn on the floor to your walls! They work like magic.

Bar on the Balcony – Modern Diwali Balcony Trends

Bar on the Balcony - Modern Diwali Balcony Trends

If you are not too traditional and do not mind having a drink or two with your friends during Diwali, then the modern Diwali balcony trend of a bar on the balcony is just for you. In this way, you and your friends need not be taking up a common area in the house. You can have an isolated space on the balcony to discuss work, finances, or your next travel plan over a drink!

Play with Furniture For Creative Diwali Balcony Decor

Furniture for Creative Diwali Balcony Decor

Ottomans, pouffes, benches of handwoven seating, rugs and carpets, low-seating arrangements etc. go well on a balcony. Make sure of these elements for inexpensive Diwali balcony décor. You can bring in other elements later, depending on the mood. If you feel like simply relaxing on the balcony with some soothing music, set up a music corner. If you feel like reading a book, place some books on the corner. Play with the flexibility of the space.

Floral Delight – Themed Diwali Balcony Decorations

Floral Bowl for Themed Diwali Balcony Decorations
Floral Themed Diwali Balcony Decorations

Quit hanging the floral garlands on the balcony and choose minimalism this Diwali. Pick a traditional Uruli and let some flowers or even flower petals float on the water with some candles. Despite being one of the oldest décor styles, this has never failed to entice guests. An easy Diwali balcony DIY is to place flowers in transparent glass vases, mason jars, or inverted wine glasses! Flowers look good in any place you keep them. You can skip the centre table on the balcony to make way for a beautiful floral rangoli. Keep your options open.

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Off Beat Décor – Creative Diwali Balcony Decor

Couch, Table, Fir Plant Creative Diwali Balcony Decor

Choose something off-beat this Diwali. There may have been some element of décor you saw somewhere—during your travels, your lunch in a restaurant, or in a random design magazine. Take inspiration and try something unconventional. For example, bring in a fir plant at the centre of the balcony and give it a Christmas-like décor, but instead of embellishments, you can hang some chocolates or fortune rolls. If you have a dead branch of a tree or large twigs, experiment with painting them gold and planting them in the corner of the balcony to hold your lanterns. Burlap it with as many fairy lights as possible, and let the dried branch of a tree or twigs get a new lease of life.

Photo Hanger Lighting – Inexpensive Diwali Balcony Décor

Photo Hanger Lighting Diwali Balcony Decor

How about making Diwali a chance to let your friends have a closer peek into your life? Pick your favourite picture, may it be from vacations, your child’s first day to school, your wedding, or your child’s first birthday; that simply doesn’t matter. Pick the pictures you would want your friends to have a look at. Once you have chosen the pictures, take a clothesline and wooden cloth clips. Arrange the picture on the clothesline using the clips. Now intertwine a string of fairy lights along the clothesline and hang it anywhere in your home during the Diwali party. Let your guests relish that yummy Diwali food, having a look at the highlights of your life.

Considerations For Diwali Balcony Decoration Ideas

Before you plan to do a quick Diwali balcony makeover, ensure that you have thought about a few crucial points.

*Make decoration plans based on whether your balcony is open or closed. Having electrical items, upholstered furniture etc in an enclosed space can be a good idea. However, if your balconies are open and you end up doing décor without keeping the weather in mind, you might just land in a soup!

*Have a clear budget in mind. We tend to splurge in our exercise to impress our guests. Stick to your plan and budget for balcony decorations for Diwali. If the investment can be used for long term, go for it. If the décor is meant to last only for a day or two, think twice.

*Most importantly, always decorate the balcony keeping its size in mind. If you have a considerably small balcony, having elaborate décor with very little breathing space makes no sense.

Hope, this article has inspired you to chalk out a plan to give your balcony a Diwali makeover. Incorporate these amazing Diwali balcony decoration ideas and give your balcony the perfect festive makeover it deserves.

Do let us know what you chose and how you executed it by writing to us in the comment section below.

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