Add A Sustainable Touch: 12 Ways To Bring Bamboo In Home Décor


From sustainability to eco-friendly behaviour, bamboo, with its numerous perks, is a versatile material with all the qualities the present-day earth needs. Bamboo has the potential to change the definition and direction of construction and decor. Bamboo in home décor has brought a change to the décor industry. A few experiments and innovations in terms of its use in extreme conditions may enhance its usefulness. Moreover, its availability and properties make it possible to use it differently.

Bamboo is suitable for use from the structure of the building to the exterior finishes to the landscape features to the interiors to the accessories in the house. Also, when it comes to using bamboo in interiors, it can be used as a strong design element and play a role in creating a design language for the whole interior decor. The sustainability feature complements the decor and plays a vital role in the overall design language.

Add a rustic, modern, ultra-modern, classic, bohemian, and sustainable touch with various uses of bamboo. Let’s look at the possibilities of adding bamboo to the home décor. Bamboo decoration at home has become famous for its eco-friendliness, durability, and aesthetics. Its versatile nature, eco-friendly behaviour, and rustic style are perfect for any space.

Bamboo For Home Decor

Bamboo For Home Décor
  • Aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, and low-environmental impact are some reasons for bamboo’s popularity for home decor. In addition, it is the fastest-growing material and is adaptable to various weather conditions. All these natural advantages give integrated grounds to explore aesthetics with eco-friendly ideas to people with love for sustainability and nature.
  • The aesthetic value of bamboo comes with a package of natural advantages. Interior design with bamboo is a subtle way to invite natural and eco-friendly members into the home. Its properties, like its colour, texture, structural specifications and workability, make it versatile and easy to incorporate into the design language. If the idea is to be natural and minimal with a touch of sustainability, bamboo is the best-suited material to use.
  • Bamboo is a perfect mix of rustic, modern, and sustainable aesthetics. It builds a perfect connection between modern and rustic design aesthetics. It comes with the advantage of being environment-friendly, while at the same time not forcing interior designers to compromise on aesthetics. Need a warm, cosy, light feel? Bamboo is a sustainable natural resource to lighten the internal environment of space.

Five Reasons To Choose Bamboo In Home Décor

Bamboo In Home Décor

01. Bamboo In Interiors Due To Its Environment-Friendly Nature

The reason for the acceptance of bamboo as an eco-friendly material is mainly because of the ease with which it can be grown. It is the fastest-growing grass, which can be grown easily in favourable conditions. The most interesting fact is that it can replace plastic to a certain extent, which makes it even more friendly in terms of the ecosystem. Plastic is the world’s serious problem, and it is essential to begin with a shift in mindset and daily practices. Getting used to reusable bamboo products is a significant step toward saving the planet any individual can take.

02. Bamboo Decoration At Home Needs Minimum Maintenance

Bamboo is great because it comes with a good amount of strength and durability. Rightly, it is considered ‘green steel’ for the new age. Its use is not only bound to interiors; it can also be used as the prominent and main member of the structure. The one thing that ruins it is direct sunlight; it is highly recommended to save it from the direct rays of the sun. While using it in the exteriors, long, extended cantilevers are designed in order to protect it from the sun, and it is also covered with acrylic sometimes.

03. Bamboo In Home Décor Adds Natural Aesthetics

The aesthetics of any space is influenced by various aspects, such as its function, its surround, etc. The idea of adding a natural element comes with the notion of taking care of the nature you invite to your place, but with bamboo interior design ideas, you get away with the thought of treating it every day. Bamboo home décor adds aesthetics to homes with minimal expectations.

04. Bamboo Products Require Less Coating

Coating bamboo is not a necessity; it totally depends on the shade you want to add to the space. Its natural colour also adds a rustic look while serving as a natural aesthetic material in interior spaces. Also, it is safe and hygienic as well. A natural antibacterial product, bamboo Kun, which is present in the bamboo fibre, gives it antibacterial properties. 

05. Bamboo Pieces Are Suitable Replacements Of Plastic

Plastic is now a scary material. Over 300 million tonnes of plastic are created annually, of which only 9 per cent are recycled or reused. This makes it clear that around 91 per cent of the plastic created is used only once. Maybe in the near future, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. It is highly important that we replace plastic. Bamboo is the most suitable material to replace plastic due to its wide use and properties. Plastic hangers, rods, bars, plates, bottles, covers, and coatings can be replaced with bamboo.

12 Ways To Interior Design With Bamboo

01. Best Way To Include Bamboo In Home Décor: Bamboo Wall Paneling

Bamboo Wall Paneling

Decoration starts with the four walls, and when it comes to the walls, paneling is the first thing that comes to mind. Nowadays, the world of materials is full of options, but when you decide to opt for natural and light, bamboo is the material to go for. Wall paneling with bamboo strips gives a lifetime of natural experience to the space with its colour and texture. Bamboo wall panelling not only hides any constructional flaws but also enhances the overall look of the room.

02. Amazing Bamboo Decor Ideas: Replace Partition Walls With Bamboo Wall Partitions

Bamboo Wall Partition

Bamboo redefines the idea of partitions and screens. Partition walls with bamboo allow the spaces to interact while crossing a natural barrier. Bamboo wall partitions provide a sustainable way to separate functions while keeping the space as one. Bamboo wall partition ideas are one of the best room divider ideas to try.

03. Bamboo In Home Décor With Bamboo Lights And Bamboo Lamps

Bamboo Lamps

Sober down the space with natural light during the day and all the ambient light from lights and lamps made out of bamboo. Light filtering out from the sleek and thin strips of bamboo lamps adds a dramatic play of lights and shadows.

04. Blind-Up With Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo Blinds

Allow the sun to fill the space with natural and blissful rays filtering through the bamboo blinds. Replacing the curtains with bamboo is a way of getting a double shot of nature. Enjoy the outdoors with the bamboo blinds or bamboo filter; it cuts down the light and also adds a natural texture to the space.

05. Hung-Up With Bamboo Ceiling: Bamboo Interior Design Ideas

Bamboo In Home Décor With Bamboo Ceiling

The bamboo strip ceiling is a strong interior element to use; it gives a statement to the design language. Hanging bamboo on the ceiling becomes the most prominent feature of the interior while injecting positivity and natural essence into the space. It is quite easy to clean bamboo ceiling, and moreover, bamboo does not swell up easily.

06. Furniture Made Of Bamboo

Furniture Made Of Bamboo

Designing a home with exciting materials like bamboo gives you an opportunity to explore the limits. But when it comes to bamboo, there is no limit. Get all the furniture made of bamboo and play with different finishes on it with minimum expense.

a. Bamboo Bed

Bamboo Bed

If you want light, rustic vibe to the personal planet of your universe, add a bamboo bed. Accentuate the look with soothing and pleasing colours and textures of pillows and mattresses. A darker background with raw and rusty strands of bamboo works wonders.

b. Bamboo Chair

Bamboo Chair

Bamboo chairs are unarguably a modern and classic add-on to the chilling and living space. Having a tea table with a natural and earthy feel adds sweetness to the sip.

c. Bamboo Stools And Table

Bamboo Stools And Table

Using bamboo table and bamboo stools in the house instead of plastic ones is a perfect way to achieve a rustic look while also providing durable and sustainable options.

d. Bamboo Hanging Chair/ Bamboo Swing

Bamboo Hanging Chair

Bamboo hanging chairs are the cosiest ones to have in hangout areas. These bamboo swing chairs are ideal for relaxing with a book, reading material, or listening to music. Bamboo hanging chairs or bamboo swing chairs are must-haves in this stressful time.

07. Walk On Bamboo Wood Flooring

Bamboo Wood Flooring

Bamboo wood flooring is an alternative to wooden flooring. Choosing bamboo for living areas, halls, balconies etc., is a step ahead in reducing deforestation. Strand-woven bamboo flooring gives a different look and aesthetics to the interior design narrative of the house.

08. Fill And Settle In Bamboo Products

Bamboo In Home Décor With Bamboo Products

Bamboo is associated with several environment-friendly duties, and using bamboo products is a sign of giving life to the craftsmanship and artisans associated with bamboo art. Bamboo products, such as bamboo baskets for storing and organising various items in the kitchen and toilets, increase the earning potential for all bamboo artisans.

09. Bamboo As A Planter-Best Way To Bring Bamboo In Home Décor

Bamboo As A Planter

There are various DIY planters you must have come across, but can you imagine bamboo as a planter? Yes, bamboo can be used as a planter as well. People plant bamboo in their houses and celebrate it as a symbol of peace and prosperity in the house. But it can be used as a planter as well. A fully grown, mature bamboo piece can be treated as a planter with a natural finish.

10. Enjoy Wind With Bamboo Decorative Items: Wind Chimes

Bamboo Wind Chines

Bamboo decorative items, such as bamboo lights or bamboo wind chimes, are a unique way to enjoy the combination of wood and wind. They are always blissful activities happening at home. Imagine the reverberation of the heavenly music emerging from these bamboo pieces, engulfing your home. This is a surreal feeling!

11. Bamboo For Serving

Bamboo For Serving

Using bamboo for serving is an upcoming practice to reduce the use of plastic. Cafes and restaurants are enticing their customers with the bamboo theme, from bamboo interior design ideas to bamboo essentials. In households too, bamboo mugs, spoons, jars etc are being used, thereby ensuring our planet’s well-being.

12. Tuck Towel On Bamboo Ladder

Bamboo Ladder

Bamboo as towel hangers can add great value to sustainable living. Even the hangers in the wardrobe can be made out of bamboo. Picking this interesting material with several aspects not only serves a functional and decorative purpose but also creates a statement-making vibe all over the house. Bamboo hangers are a perfect replacement for plastic hangers as they are nature-friendly.

Bamboo Products Are The Perfect Addition To Bloom Your Home Décor

Bamboo, being a versatile material, provides a plethora of options for going sustainable in every corner of the home. Attempting to reduce the use of plastic in the house and including bamboo as a material for all possible things in the house may result in not only a change in the interior of your house but also be a significant step towards a healthy tomorrow. Moreover, bamboo in home décor definitely enhances the interior of a house.

FAQ’s Related To Include Bamboo In Home Décor

01. Why Use Bamboo In Interiors?

Add bamboo to your home decor ideas to adopt a sustainable way of living.

02. How Can Bamboo be Used?

Bamboo can blend with the interiors; however, bamboo is best for accessories.

03. Is Bamboo Hygienic?

Yes, bamboo comes with no toxic vibe to your home.

04. Why choose Bamboo Products Over Plastic?

Disposing plastic is a global issue; hence, bamboo is now becoming the sustainable and easy-to-get solution for replacing plastic. All the plastic cutlery options can be easily replaced with bamboo.

Now that you are aware of the advantages of using bamboo in home décor, you can team it with other environment-friendly materials, such as cane or wicker. If you own cane furniture, don’t miss our blog on how to take care of cane furniture.

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