Room Divider Ideas for Your House!

The best way to combat dwindling living spaces is using dividers to demarcate different sections of a house. As cities grow construction space shrinks. A closer look at new structures will reveal that either the numbers of rooms are being reduced or the size of the rooms is being ruthlessly axed. Then again with home budgets being minimized denizens in metros especially are making the most of living in smaller spaces. In such a scenario one needs to think of out-of-the-box ideas to compartmentalise the room into different spaces for say – lazing around, working or studying, cooking and sleeping.

Also, as per perception of Megan Blake (who runs interior design firm in Alexandria, Va.), when your spaces flow together, you feel suffocating in a different way and thus, sometimes it’s pretty nice when one has a little visual separation.

What Are Room Dividers?

Room dividers are temporary or permanent structures used to divide living spaces and define distinct areas. They could be hanging, sliding, foldable et al and could come in a variety of materials – fabric, glass, acrylic, resin, wood etc.

Dividers basically help – create privacy, hide a mess, redirect footfall or add a decorative touch to your space. The style of divider you select depends on the purpose you wish to use it for and is in accordance with your decor style.

Benefits of Room Dividers

01. Enable better utilization of space for privacy.

02. They can be easily replaced by a new one without any space issues.

03. They are more functional and mobile and can simply be folded and placed in your closet when not needed.

04. Most room dividers are cost-effective and affordable.

05. Many room dividers come in standard panels that can be extended as per your need. They are prepared from durable and lightweight material.

06. Available in a plethora of designs and hues making them appropriate for almost any interior be it modern or traditional.

07. Demand very little maintenance.

Different Types of Room Dividers

After doing some preliminary research, here are some practical, whacky, brilliant, simple and economic ideas of dividing spaces with one commonality – all allow you to utilize your open space efficiently.

01. Accordion Doors:

Accordion Doors

These lend a designer look to your space and as they are foldable right into the wall they offer you a huge expanse of space when you are entertaining.

02. Armoire:


Ravage flea markets, antique markets and thrift shops for the ‘perfect armoire’ which can double up as a convincing, aesthetic and useful room divider.

03. Books Shelf Room Dividers:

Bookshelf Room Dividers

Book-buffs simply adore these as along with functioning as a divider it also hosts their loved possessions and lends an intellectual look to your living space too.

04. Bulletin Board Room Dividers:

Bulletin Board Room Dividers

With more-and-more professionals opting for work-from-home this bulletin boardroom divider facilitates pinning up important reminders adding a touch of sophistication and excitement to your office space.

05. Clothing Rack:

Clothing Rack

This one’s a perfect visual barrier between two spaces say for instance the ‘drawing room’ and the ‘bedroom’.  The add-on is that it’s a nice opportunity to showcase your wardrobe goodies!

06. Coloured Glass Room Dividers:

Coloured Glass Room Dividers

These provide you with an economic, easy and colourful option to split your space!

07. DIY Room Dividers:

DIY Room Dividers

Welcome to the DIY world! Collate material like ropes, yarns, wood frames et al; log on to the internet and unharness your creativity! I must stay for this option sky would be a limit!!!

Also, if you are going to do any DIY for your home, do not forget to share it with us! So, it can be helpful to all our valued readers!

08. Split Level Room Dividers:

Split level Room Dividers

Split level room divider comprises of splitting your room into functional levels is another alternative to deploying screens and dividers to cordon off spaces. But for this the floor to ceiling space needs to be a tad more than normal. You could then place a study section at a higher elevation than the living room or the kitchen. This would also add an aura of luxury to the room – after all a duplex is still a rage, isn’t it? This style especially works for the children’s section – a bed positioned on an elevated platform with the playroom and study designated for the lower level.

09. Fibre Room Dividers:

Fibre Room Dividers

These are economic yet sophisticated; and do go ahead and decorate them in order to leave your personal stamp on them.

10. Floor to Ceiling Pole Room Dividers:

Floor to Ceiling Pole Room Dividers

Add some boxes to these to store your knick-knacks and add a personalized touch to your space and rest assured that you’ll have enough light on both sides.

11. Floor to Ceiling Shelf Room Dividers:

Floor to Ceiling Shelf Room Dividers

These provide you with privacy at both the spaces they divide along with storage functionality.

12. Furniture Interplay:

Furniture Interplay

Prior to purchasing anything  have a hard look at your existing furniture i.e. measure it and make a rough blueprint of positioning your bed, sofa or study table at different places and visualize if it gives a feel of different spaces.

13. Glass Sculpture Dividers:

Glass Sculpture Dividers

Let’s add a dash of sophistication to your living space alike the lobby of posh hotels with a glass sculpture; not only will they help divide spaces but they would also turn into interesting conversation pieces!

14. Glass Room Dividers:

This is an attractive, basic and chic way to divide two sections in a room without curtailing natural light; privacy can be protected by adding a curtain.

Glass Room Dividers

If you are interested to place a glass room divider in your house and want to know about glass partition wall, we have written a wonderful article named: How Much Does a Glass Partition Wall Cost?

15. Mirror Dividers:

Mirror Dividers

Mirrors organically add natural light and spaciousness to a room; so when used as dividers they are the best bet especially when living spaces are a bit constricted.

16. Plant Dividers:

Plant Dividers

This one’s for environment warriors as it helps bring in a touch of greenery and freshness along with a peaceful aura to your space besides acting like a divider between your living and dining area.

17. Rope Wall Divider:

Rope Wall Divider

A tad fancy these lend an ethnic look to your room.

18. Rotating Wooden Room Dividers:

Rotating Wooden Room Dividers

These add a dash of contemporariness to an otherwise drab space; additionally they can be rotated so when closed they provide you with a private cosy space; and when opened they allow in natural light.

19. Rugs as Room Dividers:

Rugs as Room Dividers

Surprising but true that this mundane tapestry is packed with immense visual power! Rugs can actually define spaces and there’s not much heavy lifting involved here too!

20. Simple Curtain Room Divider:

Curtain Room Divider

Economic, simple and available in a plethora of colours these are a sure-shot rage when it comes to dividers. A useful tip – opt for pastel colours if soothing ambience is your call; and choose bright colours if joie-de-vivre is what you’re looking out for!

21. Sliding Doors Room Divider:

Sliding Doors Room Divider

The best part about these it that they can actually enable you to create two separate rooms rather than spaces; besides providing utmost privacy – that’s why they’re the best divider option when one is room sharing.

22. Thick Room Divider Curtains:

Thick Room Divider Curtains

The best option for setting apart your drawing room and your bedroom as they block light; hence they allow owls the luxury to wake up late in the morning!

23. Tree Branches Room Dividers:

Tree Branches Room Dividers

Classic case of – If Muhammad won’t go to the mountain, the mountain will come to Muhammad! If we can’t stay in the lap of nature, let’s bring her into our house! But trust us these tree branch room dividers are classy, elegant and add a sentimental hue to your space!

24. Window Room Dividers:

Window Room Dividers

These not only serve the purpose of dividing your room but also make your den look spacious besides adding natural light and a vintage feel.

25. Wooden Room Dividers:

Wooden Room Dividers

One of the traditional divider materials these are extremely durable and aesthetic too.


So go ahead and multifunction your compact home creating zones within existing spaces. Just a little imagination, innovation and creativity can enable you to add a room without having to deconstruct and construct!

We hope you liked various room divider ideas as mentioned above in our article, and if you are keen to know some most popular types of partition walls that are used nowadays along with their merits, do have a glance at our well explanatory article named:

Also, don’t forget to share your ideas with us, if your idea is apt then we would feature your idea in our article with your name!

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