Facilities that Every Bathroom Needs for Wellness & Hygiene!

Your bathroom and toilet are the two most crucial corners of the house that need to be the most hygienic. Still, not many households can live up to that standard either due to lack of knowledge regarding basic hygiene or due to carelessness. Human waste and bacterial contamination are very much relative to each other. Without proper sanitization – your carelessness can cause infection to others using your bathroom.  According to ‘UNICEF’, more than 2.5 billion people, or 38 per cent of the world’s population, lack adequate sanitation facilities.

With proper hygiene, you can not only slow down the infection cycle of the disease-causing microbes but also contribute to a healthy lifestyle. According to ‘WHO’, 827000 people in low- and middle-income countries die as a result of inadequate water, sanitation, and hygiene each year, representing 60% of total diarrhoeal deaths. Poor sanitation is believed to be the main cause in some 432 000 of these deaths.

Sanitization is required to get rid of the molds, algae deposits, water sediments and harmful bacteria’s, viruses like E-Coli, Hepatitis, and more. We are going to guide you on how to keep your bathroom clean and hygiene.

So, here are the common facilities that you should consider incorporating in your bathroom without spending lots of money –

Bathroom Hygiene Tips

01. Use Bathroom Floor Wiper Mop for Collecting Water

Bathroom Floor Wiper Mop for Collecting Water

Sweeping the bathroom floor requires you to start wiping from one corner and continue in an overlapping pattern towards any single area. You do not need to invest much on the floor wiper mop that is available in any convenience store. Make sure you keep one mop for cleaning with water and disinfectant and another wiper mop to collect the water residue for avoiding those nasty white water sediments accumulating on the floor.

Keep a bucket or mop holder to make sure that the wiper is not exposed to contamination. Always squeeze the cleaning mop as much as possible and clean it properly before putting it inside a bucket.

02. Use of Squeegee for Cleaning Walls, Shower Stalls & Glass

Squeegee for Cleaning Walls, Shower Stalls & Glass of Bathroom

Get a bathroom squeegee to clean the washroom tiles of the floor and walls, glass stalls of the shower, basin and mirrors. Make sure you spray a little bit of disinfectant on these areas to scrub easily. Do not use acid-based products for cleaning as these can wear off the squeegee cleaning surface. Add a bit of toothpaste or dilute cleaner in case you want to remove any deposit from the glass or tile surfaces with the squeegee.

03. Keep Indoor Plants in Bathroom for Proper Air Circulation

Indoor Plants in Bathroom for Proper Air Circulation

For a holistic approach and fresh ambience, you can add some indoor air purifier plants in the bathroom. Soaking in the bathtub surrounded by peace lilies, money plants, caladiums, peperomia, cactus and Boston fern will be charming for you. These indoor plants act as natural air purifiers and thereby, you do not have to invest in chemical-based purifiers.

These do not need much maintenance or water and thrive well even in indirect sunlight. You can be assured of zero bathroom odours as the plants will circulate air efficiently. In case of small bathrooms, you can keep a small tub on the shelf or a rack or just beside the bathtub.

Now let us know some toilet hygiene tips.

04. Toilet Disinfectant Keeps Germs Away

Toilet Disinfectant Keeps Germs Away

You should regularly clean the inside of a commode with sufficient amount of toilet cleaner. Spread it, leave a few minutes and clean properly with a brush. Add some drops on the floor by the toilet too, use the brush or mop to clean the residue and wait for a few minutes to let it dry. Always close the lid while flushing and clean the flush knob with disinfectant too.

05. Use Drain & Toilet Plunger to Avoid Clogging

Drain & Toilet Plunger to Avoid Clogging

One of the most obnoxious issues with clogged drains is a tangled mess of facial or body hair after shaving. Always use removable drain covers so that in case of clogging, you can open the lid and check what is causing the issue with the help of a plunger so that collecting the residue is easy. Clean the drain cover with disinfectant regularly to avoid soap or iron sediments. Use toilet plunger when you find a clogged toilet or nasty odour coming from it.

06. Air Freshener Solution to Keep Out Odour

Air Freshener Solution to Keep Out Odour from Bathroom

If you are not fond of plants inside the bathroom or have constricted space, make sure you get some air-freshener cakes that can be hung from anywhere like flush, cloth hanger, shelf or racks. In case you want a temporary solution, go for an air-freshener can that sprays aerosols in midair and the scent lasts for a few hours.

07. Bathtub & Toilet Seat Sanitizer are Must

Bathtub & Toilet Seat Sanitizer

Toilet seat cleaners are essential for maintaining basic hygiene and you should get alcohol-based disinfectants to avoid any germ. Make sure you spray or use a few drops on the seat before sitting and also after using the commode. While choosing a bathtub cleaner, check whether the chemical is suitable for ceramic or marble and won’t corrode. Use a scrub or brush to clean the water sediments regularly.

08. Wet & Dry Wipes According to Requirement

Wet & Dry Wipes According to Requirement

You need a sufficient amount of toilet paper rolls along with both wet and dry tissues for different purposes. While the toilet papers will come handy not only for personal cleaning but also to clean the toilet seat and flush knobs when necessary. The wet wipes will help clean any delicate part of the skin, especially your face and genitalia while the dry wipes can be used to clean the mirrors, walls, tiles and so on.

09. Toothbrush & Toilet Brush Holder to Avoid Exposure

Toothbrush & Toilet Brush Holder to Avoid Exposure

Once cleaning is done, you need a bucket to collect the dripping water and a wall-fixed brush holder to keep the toilet brush out of contamination. It is better to store the toothbrushes inside a closed cabinet with brush caps for each. If you do not have closed cabinets, get a brush holder and hand it on the wall.

The same is applicable for your razors –if you have a removable blade, keep it inside the cover and if it is non-removable, get a blade cover and hang it just like toothbrushes or inside a cabinet.

Apart from toothbrush & toilet brush holder, there are other accessories you can have in your bathroom. Do read this blog for more bathroom accessories.

10. Cleaners & Disinfectants For Countertops

Cleaners & Disinfectants For Bathroom Countertops

The countertops where you keep the sanitary and healthcare essentials and your washed and fresh clothes should be kept clean of dust and residue from any used product. Use disinfectants or cleaners to wipe the countertops clean and make sure you wipe the space before keeping your fresh clothes to avoid any contamination.


From air purifier to feminine hygiene, hand and foot hygiene (especially in the light of the Corona Virus pandemic) to urinals and showers, basins to bathtub –the sanitization process for each section of washroom should be thorough. When almost half of the global population is victim to chronic diarrhoea, malnutrition and lack of clean water, you should invest in basic hygiene of the bathroom to ensure safety and wellness of your family and loved ones.

We hope these bathroom hygiene tips will help you to keep your bathroom clean and hygiene.

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