12 Cleaning Tips to Make Your Bathroom a Cleaning Breeze!

A popular English proverb is there that says kitchen and bathroom-maintenance indicates the lifestyle and sophistication of the users, and it’s really a fact. How you use your washroom and how much fastidious you are about the bathroom cleaning in your home, denotes your character to a large extent.

What do you look at while selecting a hotel? Whether the rooms are clean or not, right? And prior to that don’t you check whether the washrooms are clean or not? Certainly yes! Bathroom cleaning is very important for enjoying cleanliness as it is directly linked to maintenance of personal hygiene. A deep clean bathroom ensures a relaxing user experience. Alternatively, an uncleansed bathroom looks dirty, messy, and often looks like a threat to the healthy lifestyle.

Bathroom Cleaners

In a nutshell, a clean and organized bathroom is a boon, regardless it is of a hotel or it is in your own home. When the cleaning responsibility of a hotel’s bathroom belongs to the housekeeping team, in your home, it’s your responsibility. Want to keep your bathroom sparkling clean in a hassle-free way? Read further!

However, bathroom cleaning is not a mere cleaning spree, rather it is an art. But very few of us are aware of the intricacy of proper bathroom cleaning and we get disappointed.

One of the common bathroom cleaning hacks is buying expensive cleaning material with an ambition to enjoy all the time pristine, clean and fresh washroom. However, without the knowledge of how to make the best use of these products, you may end up spending your hard-earned money without satisfactory result.

Read on for some really useful crazy bathroom cleaning tips which will make your work easy and pocket happy.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

01. Bathroom Tiles and Floor Cleaning

Bathroom Cleaning Tools

Black Corners and Edges:

Bathroom floor tiles and walls often turn dirty especially around the edges and corners due to excessive exposure to moisture and water stain. Filthy corners can be an eye sore and they turn to be the irritating trigger to spoil the feel-good mode of a relaxing shower. There are many expensive chemicals and solutions which you can use for cleaning the tiles. But you need to find the best product based on your personal requirement and budget.

Always buy the cleaner, which is easy to use and good for tiles’ ceramic surface.  Cleaner that spoils the surface smoothness of the tiles should be avoided.

Besides cleaning the tiles, if your tile fades, we have also provided 2 links below describing the reasons for fading and precautions you can take to avoid fading of tiles.

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DIY Bathroom Cleaner

DIY Bathroom Cleaner

You can make a great tiles cleaning solution at your home at a very low cost. Use 1-part dish soap and 2 parts water; combine together to make soap liquid. Take the same amount of vinegar and add it in the soap liquid. Pour this solution in a spray bottle and you are ready to remove the stains from your bathroom wall tiles. Spray the solution and scrub it with any cloth or scrubber with easy hands.

02. Cleaning Toilet Bowl with Coke

The bathroom cleaning tips ranges from home remedies to secret cleaning techniques, which can help you in getting a sparkling clean toilet bowls and sinks in less than 5 minutes.

Cleaning a toilet bowl and sink often turns up into a tough task because these stains are found stubborn and often, they emit a stinking smell. But there is a remedy to get it done easily and an inexpensive way.

Take a bottle of coke and pour it into the toilet bowl. The process may sound a little weird but coke dissolves rust rings faster than any other bathroom cleaner. Pour a full bottle around the rim so that it fully coats the bowl: let it rest for about an hour and then rinse it with a toilet brush. This process allows the alkaline effect of the soda to break down the spots. Clean every possible corner of the bowl and sink where the brush can reach. Flush with clean water and enjoy your bright shiny ceramic surface.

Cleaning toilet WC with Coke


For cleaning your sink, make a solution using one cup of water and a (1/4 cup) quarter cup of lemon juice. Mix them well and add a tablespoon of baking soda. Stir the solution up and pour it in the spray bottle. Use this to clean your sink. The result would be a clean sink without any trace of unpleasant odor.

03. Getting Rid of The Scummy and Smelling Bathtub

A beautifully cleaned and shiny bathtub is an obvious delight to use. With regular usage, a bathtub can become scummy, unsanitary, and unpleasant.  A bathtub requires regular cleaning, which is mostly a time-consuming job. According to Karen Saunders, (Published in 8 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks that Will Save Your Time and Money!), “Plug the drain of your bathtub and fill it up with some hot-lukewarm water (about one-quarter of the tub). Add in one cup of vinegar and half cup of baking soda; swirl the water around so that the ingredients get mixed (make sure that the water isn’t too hot to touch). Then, soak a clean scrubber in the solution and start scrubbing the accumulated grime away. If the water becomes too soiled, drain it out and make a fresh solution and repeat the procedure.”

04. Mirror

White Theme bathroom with mirror

A sparkling clean bathroom mirror will always compliment your look as well as glorify the bathroom’s interior:

The Bathroom mirrors are the regular victims of water stain, mold, shampoo stains, toothpaste splatters, and soap scum: that’s why these mirrors need regular cleaning.

Many times, when you clean the bathroom mirror, after drying, you still can observe the dirt marks and stains. Mirrors need something which can create a layer on them and protects them from any external damage of stains.

Quick hack: Use shaving cream for cleaning your mirrors. Take a piece of sponge or cloth and apply a little shaving cream on it, rub it in a circular motion on the mirror until the cream becomes invisible and gives you a clean shining mirror.

05. Clean the Faucets, Showers, Traps of Your Bathroom

Showerheads Cleaning with White Vinegar

According to ‘Reader’s Digest Canada’ (Published in 10 Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Tricks), If you live in an area where you find hard water, your showerheads tend to block due to mineral deposits, and hence you need to use vinegar to unclog it. Take a plastic bag and pour vinegar in it and let the showerhead get soaked overnight in the white vinegar in the bag. To make sure that the showerhead is completely clean and unblocked, clean out the holes with a needle and then wipe it with a cloth soaked in white vinegar.

The white vinegar is also used to keep the body of your faucets, showers, and taps sparkling clean by soaking it in towel for one hour and then wiping it with a clean cloth. It is the easy way to eliminate the lime scale deposits on the body. Apply some baby oil on it to give it a sparkling clean shine.

06. Clean Your Chrome and Steel Fixtures

If you use expensive shinning polishes to get your chrome and steel bright, you could stop wasting your money. Instead, use the DIY solution mentioned below for same results.

Clean Shining Faucet-Taps

DIY solution – Rub lemons on the chrome and steel to make them clean, shiny and bright. The lemon extract takes all the black carbon and dirt away from the fittings and makes them look like a brand-new fixture. The DIY tip not only cleans the fixtures but also leaves a pleasant lemony fragrance in your bathroom.

07. Exhaust Fan Is A Must

Exhaust Fan in Bathroom Windows

A bathroom vent fan or an exhaust fan is a mechanical ventilation that exhausts indoor air to outdoors through a metal duct or a tube or simply by ventilation. It helps to remove the bad odors and moisture from bathroom, thus improves the air quality. The more important function of an exhaust fan is actually to exhaust warm, moist air, created due to the use of a bathtub or shower. Thus, it is a must to include an exhaust fan in your bathroom, so that it doesn’t spoil tile corner etc. with dust particles, and keeps bathroom interior dry and fresh smelling.

An exhaust fan must be given a regular cleaning at least after every 6 months. Here are some of the efficient cleaning tips step-by-step for a bathroom exhaust fan:

01. Clean the exhaust vent Cover: Soak the vent cover in a tub of hot soapy water while you clean the exhaust fan blades. Use a damp microfiber cloth to remove the dust accumulated on the cover as well as the blades. Make it dry completely before reuse.

02. Clean the Exhaust Fan parts: Clean the exhaust fan with vacuum cleaner to remove dust particles from those areas where it is hard to reach.

03. Remove the grime with a damp cloth: take a damp cloth and clean the fan blades and surrounding motor parts with the damp microfiber cloth.

04. Reassemble the Exhaust Fan.

08. Louvered Ventilators/Mosquito Net

Louvered Ventilators/Mosquito Net

Good air circulation is an important criterion when it comes to bathroom designing. Hence, it is a must to include louvered ventilators, or exhaust fans in your bathrooms. Along with the natural air and light entry, do take all possible care to restrict the entry of pests or insects for maintaining your toilet and bathrooms’ hygiene. For this purpose, mosquito screens can be installed on the windows. It is a low-cost option.

Louvered Window Cleaning Steps

Tips to Clean the Louvered Windows/ Ventilators

01. Carefully remove the louvered glasses from the window.

02. Place the windowpane glasses in a bathtub filled with warm water and dishwashing liquid and soak them.

03. Wipe each glass with a soft cottony cloth or sponge soaked in water.

04. After these glasses are thoroughly cleaned, lay each on them on a towel on the floor.

05. Once all the louvered window panes are cleaned, wipe it with a cotton cloth and lay it against some furniture to further make them air dry.

06. Fix the window panes again in the window holders.

09. Nahani (Floor Trap) Cleaning

Floor traps are an important part of plumbing which acts as a water seal. It also prevents foul gases to enter into the building by providing the water seal. Always keep the grating closed to prevent clogs.

Nahani Trap - Floor Trap Cleaning

DIY Solution – When water drains slowly down the drain, use a rapid flush of hot water to break some clogs and force out the residue stuck in the drain. Sometimes, if the latter does not work, it has to be done even manually especially if it is chocked in deep having soap and particles deposited there.

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10. No Need to Change Your Vinyl Shower Curtain

Shower curtains tend to get dirty and especially if they are light in colour. Your white or cream color curtains can become brown or black and untidy. The curtains could also hold water stains, and might look tough to clean.

Tips for Curtain Cleaning

Curtain Cleaning in Washing Machine

Take one cup of vinegar and 1/2 cup of laundry detergent and wash it with dirty towels in the washing machine. The towels rub the curtain while being washed and hence cleaning it better.

11. Happy Toothbrushes for Happy Smile and Proper Dental Care

Your bathroom surely has a place where you keep your toothbrushes. If your bathroom is getting dirty because of the water, chemicals, and algae deposits then there is high chance that the bacteria may also reach your toothbrushes.

Toothbrush cleaning

Here is your tip to keep your brushes clean: Take a glass 1/4 filled with hot vinegar and use it for keeping your toothbrushes clean. You must remove and refill the solution weekly. Keep your brush in a way so that their bristles stay dipped in the vinegar, and this will keep the bristles soft healthy and free from bacteria.

12. Make Your Toilet Sinks and Bathroom Bowls Smell Great

Toilet fresheners for Bathroom

You can use your toilet fresheners more effectively and efficiently by putting them in your washbasins. This will give their smell and will last for a long time. Alternatively, use lemons to make your bathroom’s atmosphere pleasant and healthy. You can regularly rub lemons on the fitting and fixtures or create a solution with water and lemon juice and use it for cleaning your bathroom’s fixtures.

To summarize, bathroom is a place where we start our day and also spend our time for relaxing after a tiring day to get fresh and rejuvenated. A bathroom is best enjoyed when it is clean, looks beautiful, and smells great. Cleaning no longer needs to be time-consuming if you use the simple tips mentioned here to make your bathroom look and stay neat, fresh and clean.

Hope you like our pocket-friendly options and bathroom cleaning tips, to make your bathroom cleaning an easy going and inexpensive job.

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