House Cleaning Schedule: The Power of Cleaning Routine

Cleaning of the house is always at the top of all housework’s and it is always a never-ending process. Therefore house cleaning schedule is important & necessary for busy person! Daily cleaning routine will keep your house look beautiful for all the time!
The best option is to create and have a plan of your house with checklist or cleaning schedule this is totally based on you and your home needs, this works for you with what time you have!

One of the biggest challenges for every housewife is making a house cleaning schedule and house cleaning checklist that works for you! Different printable house cleaning schedules are available, but they are complicated, or it may not fit with your particular style or circumstances or availability of persons or availability of time.
So now it’s time to get ready with paper and pen or you make your excel documents for making your own house cleaning schedule as per your choice!

Make House Cleaning Schedule or House Cleaning Checklist by your Own!

The simplest route to a house cleaning is to schedule cleaning tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly, annually and seasonal basis because you cannot clean everything every day in the house.
Here we give you some tips for making a house cleaning schedule with house cleaning checklist:

01. Make a Practical or Realistic House Cleaning Schedule:

Create your own cleaning schedule means house cleaning schedule design is depending on what works and times for you! Just get what needs to be done on which days out of the way and tick off (√). You can add everything possible to making realistic house cleaning schedule.

02. Identify & List Your Cleaning Task:

You can visit each room as per your schedule, one by one. Then look around and make house cleaning list of all the rooms and areas that need regular cleaning. Make a list of items from top to bottom means from ceiling level to floors levels and also include all equipments, electric fixtures and fittings, and inside of wardrobe, drawer etc.

03. Group and Divide Your Tasks:

The next step is to group all tasks because then you can easily schedule time for them. It will give you an idea of what you will need to do each day.
The next step is to divide regular tasks on your cleaning schedule into daily cleaning schedule, weekly cleaning schedule, or monthly or annually and it can help you balance your time and keep your home in great hygienic, neat and tidy condition.
If you have roommates or partner or other family members in the home, then you can distribute tasks or responsibility for the cleaning to a single person on a rotational basis, too.
For example:

(a) Daily Cleaning Schedule:

Daily cleaning schedule keep dirt away from your house!

(b)Weekly Cleaning Schedule:

There is no final list for any house cleaning, it changes with time and circumstances, so you change as per your needs.

(c) Monthly Cleaning Schedule:

(d) Annually Cleaning Schedule

If you have a guest room or storage room, clean it annually or seasonally!

(e) Seasonally Cleaning Schedule:

In western country, many people depend on the spring cleaning or christmas festival time. “Spring cleaning” is the practice of roughly cleaning the house during the springtime. Spring cleaning is common in climates with a cold winter. In many cultures, annual cleaning occurs at the end of the year, which may be spring or winter, it depends upon the weather or climate.

Download the spring cleaning checklist for more info.In an Asian country, after monsoon comes “Diwali” and it is an important festival for every Indian, so every housewife cleans their house in this season!

After monsoon clean entire house consisting of:

You can also download PDF of cleaning schedule list here.
* Make a Limited List: Keep your “Must do” list short and sweet. You can create three cleaning lists of “Must dos”– daily cleaning list, weekly cleaning list, monthly cleaning list and spring cleaning list!

04. Arrange Recommendation Schedule as per Location:

Depending on the size of your house, you can arrange cleaning schedule as per the number of rooms or floors – for example; if your house has two floors, you can clean the first floor one week and the second floor in the next or you can also clean room by room.
(a) Bathrooms and kitchens: Clean these rooms daily to maintain good hygiene.
(b) Bedrooms: Vacuum or sweep daily and mop the floor twice weekly.
(c) Living Rooms: Clean once a week, vacuum floors twice a week if necessary or mop.
(d) Garage: Clean once a week, sweep the floor every day, mopping floor weekly.
(e) Balconies: Clean once a week, clean the window twice a week, cleaning or dusting window grills in weekly or monthly.
(f) Terrace: Sweep every week or twice a week if possible; clean with water in monthly two times if possible.
(g) Store Room & Guest Room: Clean store room after every three months if possible or you can clean annually twice. The guest room is clean seasonally or annually. You will not need to clean storeroom and guest room every day.
(d) Other Areas: Vacuum halls twice a week or clean less used rooms monthly!

05. Allocate Time as per your Task:

We may overestimate or underestimate about what can be done in a set amount of time. Take a few minutes to think about what time you have available, and how you would like to arrange your cleaning tasks and household jobs to suit your way of living.
You can also include time to get dressed, eating, shopping etc. You can include everything in your cleaning schedule to get a much more realistic idea of what time is available with you.

06. Stick the Cleaning Schedule:

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You can use print-out of house cleaning checklist as per your daily cleaning routine. Printing house cleaning schedule or cleaning checklist is a good idea to review all the steps, so you are familiar with it! House cleaning schedule is protected into the plastic page protector and hang it on the refrigerator or in a kitchen cupboard or at a place where you can see it easily daily.

07. Use Technology:

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Nowadays the internet is your best friend and you can easily find out & download cleaning schedule templates and printable cleaning checklist on your smart phone.
Many house cleaning apps are also available. Cleaning app provides a list of house cleaning tasks, and you can also share your cleaning schedule with your family member or partner for rotation of tasks. You can also make a “To do” list or reminders in your mobile.

08. Just Try It:

Now it’s time to try cleaning schedule and to make sure whether what you have done works in practice. Remember that your house cleaning schedule was designed to fit your cleaning routine, but sometimes, it may not work. If cleaning schedule is not suited to your need, then rework as per your schedule. Sometimes perfect schedule may also not work as some changes in our circumstances or emergency arises.

House cleaning schedule is a tool that is designed to help you with your home. You can use house cleaning tools to decrease your hard work and easily clean your house.
We would recommend you to refer the above given tips to your daily work schedule.

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