9 Smart Tips to Eliminate Bathroom & Toilet Smells From Your House!

A neat & clean residence is what everyone demands! Poor sanitary & toilet smells would never be accepted inspite of attractive look aesthetically!
The major reason for foul odours is the leakage of foul gases & waste water! The gases also need to be driven out utilising effective ventilation. If the natural ventilation is weak, you first have to set it the right mechanical ventilation with the subsequent solution!
Many times the size of ventilation is too small and again they open-up to close ducts without proper ventilation! If the ventilation sizes are small, replace it with the larger ones and also make your ducts such that it facilitates natural ventilation. Ducts should not become an element only to hide pipes for aesthetics!
Generally, Bathroom and toilet smells/odours are the common sources of embarrassment when the guest used the bathroom or toilet in the house! Sometimes you might have also felt the disgusting odour in public place or office when you stand in a queue, and it’s stinking badly! It is the biggest problem in bathroom and toilet to control the bad smell/odour. There are many methods to eliminate the foul smell from toilet/bathroom and keep it fresh and pleasant!

Following are the tips to get rid of toilet smells from your toilet and bathroom:

01. Toilets/Bathrooms Exhaust Fan 

The very first and immediate method is to have an exhaust fan, which easily draw-out the foul gases and hence bad smells from the bathroom and toilets to keeps it dry and fresh all time.

02. Repair Plumbing Cracks

Get repaired your faulty plumbing if any cracks present in waste water pipes, clogged drains, Crack in floor tiles which absorbs the bad smell/odour etc, and can cause toilet smells. The leakage will further cause the foul gases to spread from such cracks even the waste water would start overflowing!

03. Proper Ventilation

Sunlight kills the bacteria and germs; therefore proper ventilation (in the form of louvers) should be provided in the bathroom/toilet to get the free natural air and to wipe wet floor when not in use!

Ventilation-sunlight-louvers-in bathrooms or toilets-to kill germs & bacteria

04. Bathroom Cleaners & Disinfectants

Regularly sanitising and cleaning your toilet/bathroom by using cleaners and disinfectants to clean Wash Basin, Water Closet (W.C.), and Bath Tub. You also need to wash all the wall surfaces and accessories used in toilets/bathrooms and wipe them to get dry!

Clean the bathrooms or toilets using cleaners

05. Bathroom Air Freshener

Use the bathroom air freshener or desiccants to get rid of toilet smells, and to get the pleasant smell in the toilets/bathrooms, and keep it fresh all time! Sometimes scented candles are also the good options when you are thinking about the décor of your bathroom!
Note: Please, however note that this can be a temporary solution. If the cause is permanent, you will need a permanent solution!

Air freshners in bathrooms or toilets

06. Never Leave Wet Clothes in Bathroom

After a shower, never leave your wet clothes and wet towels in the bathroom, as it does not gets dry properly and starts stinking badly!

07. Check Sewer Lines

Also, see that your sewer lines are not chocked! Check it up to municipal manhole.

08. Check Nahni Trap

Also, check your toilet/bathroom nahni trap is not chocked! Usually it gets chocked & spread the foul smell from toilet & bathroom!

09. Cowl Vent is Must

Check whether your house vent cowl is at the top of wastewater down-take line from the terrace, as it allows gases & bad smells to escape into the own!
Hope the above general tips will not only clear out toilet smells from your toilet/bathroom but will also reduce the germs and bacterial growth in your toilet and make it fresh and pleasant! You make like to see some best Water closets from Toiletrated.com and believe me if you are looking for some good toilet/bathroom designs then you are at right place.

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