What is a Bay Window?

The windows are an essential part of the home. Windows can be one of your home’s most attractive features, which gives a feeling of openness and space to living areas.  The windows provide light, fresh air and ventilation in the house.

Different types of windows are available depending upon its material, location, the form of the shutter, etc. Among them, bay window has become the most popular in house construction. It is a versatile addition to any building. Bay window make the room appear larger and create the attractive appearance to the interior as well as the exterior of the home. If you have a room that does not receive much sunlight, a bay window would be a great option for this space.

Bay and Bow Steel Window

Bay window projects outside the external walls of a room, so as to form a projection, known as a bay in a room. These types of windows provide increased area of the opening, so that admit more light and ventilation from different directions. These windows also offer an extra space in the room and improve the look of the building. The projection of the window may be started from the sill level or floor level.

A bay window has three openings, available in angled projections. Its overall structure consists of a picture window with two other windows. They are usually smaller, on either side. These large windows will provide a large amount of natural light, which can be very important especially during winter months when sunlight is scarce.
There are different types of bay windows depending upon its size, shape and material. The size and shape of the bay window will depend on the size, shape, and location of the home on which bay window is being constructed on it. These windows may be half-square, semi-hexagonal, semi-octagonal or semi-circular in a plan or any other shape. The bay window has an angle of 90, 135, or 150 degrees, though triangular bays formed of two windows set at 120 degrees are also found. Depending upon the material, the bay window may be made of wood, vinyl and fibreglass. There are different types of bay windows are available like bow window, circular bay window, oriel bay window, box bay window, etc.
Bay window not only adds charm to the exterior of your home but also creates an impressive view from the inside as well. It is a great addition to increase the attractiveness of your home and provides a beautiful, sunny area to your home.

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