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In this world, there is nothing more soothing than sitting next to the window of your home and at the same time enjoying the beautiful view of the warm sunlight shining through! Whether you think about it or not, your home windows are one of the best ways to bring the outdoors in and help you to connect with your exterior home for safety and security.
In other words, a window is an opening formed in a wall or a roof, to admit daylight through some transparent or semi-transparent material fixed in the opening. Also, they are arranged as per the architectural requirements and decoration.

Home windows can be one of the most attractive features, which give a feeling of openness, airiness and space to living areas. It provides solar heating in the winter, insulation against heat loss and in some cases against sound. Some home windows are also required to give a safety measure of resistance to fire. Windows allow light into the room, enhance your wall colours or furniture.

Believe it or not, all houses have their unique architectural design style according to the owners need and desire. While designing the windows, the first step is choosing the window that matches the aesthetic. Whether you have a contemporary or modern home that features floor to ceiling glass windows and doors or you have a window shape of traditional style with classic diamond-shaped mullions!
A home window consists of two parts:
01. Window Frame which made of solid wood or metal members.
02. One or more window shutters or sashes, which are either glazed or panelled. Hinges or sliders attached to the window frame to enable the sash or shutter to open and close.
The most essential purposes of a window are to get ventilation and movement of fresh air in and out of your rooms. Deciding which type of window suits your needs will help you to determine the type of window.  Many rooms have operable windows (means they can be opened and closed when needed). Fixed windows cannot be opened & are used in rooms for mild morning light at the top level. Generally, most homes have a combination of both types.

There are many different types of windows available in the market. Finding the suitable type of window for your home is not as easy as it seems! Usually, the window shapes are square, rectangular, octagonal & even triangular. Window shapes depend on elevation. Some windows are open to the side, some slide up & others tip-up like a canopy. Each of these diverse types of windows offers something special to a home.
The windows are classified in following ways :

01. Classification of Window Based on Operation:

Fixed Windows
Horizontal Sliding Windows

02. Classification of Window Based on Material:

Wooden Window
Metal Window

03. Classification of Window Based on Construction of the Shutters:

Panel Window
Louvered Window
04. Classification of Window Based on its Position:
Corner Window
Dormer Window

The size and location of the window depend on the climatic condition, desired daylight, natural ventilation, etc. of that location. For example, the desert area usually comprises the smaller size of the window and vice versa, comparatively large windows are provided in the humid climate with proper cross ventilation. The position or location of the windows depends on the orientation of the building. Generally, the size of the window may be 4 to 7 ft (1.2 to 2.1m) wide and 4 to 4.5 ft (1.2 to 1.4m) tall.  
The home windows provide more comfort and safety. It makes surrounding more bright, clean and healthy. Hence, its location and sizes should be designed by an expert architect.
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