Doors of Your House: All You Need to Know

The doors are very important element of the house. After the roof, it serves the most important purpose of providing safety and security to the occupants. The house’s basic purpose is to provide shelter and hence safety..

The doors are defined as a movable barrier, secured in an opening, known as a doorway through a building wall or partition. The purposes of the doors are to provide an entry or exit to the inside or outside of a house or rooms of a house.

 The Doors Consist of Two Parts:

01. Door Frame:

The door frame consists of an assembly of horizontal and vertical members. The main components of door frame are head, horn, jamb, holdfast, transom, mullion, etc.

02. Door Shutter:

The door shutter is a movable barrier consisting of a panelled assembly or otherwise which fits into the frame. It is an assembly of styles, panel and rail.

Doors are an entrance into a house or room consisting of a rigid plane movable on hinges. It is held in position by the door frame, the members of which are located at the sides and top of the opening doorway. They may have a handle to help open and close, a latch to hold the doors closed, and a lock that ensures the doors cannot be opened without the key.
In other words;
The doors may be defined as a framework of wood, steel, aluminium, glass or a combination of this material secured in an opening left in a wall for the purpose of providing access to the users of the structure.

Generally, the doors are classified according to their function, working operation and materials of manufacturer.

There are Mainly Two Types of Doors:

01. Interior Doors:

Interior doors do more than just separate rooms and provide privacy. It come in the variety of styles and made of variety of materials. Interior doors are generally made of wood.

02. Exterior Doors:

Exterior Doors allows entrance to or exit from a house. They are generally made of steel or metal.
These doors are constructed from materials such as wood, plywood, glass, metals, etc. or a combination of some these materials. There are different types of doors are available in the market i.e. flush doors, sliding doors, rolling doors, revolving doors, panel doors, etc.

The size of the door should be such that it allows the two persons walking shoulder to shoulder cab freely move through the door in the house. In the public building, the size of the door should be large. Normally, for residential building, internal door sizes should be 0.9 × 2.1 m and for external door sizes, 1.0 × 2.1 m.

Therefore, the doors play a pivotal role in anchoring safety of the house and also protect your health. And of course, the pleasing will always keep you in moods.

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