What Should be the Ideal Size of Door in a House?

Door is an important element for any home. When we think of size we have to consider what should be the ideal height and width. If one person is passing with luggage & other is coming from opposite direction, both should pass easily through door. 99% of the target population must pass the door without bending, as smaller people won’t be bothered by a door that is too high.

As human, we judge the height of certain things in a particular way, e.g. we judge the height of persons by seeing when they walk through a doorway. We judge it by seeing how much space there is between their head and top of the doorway. Closer their head is to the top, the taller they are!
Normally the basic home itself as well as all the components of the home has been dimensioned based on the average human dimensions. The height of average adult would say between 5’-0” to 6’-0” (1.5 m to 1.8 m).

For example, the person in the middle looks taller; in fact all three are of same height but the doors are of different sizes as shown in above image. The left and right images are technically the same, as they are represented for scale.

There are many types of doors available in the market. A rough global average dimension of door is 3’-0” x 7’-0” for exterior doorway. Maximum upside reach of standing person is 7’-0” & maximum body breadth in standing position is 1’-6”. Therefore standard door height is 7’-0”. & width of door is 3’-0”, the persons can easily pass through while having bag or any other stuff in their hand. Doors for rooms are of this size but the width of toilets & bathrooms door are smaller than the room’s door. We are not going to take major furniture or any heavy luggage inside it. Therefore standard size of toilet/ bathroom door is 2’-6” x 7’-0”.
If the height of door is less than 7’-0”, you might develop the tendency of being afraid of heating your head. Door size is also important for easy maneuverability of the furniture or any big appliances.

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