Know Standard Height of Kitchen Cabinet Before Installing It


Are you using your tip toes or step stools for accessing the upper cabinets in your kitchen??? If so, then they might not be installed at a proper height according to the standards… As kitchen is the heart of the house, it has to be functional especially your kitchen cabinets…Whether small or large, it is the hub of the home. It is where meals are created which fuels the mind, body & soul of our friends, family all over the world!

Correct Kitchen Cabinets Height

The standard height for the kitchen cabinets depends on various factors like height of the base cabinets, countertop thickness, backsplash height, and so on… So how high does it need to mount the kitchen cabinets??? We, at Gharpedia have brought up a detailed article on the ideal height for your kitchen cabinet dimensions. Read on to determine how high or low to hang your cabinets in the kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets take up much of the space in your kitchen than any other item of your kitchen can take. Hence, it is very crucial to determine their standard heights and hang them accordingly because if they are hung too high or low they are not comfortable.

Standard heights of Kitchen cabinet

So, let’s start with discussing the major work centers of the kitchen. Since it is such an important place in the house, a lot of thought must go into planning the kitchen. Every kitchen must have adequate storage space, counter space, correct kitchen cabinet height, necessary utilities like water (hot /cold) and lighting. All of these components avoid the kitchen from being cluttered and gives a sense of openness to the user. Let’s learn about the standard height of kitchen cabinet.

The main centers of activity in a kitchen are the following:

  • Cleaning Area
  • Preparation Area
  • Cooking Area
  • Serving Area

It is not just the women who use the kitchen. Nowadays, even men have been doing the kitchen chores. Hence the kitchen cabinet height and the platforms must be put up in such a way that any user can cook comfortably without any hassle.

‘Chris Adams’ says, (author of an article – Height Standards for Upper kitchen cabinets. Published on Although not stipulated by building codes, standard construction practices set ergonomic standards for the dimensions of kitchen cabinets, their installation heights, and even space for your toes. These measurements are based on studies suggesting the optimal dimensions that create the most comfortable working spaces for users.

The length of kitchen counter or platform varies according to kitchen size. While working in the kitchen, your spine should be straight to avoid strain on your back and you should avoid twisting your spine too much.  If your platform is low, it is difficult to keep your spine straight. Likewise, a high platform leads to strain in wrist and shoulders, while doing the basic operations like chopping and stirring. To avoid this, it is recommended to make use of the kitchen cabinet height flexibility option as per given standards.

If you want to know about kitchen cabinet sizes, standard cabinet sizes, standard kitchen cabinet sizes chart, standard kitchen drawer sizes, standard kitchen cabinet sizes in cm and standard cabinet door sizes, here’s a brief below:

The standard height of kitchen counter is 0.85meter to 0.92meter (2’-9” to 3’-0”).Depending on whether the homemaker is shorter or taller, change height according to their comfort.

Kitchen Ergonomics

The standard width of kitchen counter of platform should be: Width: – 0.60meter (2’-0”)

This width ensures that the required space can be comfortably reached and used by anyone. Nowadays, larger stove sizes are available in the market. Keeping that in mind, the width can exceed till 0.75meter (2’-6”).

Coming to the upper kitchen cabinets, these storage units too should be placed in such a manner that they can be accessed without resorting to climbing any stools or other support. Ideally, the cabinets can be placed in the height of 2meter (6’-6”), which is a comfortable bet. Know more to update your cabinets on,

Standard Kitchen Cabinet Height

Total Height of Kitchen Cabinet

A homemaker mainly uses kitchen upper cabinet and therefore the height of upper cabinet from countertop or platform should be in between 0.40 meter to 0.60 meter (18”inch to 24” inch).It is taken into consideration that small appliances can get enough height to remove lid from a blender, food processor, coffee pot, etc. This height is also comfortable for cutting and slicing and at same time, it prevents head injury while cooking.

The ideal upper cabinet height from the floor should be 1.40m to 1.47m (4’-7” to 4’-9”from the floor. This comes from the sum of the standard height of the base cabinets, thickness of countertop and the height of the backsplash i.e. in between the base cabinet and both of the upper cabinet.

Kitchen Cabinet Height: – 0.60 meter (2’-0”)

Depth: – 0.35 meter (1’-2”)

This height is more comfortable to use upper cabinet while cooking on platform or counters. Here is more on,

All the dimensions are as per Neufert standards and are decided according to average height of women, which of course will vary from continent to continent.

Height of Kitchen Upper Cabinet

Now, if we talk about the top height of kitchen upper cabinet, it should be 2meter (6’-6”) which is more comfortable for woman to use cabinet without stool or any support.

Now that we have known the standard kitchen cabinet heights and various kitchen cabinet dimensions, how do we decide that is the only correct height for everyone at home?? It will totally depend on various factors like the cabinet style in kitchen, the home and family living there. What if the family members are tall or short?? Don’t worry because there are some ergonomic thumb rules for them as well.

Special Gharpedia Note

The Ergonomic thumb rule is that your elbows should be bent at 45 degree angle, when yours hands are resting on the countertop. If you try this and take the specific measurements, you will know the optimal counter height for your own height!

  • For those whose elbow height are below standard height, it is often found that 0.80meter (2′-8″) works well for countertop height.
  • For those whose height are above standard height, it is often found that 0.97meter (3′-2″) to 1.00 (3′-3″) are usually more ideal.
  •  Make your kitchen more attractive by go through, How to Make Your Two Tier Kitchen Island Look Perfect? Know more about kitchen dimensions on,

Raising Cabinets Higher In Certain Instances

There are some instances where you need to raise the cabinets’ height. Let have a look at those instances as well. You can also consider raising the kitchen cabinet height if some of these instances are true for your case as well:

Your Family is Tall & Easily Access Kitchen Cabinets

Tall Family Member approaching Kitchen Cabinets

If all your family members are tall enough, your line of sight will be higher. This would make the cabinets to look of average height which would look strange. Therefore, it is better for you to raise the height of the upper cabinets and make your kitchen cabinets proportionate accordingly.

Adding a Bold Style to Your Kitchen

Bold Style for Your Kitchen

If at all, you are thinking for a modern or contemporary backsplash or over the top kitchen hood, then raising the upper cabinets would make sense. It will not only allow you to open up your space but also give a balanced look, which might be a bit different from traditional kitchens. 

Your Kitchen Feature are Large

Large kitchen features

If you have large kitchen features like farmhouse sink, a pantry on the larger sides of the kitchen, other kitchen feature that overpower your room, then you must consider raising the cabinets. This will give a balanced feel and will even make your room look spacious.

Add a Creative Storage Options for Kitchen

Creative Storage Options for Kitchen

If you are planning to have a creative storage for your kitchen, then you may go for higher upper kitchen cabinets. Storage is something which has to be functional and should look nice. Raising the cabinets will give you more wall space even for shelving or hanging pans or crockery items for display in kitchen.

Final Takeaway

On a final note, the height of the kitchen cabinets is not something that can be easily altered. Once hung wrong, might cause problems later. Your cabinets are something you will have to use and live as long as you wish to renovate the whole kitchen. So, it has to be hung at correct heights.

We hope that you like our tips on height of kitchen cabinets height and various kitchen cabinet dimensions. Likewise we have some interesting articles on kitchen work triangle and planning a kitchen, have a look:

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