What is a Flush Door?

The door is the important element of the house after the roof and window. It provides safety and privacy to the occupant of the house. The door comes in the variety of style, design and patterns. There are different types of doors available in the market i.e. panel door, flush door, revolving door, glass door, etc. Among them, the flush door is one of the most popular doors used in the house.

Flush Door

Nowadays, the flush door has become very common and popular door in the construction of a house.  It has plain facings on both sides of the construction. A flush door consists of skeleton or a hollow framework of rails and stiles, top and bottom rails, and narrow intermediate rails. It is covered on each side by a sheet of plywood. This door has a joint-less surface on both the sides.
The shape stability of this door depends to an extent on the fixing on the flush or moulded facing to the core. The lighter and thinner the core the more facing are used to provide stability. The nominal thickness of flush door shutter varies from 25mm to 40mm depending upon the types of doors.
Decorative type plywood or face veneer is used for the face panel that is called a decorative type of door. Decorative plywood shall be bonded with a synthetic resin adhesive, borer proof suitable for intended use. Decorative veneer may be rotary cut or sliced which is not more than 1 mm thick.
Non-decorative type plywood or face veneer is used for the face panel that is called a non-decorative type of door.

The Flush Doors are of the Following Types:

01. Laminated Flush Door or Solid Core Flush Door:

In this type, the frame consists of stiles, top and bottom rails are each not less than 7.5cm wide. The Laminated Flush Door is made with a core of timber, chipboard, or compressed fibre board strips.

02. Hollow Core Flush Door:

In this type, the frame consists of stiles, top, bottom and intermediate rails which are not less than 7.5 cm wide and this frame is covered on both the side by sheets of plywood.

03. Cellular Core Flush Door:

This door is made with cellular, fibreboard or paper core in a light softwood frame with lock and hinges block, covered with plywood or hardboard facing glued to the frame and core on both sides.

A Flush door is most commonly used in the house due to the pleasing appearance, durability, etc. and easily available in the market. This door is easy to install and are relatively inexpensive compared to other types of doors.

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