Plywood: All You Would Like to Know!

Plywood is a building product that is used in everything from furniture to house construction. It is a versatile and highly workable building material because the layering of thin sheets of wood gives it great strength and flexibility.

This wooden product is most commonly used for furnishing homes and offices.  Apart from this, it is also used in building construction and woodworks for boats and ships.  It is also used to make a light partition and external walls and in the flooring system.

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Plywood is a wooden panel; made by stacking several thin layers of wood veneers over each other. These piles are stacked in such a way that the grains of the adjacent layers lay perpendicular to each other, helping it to attend strength in both the directions. Usually, odd numbers of veneer sheets are used for making the plywood.

Different types of plywood are available based on types of wood used like hardwood, softwood, etc.  Also, some other types are available in the market like Marine Plywood, Flexible Plywood, etc.  It has resistance to cracking, splitting, shrinkage, twisting and high strength. Also, it is flexible, inexpensive, workable and usable than any other wood products.

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The most common size of plywood is 2449 x 1219 mm (8’x4’). The thicknesses may vary based on the types of plywood, its manufacturer and origin. The thickness of plywood is between 3mm to 25mm.

The cost of plywood may vary, according to its type and thickness. The cost is approximate ranges from Rs.50-400/sq.ft. The cost of maintenance is low to moderate.

Plywood is produced by local manufacturers as well as big companies also. Some standard manufacturers in India are Kitply Industries, Green Ply Industries, Century Ply, etc.

Some standard manufacturers of plywood in India are:


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