Precautions while Installation of Window Safety Grill

Window grill installation consists of fixing off fabricated units made of flats, round or square bars for safety and security purpose. Nowadays window grill of aluminum, mild steel (M.S), and stainless steel (S.S) are also popular. Flats, round or square bars made of mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel are cut and bent and welded together using fillet welding to achieve required size and cover the opening of windows. While providing safety it also adds beauty.

Window grills are available in readymade sizes with different designs, load bearing capacity and light weight pattern to enhance the look of the home or the building.

Window Grill Installation

Things to Keep in Mind (TKM) Before Window Grill Installation Work:        

  • Before starting the window grill installation, inside and outside plaster should be finished first.
  • Sill and jambs of the window should be finished properly, and granite stone fixing work should be completed if desired.

Which Precaution should be taken During Window Grill Fabrication?

  • The materials used for the fabrication of grill should be of good quality, and they should not corrode easily.

They should be free from cracks, imperfect edges, surface flaws and rough texture and should withstand rust and be scaling as it is used for long term.

  • The spacing between the M.S bar or rod should be welded as close as possible so intruders (Persons with criminal intent) cannot enter in the premise.

Always keep enough space between two members particularly where you have window handles and tower bolts so that your hand can go inside to operate handles, tower bolts etc.

  • Window grill should be fabricated according to size and space available. The Bar or rod should be cut with the bar cutter machine to increase the accuracy of fabrication work.

Many times all the four sides may not be 100 % straight and also not perfectly at right angles. Therefore if you avoid this problem, avoid top and bottom members or two side members of the grill frame, so that you will have to match only two sides.
Check the right angle of the opening before fixing the grill, then only make grill accordingly, otherwise it will look ugly after fixing, as gap will appear.

Counter holes (Side Sunken holes with minimum sunken depth is 1 mm) should be drilled in M.S grill before pieces are welded together, and it is advisable to drill the holes with drill machine only.

  • It should be noted that cavity hole should not remain after welding.

Corner of M.S window grill should be at a right angle, and all the member should be welded straight to achieve uniformity.
Grind the welded portion to obtain a smooth surface, so that it does not interface user.

  • Don’t choose window grill with very curvy and complicated design as it is not only difficult to clean but also difficult to clear rust while repainting.

Which Precaution should be Taken During Window Grill Installation?

  • Many people fix the window grill at the external face of the building exposing it to direct weather. This will not only damage the window grill by corrosion but it will also looks ugly. Further it is difficult to replace or repair and paint the window grill, when outside.
  • Ensure that fabricated M.S window grill confirms the standard specification or is as per drawing.
  • Ensure that you have all the plants, tools, machinery and equipment for successful completion of window grill installation work.
  • All fabricated window grill should be stacked at a nearby place, where installation of window grill work is to be carried out.
  • Leveling, plumb marking and holes marking should be done before window grill installation. All M.S window grill should be at same sill level.
  • Use steel screws for installing M.S grill as they strongly withheld the grill in position for very long period and does not rust easily.

Steel screws head should not appear on the grill surface (wholly inserted in counter hole) so that they cannot be removed easily at the time of burglary.

  • The paint should be applied before installation to ensure the long life performance of window grill. It is advisable to paint the grill every year before monsoon season.

Which Safety Precautions should be Taken During Window Grill Installation?
Safety precaution for window grill installation is vital to ensure the safety of fitter and workers. Let’s discuss precautions for it.
•    First-Aid measures should be available nearby at the time of fixing or fabricating the window grill.

  • Use safe lifting technique and enough workers for M.S grill handling and placing.
  • Fitter must be skilled and experienced, and he should follow the standard construction methods.
  • Ensure that all the safety measures like safety helmet, facemask, Cotton hand gloves, safety glasses and safety shoes are provided to Fitter and co-worker.

Window grill installation gives safety and security to the resident without affecting the ventilation of the house or building.

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