Different Types of Steel Windows

Steel windows provide good quality, aesthetics, strength, security, and elegance. These windows are generally manufactured in factories, with greater precision and better quality control.

The different types of steel windows are as under:

01. Steel Casement Windows:

The window frame can be side-hung, top-hung or bottom hung (or a combination), therefore permitting the window to be opened from different directions. Depending on the direction of the swing, steel casement windows can be left-handed, right-handed or double-handed.

Casement Steel Window

They are currently the most sought after steel window frames type, due to their narrow mullions and elegant design and construction. They provide the greatest amount of air inflow and outflow. It can be found in many renovated and residential buildings

02. Hopper Steel Windows:

Hopper steel window frames are a casement window type which opens inside. They are bottom hinged and this allows them to pivot vertically. They are often found in small spaces. This type of window frame is found in a basement, apartment complex or a school.

Hopper Steel Window

03. Awning Steel Windows:

Awning steel window frames are very similar to their hopper counterparts; the difference is that the hinges are located at the top of the frame. This casement window type therefore pivots vertically and outwards.

Awning Steel Window

04. French Casement Steel Windows:

French casement steel window frames lack a centre mullion; therefore it’s providing a clear view. They are hinged on the outside. It can be either out-swings or in-swings.

French casement steel window

05. Fixed Steel Windows:

Due to its fixed in nature, these windows can neither be opened nor closed. Its main purpose is to let light filter in, and this makes it suitable for many commercial and residential buildings. A fixed steel window frames can either be composed of a smaller pane or large glass pane, divided by vertical and horizontal bars that have strong intersecting joints.

Fixed Steel Window

06. Tilt and Slide Steel Window:

The size of this sliding window is often similar to that of a door, and it has a sash that tilts inwards from the top, and then slides in a horizontal position behind the fixed pane of glass.

07. Tilt and Turn Steel Window:

This type of window either tilts inside from the top or uses the side hinges to open inwards. Therefore you need to keep the floor space in front of the window clear of any furnishings.

Tilt and Turn Steel Window

08. Steel Bay Windows:

These window frames are extending beyond the wall. The window frame is comprised of multiple windows set at different angles, in an effort to create a multi-dimensional space. These windows can be composed of casement, tilt and turn or fixed frames.

Bay and Bow Steel Window

09. Pivot Steel Windows:

These steel window frames have panels that rotate either horizontally or vertically about the frame. The frame can be combined with several other steel window frames including fixed frames.

Pivot Steel Window

This relatively inexpensive and low maintenance window frame can be secured by locks which prevent it from being opened from the outside. The pivot frame is highly adaptable and can be integrated into a standard build as well as other concrete construction details.

10. Double Hung Steel Windows:

This sash window is made up of two parts that slide up and down the frame, creating a slight overlap. Spring balances support the vertical sliding windows, but there are no exposed fasteners or balances.

Double Hung Steel Window

From the above steel windows types, it should be easier for you to choose which types of steel frame windows suit your home’s interior.

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