8 Factors to Consider when Choosing Windows


Windows can be one of your home’s most attractive features, which give a feeling of openness and space to living areas. They are arranged for the purposes of architectural decoration, apart from light and ventilation. Windows allow light into the room, enhance your wall colours or furniture.

Choosing Windows

Choosing windows for homes requires many considerations. Functional requirements are usually most important. However, size, type, arrangement and materials very often establish the character of the house.

Following Factors should be considered when Choosing Windows:

01. Windows add style and charm to your home, they are a relatively permanent fixture and it is important to make the right decision while select windows. Not only, they look good but also they have to be functional and perform well based on the specific climate and weather conditions the home will be exposed to.
02. There are huge varieties of commercial as well as residential windows in the market, suitable for use in residential building or renovation projects.
03. When choosing windows for your home, it is important to consider right style and quality of windows, which suits your home needs, aesthetics and budget.
04. When properly selected and installed, windows can help to minimize a home’s heating, cooling and lighting costs, in cold climate and provide better light, air and ventilation in hot and warm climate. The choice, therefore, has to be governed by the climate needs.

05. Following points should be considered for improving window performance in a house.

  • Design
  • Cost
  • Warranty
  • Energy Performance
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
  • Appearance
  • Suitable for local climatic loads (water penetration resistance, wind load and air tightness) and
  • Resistant to Forced Entry
  • Protection from mosquitoes, insects
  • Protection from dust, smoke and sound insulation

06. In areas closer to the sea, it would be advisable to use a material, which is not affected by corrosion, and accordingly, steel frames and shutters would not be a good option.
07. In moderate climatic condition, the extent of sunlight coming into the house has to be considered and accordingly the area for glazing has to be decided.
08. Hot climate needs smaller size where cold may have a large size glazed window to transfer the heat of the sun so as to reduce heating load.

While designing a house most people, particularly architect in South Asian countries forget that,

  • It will rain
  • There will be mosquitoes/ insects nuisance.
  • There will be dust

All three factors should be considered while designing the windows.
Therefore, select windows, which are overwhelming, given all the styles, materials, and features that are available. Ultimately, it gives a beautiful look to your home, and hence it will keep you in a good mood.

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