Best Driveway Design Ideas: Materials You Can Use and Their Pros and Cons


Driveway Design Ideas

Have you ever wondered whether parking your car aimlessly by the street might give a negative impression to your neighbours or guests arriving at your place? Are you parking out on the street because you have a disheveled-looking front yard with overgrown weeds, ferns, and other foliage? If building a new driveway will take up too much of your time and money, you can easily spend a few hours cleaning up the front yard and making room for an attractive driveway.

Driveway design is a part of the overall landscaping around the house. The wider your driveway with a stunning layout, the more accessible it is to the occupants and guests arriving in cars. At the same time, consider if the design should be curved, circular, or straight, according to the shape and size of your plot.

Let’s take a look at how to go about making your driveway.

Driveway Design Ideas to Look for

There is an array of driveway design Ideas with pattern stamping, integral colours, edging or decorative borders, and ornamental plants or sculptures. Here are some of the unique driveway designs ideas that you can consider:

01. Stone Blocks and Grass Patches:

Stone Blocks and Grass Patches Driveway

Lay the stone blocks with the grass in patches like a chessboard. You can keep the green patches and the stone blocks of the same size or leave a little space around the boundaries of the blocks where grass can grow in a linear pattern. You need to trim the grass regularly to stop the blocks from getting damaged.

02. Full-Brick Anti-Slip Driveway to the Road:

Brick Driveway

Burnt or sun-dried bricks can be used in a pattern or sideways on the substrate, and you can fill in the gaps with concrete to prevent the growth of weeds. While offering excellent drainage, this driveway will provide traction for the tires to avoid skidding, last long, and won’t wear off due to adverse weather conditions.

03. Cobbler Blocks Driveway on Grassy Field:

Cobbler Block Driveway

If you have a grass lawn, mow a well-planned space and dig a hole a few feet deep to fill it up with substrate and sub-base. Now, give it a rustic historic look by laying cobbler blocks along the way so that it stands in perfect contrast with the greenery.

04. Gravel Pathway with Abundant Greenery:

Gravel Driveway

Just as the cobbler blocks, you can make a driveway with white, yellow, brown, or grey gravel and, if you are creative enough, create a pattern with different coloured stones. Keep a smooth-finish edging by the gravel driveway for pedestrians and ensure that the surrounding garden area is well maintained to complement the gravel path.

05. Driveway Canopied by Greenery:

Driveway Canopied by Greenery

This is the best driveway design idea if you have several overgrown trees in your front yard, invest a day or two to prune the branches. While trimming the excess growth, make sure to leave the canopy created by the different trees with a wide gap running between them. Now, lay this area with gravel, concrete, asphalt, or whatever material you find suitable, and get a well-shaded driveway for pedestrians and cars to pass through.

Let us now take a look at different materials for making a driveway.

Driveway Materials

Choosing the perfect material for the driveway might seem like a daunting task as you need to go with something that will last longer and brave any climate. Here is a detailed look at the common driveway materials to help you get started:

01. Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt Driveway

You can choose a recycled, coloured and stamped, tar and chip, or any other type of asphalt driveway based on the look of your house.


01. Affordable installation

02. It will last a minimum of 10 to 15 years

03. Looks sleek with a professional finish and adds to curb appeal

04. Durable with a hard-wearing seal on the surface that prevents cracking in the cold

05. Easy to repair


01. Maintenance of the seal is a bit high

02. Due to flexibility and malleability, dents and tire marks can appear, especially in the summer

03. Colour variety not available

04. Unless properly designed, it may get damaged due to heavy rains, and accumulation of water, etc.

02. Concrete Driveway

Block Paving Driveway
Concrete Driveway

Concrete is the most common material used for driveways as it is hard-wearing and requires minimal maintenance. Concrete is used in the installation of roads and streets for these same reasons.


01. Excellent temperature control even in the hottest summer months

02. Aesthetically pleasing with a smooth and uniform finish, complementing an industrial interior

03. It can be stained with different colours

04. Perfect for high rainfall areas


01. Can form cracks over time and might need removal and re-doing if not done properly on the first try.

02. Initial costs are high

03. Will form contrasting stains from oil drips

04. It gets monotonous over the years as it has a long life.

05. Will get damaged if it is not made adequately thick or if a proper sub-base is not provided

06. Difficult to excavate if you want to lay any pipes, cables, etc. underground. Hence, proper preplanning needs to be done, or provisions for pipes need to be made at the time of concrete installation.

03. Block-Paving Driveway

Block Paving Driveway

A wide range of different coloured blocks with various patterns are available in the market. You can easily place them one by one to get a neat and refined look for your driveway.


01. Blocks that match or contrast your house exterior can easily be obtained

02. Diverse designs, patterns, and colours are available

03. Extremely durable

04. If one or a few blocks break or get damaged over time, they can be replaced instead of relaying the entire driveway.

05. They are flexible so, they don’t form cracks etc.

06. It is considered a green material as it allows the percolation of water into the ground.

07. Can be reused at a different location

08. Available in varying thicknesses, strengths, sizes, etc. so they can be designed based on traffic.


01. Relatively expensive and time-consuming to install as the substrate has to be level before the blocks are laid

02. Installation needs to be done by professionals

03. Can’t last long if the sub-base is of poor quality

04. It needs curbs on the sides to retain them

04. Resin Driveway

Resin Driveway

Thanks to its durability and aesthetically uniform finish, resin driveways are now trending in large properties that require large driveways.


01. Professional and contemporary finish enhancing the curb appeal

02. Once properly installed on a porous layer, water drainage will never be an issue

03. Affordable option if substrate does not need a remedial job

04. Easy maintenance with regular hose cleaning or jet wash

05. Does not get infested with weeds

06. Installation takes only a few days

07. WA variety of colour options are available


01. Needs installation by professionals

05. Gravel Driveway

Gravel Driveway

Gravel is one of the most eye-catching and timeless options that has been in use since. Gravel driveways can be made more unique by using different coloured stones randomly or in a pattern. It needs proper edging, or small chips might get scattered around.


01. Very cost-effective and cheap installation

02. Gives a simplistic and rugged look

03. Fast setup and immediately usable


01. Regular maintenance is needed to remove moss and weeds

02. Debris, dirt, snow, and ice can easily seep into the stones

03. Sinkholes and ruts might appear after prolonged use

Installation Costs

Now that you have some unique design ideas for your driveway and a wide selection of materials to choose from, I’m sure you must be wondering how much would the installation cost be. You have to factor in the fixed costs, variable costs, whether it’s a new installation, full or partial replacement, and whether you’re opting for an asphalt overlay or not, when arriving at the final driveway installation costs.


When making a driveway, consider the amount of space required depending on the frequency of guests arriving at your place. You can provide room for two cars or more to be parked side-by-side or stick with a narrow driveway. Also, choose heat-resistant plants to be placed along the boundary of the driveway. In case, you are planning to keep potted plants or incorporate statues alongside the driveway, make sure that they are made of ceramic, terracotta, or any hardy material. Don’t forget to consider the maintenance of these statues while making your choice.

From overhangs to pedestrian access, a suitable surface for different types of vehicles to lights for night-time – there are multiple things to keep in mind while making a driveway. No matter what material you choose, make sure that it is durable enough to resist oil drips, tire marks, etc. so that it lasts for years to come.

The driveway design ideas will depend on the nature and volume of traffic, and the life you live. If you have low and light-weight traffic and don’t want to spend too much money, thin block or asphalt is the best option for a driveway. But if you are looking for driveways with long life and can afford the initial cost, there is nothing better than concrete stained with colours. Though gravel is perhaps the most affordable option, it may not last as long and may not work equally well in all seasons. High-strength para blocks are the best choice as they have a long life, flexibility to repair and maintain, and beauty with a mix of patterns and colours. At most places, they are cheaper than concrete but more expensive than asphalt.

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