Don’t Lose It: 5 Best Devices to Keep Track of Your House Keys

Before we start, I want to ask you one question – How many times a week you look for your misplaced keys? Have you lost the keys or they are just misplaced, be clear on that? If it happens to you frequently, then it a habit of misplacing things and key is a part of it. Do you generally lose keys or misplace essential items? Well, you are not the only one. According to a survey, 45% of people misplace TV Remotes and 28% of people lose keys at least once a week. Yet, it is one of the worst nightmares to lose your essential keys like car key, home key or the key to the storage of your valuables. Losing your essential keys leads to a sense of worry that escalate the panic, resulting in overthinking of what might happen to your things. Losing key is not like a forgotten password of a mobile app or a website; where you can request the app manager or service provider to send you an email allowing to change your forgotten password online. Losing keys may also mean losing access to the asset it is associated with.

Imagine losing the keys on your special day. Well, it indeed happened with me.  The Wedding Day, one of long-awaited day of my life, being encircled by families and their blessing showers, was rushing around with some important stuffs. As the elder son, the wedding events were mainly my responsibility. I still remember, the Wedding Suit I had worn and held the key of the closet containing valuable jewelry in that pocket. Unfortunately, it was misplaced, which resulted in a tense atmosphere because some ceremonial items which were required at the time of wedding were in that closet.  At that time, I had no option than to call locksmith to unlock it urgently, as there was no time to search the keys routinely. Ultimately, I realized the importance of key tracking device. But the memories though some are still fresh within me.

If you misplace your keys frequently, then a Bluetooth key finder might be the best solution to your problem. Bluetooth trackers such as key finders are small, lightweight devices that can be attached to every essential key of your house. This type of device ensures that even when you misplace your house keys, you can easily locate it using a key finder.

Key Tracking Devices

Having a key finder attached to your keys can significantly benefit you, not only ensuring you where you could find it, but you can also benefit from it financially. This way, you wouldn’t have to spend on breaking old lock and installing a new one. However, with so many different types and features, you might be overwhelmed in choosing one. So, here is a list of the best devices to keep track of your keys.

5 Best Key Tracking Devices / Key Finders

01. Tile Mate Key Finder 

With so many key tracking devices in the market today, you might purchase an expensive one but it may not be of the best quality. So, here is Tile Mate, fortunately, the world’s best key tracking device.

Tile Mate Key Finder

Tile Mate key finder does precisely what it needs to do. For a typical Bluetooth tracking device, it is convenient and portable as you can just loop it to one of your essential keychains. Also, using this type of Bluetooth tracker has benefits and features. You can use Tile Mate remotely through your phone. If you lose a  key, you could just check your mobile device, and it will  tell where to  find your key accurately.

Tile Mate Key Finder - using Smartphone

In the event you do lose your keys, you can use the official iOS or Android app to trigger the Tile Mate’s 88 decibel alarm or bring up a map showing your key’s last known location. One of the features of Tile Mate is that it records data, especially where and when you last saw your key. The best part of Tile mate is its vast community so that you can report your missing item on its app, and if you are nearby, one of the 5 million customers of Tile Mate will report their location to assist you in finding it. This is a way for people to monitor their movement and retrace the steps to where they last saw the item.

02. Click’n Dig Model F6 Tracking Device 

The Click’n Dig tracking device is ideal for people who need to find multiple sets of keys. It is a handy GPS key finder that can let you locate your valuable items at a time. A single pack of this tracking device consists of six receivers and one transmitter. It also has six buttons, with corresponding colors to identify the right receiver. From all 6 receivers the 3 are key ring shaped and 3 are  flat receivers for things like wallet, laptops, tablets, pets, etc.

Click’n Dig Model F6 Tracking Device

Each receiver makes sound of 90-95 decibel with a flashing of LED lights for the keys to stand out even in dark. It works by recording radio frequencies and has a 50-60 feet range. Another good thing is that it can also work through walls and soft types of furniture.

03. The Esky Wireless Radio Frequency Transmitter  

Esky Wireless RF transmitter (tracking device) is similar to the above one. It is a simple device with a controller and four different color buttons. The colors from the controller correspond to four key finders.

Esky Wireless Radio Frequency Transmitter - finding key

You can easily track your items at a time with a single remote. It works by pressing a button of the remote, and the corresponding device lights up beep sound of 80 decibel. It has a remarkable 100 feet range and can work through walls, cushions, doors, and any material in your way. It can be attached to your keyrings, smartphones, spec case, remote, pets, etc.

Esky Wireless Radio Frequency Transmitter

04. The KeyRinger XL   

Considered as the loudest key finder, the KeyRinger can be an excellent choice for most of the homeowners. If you don’t want a key finder with an associated mobile application, then the KeyRinger could be your best choice. You can set and customize this type of device easily.

KeyRinger XL

In addition to that, among the other key finders, the KeyRinger is on the list for having an impressive range and loud ring. In a typical application, they are available in two pieces; one piece of KeyRinger is attached to your one item (e.g. key) and the other piece to the second item (e.g. TV remote). If you misplace your key, you will use (by pressing a button) the KeyRinger attached to the TV remote to find the key. Another option is you can keep one KeyRinger handy at all times with the stick-on magnet on your refrigerator. Choice is yours!!!

Therefore, when you use a KeyRinger to find the keys in your home, you will also be able to track down your TV remote or AC remote easily.

05. The Pixie Tracker 

Available in various forms, the Pixie Tracker is a small tag that you can attach to your keychain using an adhesive. This type of tracking device is most suitable for iPhone users.

Pixie Tracker

The Pixie is a  Bluetooth tracker device, with indoor range of 30 feet and when used outdoor, it can cover up to 100 feet. It works on your phone by showing you arrows to pinpoint your lost keys. The Pixie is approved with its IP67 ratings (means it has been dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour). In contrast to some competing Bluetooth trackers available in the market, it does not make sacrifices for its compactness.

Pixie Tracker - sticking tag behind I Phone

It is a 2-in-1 key finder that uses both audio and location methods to find your lost items and is ideal for people with hearing impairments. It has alerts indicating if you are already near the item or right on top of it, and like Tile Mate, it also shows you the last location of the item.


Losing your keys could mean losing your valuables or time or both, and it can be devastating to change your primary locks again. If you happen to have the same keychain for your vehicle, you might end up with a considerable amount of bills to pay for the new sets of locks and keys. So, start shopping for the best key tracking device for your valuables and avoid losing them.

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