Safety Door Locks: Safeguard Against Burglary!

Home is the place where you spent your whole life. There are lots of emotions are connected with it. That’s why it is important to protect your house so that you feel safe and secure. Because of the burglaries, thieves, etc. are increasing each day; hence it’s vital to take significant measures towards the safety of our homes and property. Everyone understands that a great safety locks are an essential part of home security. However, for a small price, you can upgrade your home security by use of various types of door locks that are currently available at your local emergency locksmith.

Here in this article, we have provided the basic information of various types of safety door locks.

Types of Door Locks

01. Pin Tumbler Locks

Pin Tumbler Lock

Pin tumbler locks are the standard locks with the keys which comprise of unique little ridges inserted into a cylindrical fastening device that is secured into a door and fastening it with the door frame.

02. Lever Tumbler Locks

Lever Tumbler Lock

In lever tumbler locks, there are several levers in place to keep the door locked. Also, the key to the door lock elevates the tumbler to move the bars to open the door.

03. Keypad Locks

Keypad Lock

There are also a variety of automated solutions in case you want to boost your home security. The keyboard lock is one of the options. With this type of safety door lock, a complex system of locks is released with the touch of buttons. Therefore, there is no way a criminal can unlock the door.
Also, due to the wiring of the keypad, this makes it easy to link all the doors to your home to the central home alarm. Therefore, in case there is any tampering with the keypad or incorrect numbers being tried; the alarm automatically sounds to frighten the criminal or alert emergency locksmith services in Australia, India, United States of America, etc. and the police to rush to your home.
An electronic lock can either be installed by the home owner or by the help of a professional locksmith. Also, the locksmith should help you to select the best safety door lock which suits your home best.

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04. The Fab System

Fab System Lock

The fab system is another type of automated door lock. With the fab, there is an electronic pad that’s mounted next to your door controlling an extensive set of locks which link the door to its frame.
The fab key and the electric pad communicate to make the door open. The fab can be small for instance the size of a man’s thumb or an id card

05. Security Bars

Security Bar

The security bars are favorite among the other door locks types. They are made up of sturdy, durable steel with rubber ends. This type of door lock hinders anyone from pushing the door open unless the bar is removed from inside.

03. Deadbolt


The deadbolt complements the latch lock. This type of door lock should be placed at the top as well as the bottom of the door since this makes it tougher to push the door open.
In case you are having challenges selecting the best lock for your home, there are a few factors to assist you in making a decision. The first thing to consider is the people who are going to use the lock since you want to make it easy for them to get in and out. However, you also need to ensure that your door lock keeps away thieves. Therefore, no matter the type of door lock system you select, it’s wise to purchase a sturdy door lock.

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