Bituminous Paint: All You Need to know

Bituminous paints are made of bitumen or coal tar which is dissolved in mineral spirit or naphtha. Bitumen is also known as asphalt which is sticky, black, and highly viscous liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum.

Application of Bituminous Paint:

  • Bituminous Paint is available as ready to use and does not require thinning. It can be applied both by brush as well as spray.
  • Bituminous paint can be applied to most substrates, including iron and steel structures, metal fabrications, castings, asbestos cement sheeting, and structural concrete surface.
Bitumineous Paint

Properties of Bituminous Paint:

  • Bituminous paint is a type of bituminous coating product that provides weatherproofing and corrosion resistance to the elements. It has good adhesive properties. A bituminous coating is used to build a vapour-proof and protective coat in accordance with its formulation and polymerization grade. The bituminous coating is also known as asphalt coating.
  • Bituminous paint is strong, waterproof, durable and economical. It resists manufacturing harsh chemicals and UV light. It also protects surfaces from rust.
  • Some companies claim that it possesses “zero volatile organic compounds” but some companies state that it contains 400-500 gm/ltr.
  • Bituminous paint is available in 1 ltr, 2.5 ltr, 5 ltr, 25 ltr packs.
  • The coverage per litre depends upon the porosity of the surface. Coverage on metal and smooth surfaces is 10 sqm per litre.

Uses of Bituminous Paint:

  • Bituminous Paints are alkaline resistant hence it is used for under water structure, weather protecting steel work, waterproofing, wood, concrete and potable water tanks.
  • It is also used for any exterior metal work and iron work such as fire escapes, ladders, gutters, down pipes, railings, fences and gates, etc.It is used to coat ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and other construction materials, even in marine environments.
  • It is a flexible coating solution that can be used both above and below ground.

Some of the typical products of few companies are listed below.

Sr No.

Manufacturer’s Name

Product Name

Recommend Area

01.Crown Paints Kenya PLCBituminous PaintSteelwork, Cement Renderings, Brick, Stone
02.FirewoodBituminous PaintIron, Steel, Wood, Concrete, Stone and Brick Surfaces.
03.Sealocrete PLA LtdBituminous PaintIron, Steel, Asbestos-Cement, Concrete, Stone and Brick Surfaces.
04.Bird Brand Bituminous PaintIron, Steel, Wood, Concrete, Stone and Brick Surfaces.

Certain precautions need to be taken mentioned when applying the bituminous paint. Bituminous paint contains solvents that cause de-fatting of skin and, in extreme circumstances, cause dermatitis. If paint come in contact with skin than remove hit immediately with a proprietary hand cleaner and wash with soap and water.

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