Basic Component of Emulsion Paint


A fresh painting job on the outside makes your home look pleasant and last longer.  The paint job indicates that the work of a home is completed. It gives a sense of completion and newness. Selection of paint therefore is the very important task.  Nowadays latest paints are available in the market. One of the alternatives is emulsion paint.
Emulsions are defined as a mix of two liquids that don’t mix well. Two liquids can form different types of emulsions. As an example, oil and water can form two type emulsions. The first part is the oil-in-water emulsion, where the oil is the dispersed phase and water are dispersion medium. The second part is water-in-oil Emulsion, where water is the dispersed phase and oil is the external phase.
Emulsion Paints are basically water based paint principally used for internal as well as an external surface coating of the building. Emulsion Paints are highly durable, impermeable to dirt, resistant to washing and rapidly drying. It can be easily cleaned.

Emulsion Paint

The constituents used for the production of emulsion paints include,


Binder is also known as a vehicle.Binder is the main ingredient of paint. Binders are polymers forming a continuous film on the surface. Binders are responsible for superior adhesion of the coating to the substrate. The binder held the pigment particles and distributes throughout the coating. The binder is dispersed in water. Binders used in emulsion paint are alkyd resins, acrylic resin, epoxy, etc. Know more about the vehicle.

Extenders or Filler:

Extenders pigments are added to extend the opaque pigments, increase durability, provide better spreading characteristics, and reduce cost.

Solvent or Thinner:

The solvent is also known as thinner. It can make paint thin and increase the spread. Water is used as a solvent in emulsion paint. Water is a medium where the binder, pigment and additives are dispersed in molecular form.
Know more about solvent.

Colour Pigments:

Colouring pigments are used to hide the surface imperfections. They have the source of hiding capability. There is colouring materials added to the paint to impart the desired shade, colour, add beauty and pleasant feelings. They protect the paint film by reflecting the ultraviolet light. They also improve the impermeability.
Know more about Colour pigments.


Additives are the supplementary products in the paint. A small amount of additives added to improve the technical properties of the paints or coating films. Paint additives are named in accordance with their mode of action. Emulsifiers are used as additives in the emulsion paint. Emulsifiers are wetting agents increasing the colloidal stability of the paints in the liquid state.

Emulsion paint is available in several different finishes such as matt finish, eggshell, semi-glossy and glossy finish.
Emulsion paint is useful over the porous and wet surfaces. It is quick drying and easier to apply than other paint. The emulsion paint is less odorous and non-inflammable hence it is safe for human health.

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