Brush Marks Defect: Common Defect in Paint


Painting is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways that give a brand new look to either a room or an entire house. Paint is pigmented opaque material that completely covers and hides the ugly looking cemented or metal surface. After drying, it forms a thin film on painted surface i.e. walls and other components (i.e. metal, or wood) of the building or any other object.

However, painting requires a high accuracy and if not achieved, ultimately it might lead to defects. Once you paint, several defects might be observed, i.e. Bleeding, Blistering, Brush marks, Flaking, etc. The paint defects may arise due to poor workmanship or poor material used. Brush Marks defect is one of the most common paint defects observed on the painted surface. It occurs due to poor workmanship.

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Paint Brush marks is usually visible on the final coat. When the paint is applied on the surface with a brush, sometimes bristle marks appear. These bristle marks are deep and permanent on the painted surface. There are various reasons why brush marks defect appear on the surface.

Brush marks defect generally occurs due to following reasons:

  • Paint applied by an unskilled person
  • Careless application
  • Paint applied is too thick for brush application
  • Use of poor quality of the brush
  • Poor application of the final coat
  • Applying final coat with a new/coarse brush
  • Inadequate rubbing down of the old paint surface

It is possible that the old coat had already those ugly paint brush marks and painting over old coat could not hide them and brush marks become visible even on the newly painted surface. This point needs special attention while repainting surface. To make your paint last longer, you should know about the preventive measure to avoid this paint defect.

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