What Should I Look for When Buying a Security System?

Buying a Security System

Security is an issue in the home and in the workplace. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that there will always be unscrupulous people who will take advantage of a lapse in security, break into your home and steal what they can. More often than not you’ll never see that property again. A good security system is essential to keep your home as safe as it can be. But where do you start when you need to choose a security system, and will a simple alarm be enough? We’re going to look more closely at what you should invest in, but before that there’s some pointers we need to make.

Buying a Home Security System

Smart Home Security System

First, there is no security system that is 100% guaranteed to keep people out of your home. There will always be someone who believes they have a chance and will try and get in. However, you are aiming to make your home the least attractive of those that surround you in terms of the burglar’s mind set. Think of it like this: the thief will always take the easiest option. They need to get in, get what they can find, and get out as quickly as possible without being seen.

So, your house has cameras on the entrances, and the house over the road does not. Immediately you have reduced the chance of your home being targeted in the neighbourhood as you have the deterrent in place. And that is what a good, workable security system is – a deterrent. It’s a simple fact that a good security system will make your home less attractive to thieves so let’s talk about what you need to consider.

Always Look for Budget and Type While Buying a Security System

How much do you want to spend on your security system? This depends on the size and type or property you are protecting, and the items inside that you fear may be targeted. If you have expensive artwork, for example, you need a better security system than if you live in a bedsit and only have what you need. In affluent areas – and indeed in all – there is one element to security systems that is essential: visibility.

You want people to know that you have a quality, active security system covering your home. If this means putting signs on your boundary fence or other places, then so be it. Remember we said we are talking about a deterrent. A visible camera – or cameras – is a starting point. You’ll notice we have not talked about alarms system yet, so let’s have a look at these.

Alarm for Home Security

Alarm for Home Security

An alarm is an essential part of a home security system, but perhaps not the central element that it once was. In early and basic home security an alarm box on the outside wall indicated that you had such a system in place. This only goes so far as a deterrent these days, and here’s why: when your alarm sounds, the intruder is already in the property. They know they have very little time to grab what they see and get out, and these people are very good at doing so. In other words, once your alarm sounds it’s too late – especially if you are not in the property at the time.

That’s not to say you should not have an alarm as you should, but you need one that doesn’t just sound. You want to look at the Alarm and security systems where you’ll find the very latest and up to the minute systems that send a message to you and also to an alarm monitoring company to whom you subscribe. They differ in the services they offer but are very effective at deterring the thieves. Thus your first move is to consider how much you have to spend on a security system, and we recommend you make a sensible investment in the best system if you have items that you fear may be a target for thieves.

Local or National Security Companies?

It is highly recommended that you invest in a home security system that is linked to a security company, one that has people on site to monitor alarms. There are many businesses offering such services, but who can you trust? You have a choice between the major national alarm and security companies – well known examples are ADT and Vivint – and local operators, who may be a wise choice if you want fast response time and perhaps a more personal service.

Smart Security System

Ask around your neighbours and friends, work colleagues and more, and you’ll get plenty of recommendations. More to the point is that anyone who has had a less than satisfactory experience with a security company will be only to happy to tell you so that you can cross those off your list! It is worth taking your time to find a recommended and reputable service provider, so shop around both national and local security companies and see which offers you the service you need.

Some further security points to consider include getting all locks on doors and windows upgraded to the latest – especially if you have just moved into a property – and checking the boundary fence or hedge for potential entry points that need attention. Also, we recommend you install outdoor lighting that responds to movement, as intruders do not like to be illuminated by sudden bright light and will be deterred from entering your property when they see lights.


Security is vital if you are to deter opportunist thieves from entering your property, but be sure that your security system starts at the boundary to your property and not the front door! The best option is a fully functioning up to date security system supplied and monitored by a security company with a reputation for excellent service.

There will be expense involved in getting the best security precautions put in place, but they do work as a deterrent and will pay form themselves over time. Start searching now, and look for the most comprehensive system that you can afford with your available budget.

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