Things to Keep in Mind while Buying Ceramic Tiles

Construction of house requires more than 100 varieties of materials. For buying all those materials, you have to spend a lot of time. It involves different stages like the selection of right product, right quality and quantity, etc. This process is more time-consuming. It is not easy as one may think. We have already discussed material buying guide in general and here we give you specific ceramic tiles buyer’s guide.

When you buy tiles, you are confused as to whether you want to buy ceramic tile or vitrified tile?  You may not be clear about the difference between the two. It depends on the place in your house where you want to install, i.e. on floor or wall? Whether you want matt finish or glossy finish? So here we give you ceramic tiles buyer’s guide so that your confusions will be clear.

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In India, the ceramic tiles are known as Spartek, particularly among old people. It is packed in a box according to its size. It is available in different shades of colours, size, style, etc. Buying of ceramic tiles includes some different stages like selecting the right size according to your need, finding the right supplier, verifying the quantity and quality, checking the bills, etc. Of course, this procedure is more demanding.

Ceramic Tiles

(A) Personnel:

01. Is Ceramic Tile your Need or a Desire?

Buying ceramic tiles may be one’s desire only. It may not be your need at all. One can also buy natural stones like granite, marble, kota stones, or mosaic tiles. It depends on your choice and purpose for which you want to buy tiles.

Ceramic Tiles on Floor

02. Why you Need the Ceramic Tiles?

Ceramic Wall Tiles

Ceramic tile are most useful in interior decoration due to its aesthetic look. It used for the floor as well as for wall tiles. It is durable and easy to clean. Ceramic tile is most appropriate for kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways. Hence comparing its benefits and the purpose for which you want to buy ceramic tiles, you should decide why you want ceramic tiles and why only ceramic tiles. Once you decide why, you will understand what you need.  

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03. Quality and Specifications of Ceramic Tiles:

Quality of Ceramic Tiles

Based on your need, you should define the specification and quality of ceramic tile. For that, you should decide which type of ceramic tiles you want. You have to decide where you want to install the tiles, whether on floor or wall and in which room? dry or wet?

It is available in different types like glazed tiles, non-glazed tiles, terracotta, quarry tiles, matt finish and glossy finish and in various size and thickness, etc.

You should choose from the different varieties of designs, colours and patterns and combinations in harmony with the colour scheme of your room or house.

It should posses such properties and features that you need.

i.e. It should be water resistance, scratch resistance, slip resistance, etc. It should possess various features like style, colour, size, etc. You also have to decide whether you want ceramic tiles or vitrified tiles. We have already discussed the difference between ceramic tiles and vitrified tiles in our recent article.

As varieties of colours, sizes with hundreds of designs floral, geometric, etc. are available. We need to rightly choose the design. You should think long term and select the design which last longer. Hence don’t go for short term temporary fashion.

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04. Study of Literature:

When you buy ceramic tiles, you should read all the properties which are written on tiles box and the manufacturer’s website. When reading literature that accompanies many ceramic tile products, you will notice a section that is usually placed towards the back that is often referred to as “technical specifications”. They are the important information to understand while buying ceramic tiles. The ceramic tile box contains following details:

  • Tile name
  • Product number
  • Colour number
  • Tiles type whether it is floor or wall tiles
  • Its features
  • Quality
  • Size of tiles
  • Thickness of tiles
  • Brand name
  • Number of pieces per box
  • Certification of tiles, etc.

(B) Finance:

01. Budget:

Buying ceramic tiles may be just one’s desire. First, you should decide the overall budget of the house. If you have a limited budget, then you can save on ceramic tile. Check out the different tiles available and their prices and get estimates and an idea of what types of tile will work within your budget. This is important because you can change tiles after 5 or 10 years, if you earn well. But it will be difficult to increase room area, no. of rooms, height of plinth, height of house or even difficult to strengthen foundation and basic RCC structure.

02. Quantity you Want to Buy:

Ceramic Tiles Quantity

You should estimate the right quantity of tiles. i.e. how many sqmt or sqft ceramic tiles do you need? It depends on the place where you want to install the ceramic tiles. i.e. in a bathroom, kitchen, outside walkway, etc.  Before you begin, measure the length and width of the tiling area, round up to the nearest foot. You will also need to know the size of the tiles you are using in your house.

03. From Where You Can Buy Ceramic Tiles?

Ceramic Tiles Shop

Once you estimate as to how many tiles are needed, you should find the right supplier or manufacturer or brand of ceramic tiles.

04. Cost of Transporting Including Taxes:

You can transport the tiles by truck or tempo if you buy ceramic tiles in bulk otherwise, you can use other small vehicles. The cost of transporting ceramic tiles depends on the location of the site from the manufacturer’s depot. You should also include GST, loading, unloading, etc.

(C) Quality & Brand:

01. Popular Brand of Ceramic Tiles:

Johnson, Kajaria, Somany, Nitco, Asian Granito, Sunheart, etc are some popular brands in India. Some mini tiles depots are also available in the market.

02. Testing:

Once ceramic tiles are delivered on site, you have to check the quality of ceramic tiles. For assessment of quality and uniformity of ceramic tiles, various physical, chemical, environmental and dimensional tests are performed. The tests are performed in accordance with IS standards.

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03. Certification of Ceramic Tiles:

Getting ISI is not compulsory for all products. So you have to check on tiles box whether it bears ISI mark or not. If it has IS, it is definitely better than other.

04. Additional Quantity for Future Needs:

Sometimes the tiles are broken during the transportation. When you want to do some repairs or change some tiles in future due to any reason, that particular design and pattern might not be available. Hence always buy few pieces extra which you can use it in future.

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(D) Life of Ceramic Tiles:

When you buy different qualities of tiles asses its life. The thinner may not last long. Similarly, the colour of designs, patterns, etc. may fade over a period of time while the plain one will remain as it is.

(E) Conclusion:

Keeping in view all above factors; one has to buy ceramic tiles as per their need. From the above factor, we can conclude that

  • Select the right type of ceramic tiles and its manufacturer or brand.
  • If you are buying more number of tiles, try to place a written order, and in this written order include the specification, number of tiles, time of delivery, terms of payment if any, etc.
  • When you receive the ceramic tiles on site, check the quantity and quality of ceramic tile that you ordered.
  • Once you are satisfied with the quantity and quality of tiles as you ordered, make the payment as per your contract and obtain the receipt of payment.
  • Preserve the bills give by the manufacturer. Keep them safe; you may need them in future in case of any emergency or warranty needs.

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