5 Carpet Cleaning Tips to Make Your Office Carpet Last Longer

A carpet can be a useful addition to your office space, right? It keeps the floor warm and reduces noise. Let’s not forget how beautiful carpets look! But their looks only last as long as they are clean and fresh.

Unfortunately, carpets can be pretty high-maintenance. They refuse to let go of dust, stains, or wax. This makes it quite challenging to clean carpets. As a result, most of us prefer to replace old carpets once they start to look dirty.

But you don’t just have to throw away a filthy carpet! Cleaning your favourite carpet is not as difficult as you might think! By following the right plan, you can extend the life and beauty of your carpet!

5 Office Carpet Cleaning Tips

Your office carpets have to bear being stamped on by people walking around in their shoes. Getting dirty is inevitable, though you can get them cleaned easily. All you need is to have a proper plan in place to handle soiled and dust-covered carpets. Choosing a trusted commercial carpet cleaning company in London is also important. Here we give you some of the office carpet cleaning tips:

01. Identifying High- and Low-Traffic Areas

High- and Low-Traffic Areas in Office

Not every part of the office gets the same footfall. So the first thing you need to do is recognize the areas that have higher traffic. The carpets in these high-traffic areas get dirty faster and need strict and frequent attention when it comes to cleaning.

Entry corridors, hallways, cafeteria, lounge, etc., are some examples of high-traffic spots. Hence, carpets in these areas not only get dirty easily but have higher chances of spoilage. You can stain-guard the carpets in high-traffic locations. You’ll also need to hire professional services more frequently for these areas than medium- or low-traffic spots.

02. Regular Vacuuming

Vacuuming of office carpets

Regular vacuuming of office carpets is non-negotiable. This is particularly true for high-traffic zones where the carpets should be vacuumed every day. It can be highly effective in maintaining the life and appearance of the carpets. For medium- or low-traffic areas, vacuuming once or twice every week should be sufficient.

However, the low-traffic areas may need to be vacuumed more frequently if the traffic in your office is heavier than average. Another factor to consider is your office location. Parts of the city that are dry or too populated, mainly by cars, can lead to dust. In rainy seasons, mud sticks to the carpets, needing more vacuuming once dry.

03. Scheduled Deep Cleaning for Your Office Carpet

Deep Cleaning for Your Office Carpet

Deep cleaning carpets help to release stubborn grime and stains from the fibres of the carpet. This is where the expertise of professional cleaners comes into play. For high-traffic zones, carpets need deep cleaning at least once a month. For other areas, it can be less frequent.

You see, vacuuming can remove most of the dirt and dust from the surface of the carpet. But what about the persistent grime, stains, or odour that just won’t budge? Deep cleaning is the only answer. When done right by a professional, deep cleaning will make sure your office carpets look as good as new.

04. Dealing with Spillage on Office Carpet

Spillage on Office Carpet

The worst enemy of your carpet is an ignored spillage. Even if your carpet is stain-resistant, you’ll still need a plan in place to deal with spillage as soon as it happens. Otherwise, you won’t be able to save the carpet.

The built-in resistance slows down the penetration of the liquid into the fibres. This means you have to get the liquid cleaned soon. Encourage employees to deal with these stains immediately. Make cleaning supplies accessible and appoint cleaning staff to deal with every spill.

05. Hiring Professional Cleaners

Professional Cleaners

It is essential to contact a reliable and trusted cleaning service provider. Companies such as Pritchard Industries have a long-standing reputation for providing superior office carpet cleaning services, utilizing the latest methods and high-quality products. The pro cleaners use the best products and tools to implement methods like hot water extraction and deodorization. This will leave your office carpets looking clean and smelling fresh. It would be best if you made a schedule to ensure that your carpets get cleaned without fail.

An experienced cleaning service provider will use proper cleaning and drying products to prevent mould and odour. They will also know how to remove bacteria and infections, which should be a priority in all public spaces in the post-Covid period. So, instead of choosing an inexperienced cleaner, it’s best to hand over the responsibility to a pro.

Final Words

Now you know how to get your office carpets cleaned. It’s also a good idea to pick carpets specifically designed for commercial spaces. Make sure they are durable and washable. It’s also a good idea to go for neutral shades that hide stains easily!

Now that you have known about office carpet cleaning tips, and also want to know about those at homes, here we have a detailed article especially for you:

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