10 Inexpensive Tips to Get a Statement Bathroom!


When the thought of renovating your bathroom strikes your mind the first comment that you get to hear is about getting a statement bathroom. As said by Leonardo da Vinci, ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’ Sleek and modern designs are becoming an integral part of homes and innovative ideas seem to rule. Thankfully, when we talk of a bathroom even small-time changes can completely alter the look created. Here we give you some interesting tips using which you can give your bathroom a statement look.

Innovative Ideas for Statement Bathroom

01. Floating Spaces

Floatingspaces in Bathroom

Apart from reducing the scope of having dust accumulation in your bathroom cabinets, the floating vanity creates a feeling of extra space. Having an open cabinet provides lighter and by extending the frame you provide an impression that the bathroom is quite airy and spacious. Moreover, having these floating vanities makes your bathroom look sleek and modern and falls in line with the theme of a statement bathroom. For minimalism, you can just opt for a hung shelf and ignore the vanity completely.

02. Walk-in Showers

Walk-in Showers

For others, it may seem like a luxury purchase but it need not be like that. A walk-in shower in a simple manner gives a spa-like a look to your bathroom. Unfortunately, people tend to think that this is an expensive item and hence refrain from incorporating it. On top of it, since there is no major hardware associated with it, you do not have to spend a lot of time maintaining the same. Also, you save up on space which otherwise would have been needed to install a door and that works in their favor too.

03. Wall Mounted Faucets

Wall Mounted Faucets

To get a streamlined yet minimalist design wall faucets are here to rule. Thanks to their clean appearance, versatility, and utility they seem to be seen in almost all new bathrooms being done. Most importantly they are quite easy to clean as calcium build upon them is pretty minimal. Apart from them, you can also go in for waterfall faucets as they also look quite cool and stylish. Wall faucets have a calming effect on the ambiance and their style of flow ensures that water wastage is less.

04. Freestanding Baths

Freestanding Baths

People are getting busy and thus want their bath time to be time conserving too. A freestanding bath can be bold and stylish and at the same time can elevate the entire look of your bathroom. You pair it with a sleek tap design and the effect generated is luxury personified. For a more opulent look, you can use metals like copper for your bath as that generates a rich and warm feel to the setup. By using materials like concrete for your tubs you make sure that the bathroom is your destination after a long day at work.

05. Basins

Wash Basinsin Statement Bathroom

It is an interesting fact that basins can be experimented with, in more than one way. Surprisingly a wash basin with depth makes your bathroom look spacious too. This is because if you choose one you can reduce the size of your floating vanity thus increasing the space between it and the sink. If you have some extra space you can add two basins to create a drastic effect. You can opt for insert basins if you want to opt for minimalist design in your bathroom.

06. Tiles

Tiles in Bathroom

A major effect in your bathroom is generated with the help of the tiles you choose to put there. As per modern styles, concrete and shades of grey and black are quite popular. However, eternal favorites like beige, white and grey marble look great too. If you choose to go for large sized tile then that definitely grants calmness to the bathroom. You can also incorporate tiles from the floor to the ceiling to get the same feel. For a walk-in shower, you can adopt mosaic tiles as they always look a class apart and thus enhance the look of your shower too.

07. Lighting

Lighting in the Bathroom

Unfortunately, we tend to ignore the lighting of our bathroom though it should never be like that. You can have hanging lights and recessed shelves with lined lighting in order to give a romantic vibe to the place. If your washroom is also the place where you dress up then adding a back light to the mirrors proves helpful. Adding LED strips around your shower is another way in which you can fulfill your desire of having a statement bathroom. You can hang pendant lighting over the bathtubs intending to improve your bath experience a notch higher.

08. Hidden Toilet

A wall mounted toilet or hidden tank adds up to the glamour of the space. The elegant looking commodes are able to conceal all the parts of plumbing but the glitch is that they are expensive to install. You can also choose single piece toilets and can experiment with a classy one. It saves your expenses and space and works perfectly if you do not want to go overboard with the budget.

09. Mirrors

Mirrorsin the Bathroom

When talking of the bathroom how can we ignore the mirrors which are an integral part of the setup. Large, round mirrors look awesome wherever you install them. You can also opt for mirrored walls as they help to deflect the light back. Backlit dark mirrors behind the wash basin are another addition you could look at.

10. Bath Linen

Finally, you can place some classy bath linen-like rugs to give the luxury look to your bathroom. Natural fibers give a soft look and are hygienic too. If you want to make it a bit more stylish use bamboo mats as they would also serve your purposes well.
These are just 10 basic tips you need to take into consideration to enhance the look of your bathroom. By following above given tips you can not only convert it into a statement but one you can also be assured that the impact would be extraordinary. Most importantly, these additions are not very expensive as such and by incorporating them you just raise the style bar of your bathroom and make it a resting destination for you to come back to.

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