11 Must-Know Points to Check on a Cement Bag Before Buying It


Jun 14, 2018

Cement is the most important construction material which is widely used in modern construction. Cement is generally used to prepare concrete and mortar which are used to make RCC framed structures. Cement has binding properties and can easily mix with aggregates and forms a homogeneous mixture, which hardens to give a stone-like strength. The strength and durability of the structure are mainly dependent on strength of cement.

There are many manufacturers of cement worldwide. Many times they adopt bad practices to manufacture and pack cement to increase their profits. The cost of cement is more than other construction materials (coarse aggregates, fine aggregates etc.) and it also affects your overall project cost. Hence we must be aware before buying cement bags because sometimes cement bags arriving on the site may be a duplicate. Duplicate or adulterated cement will decrease the life of the structure. You have to check some basic standard specifications before you buy it. You must check the information that is printed on a standard cement bag. Here are some points to check on a cement bag, at the time of purchasing or receiving cement bags to ensure the quality.

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Points to Check on a Cement Bag:

01. See the manufacturer’s name and its registered trademark. If the trademark and name is not properly printed or there is any spelling mistake, then the cement bag may be duplicated.

02. ISI mark should be printed on the cement bags in black colour. The ISI mark confirms that the cement packed in the bag has fulfilled every requirement of the specifications.

03. The grade and type of cement is an important point to check on a cement bag. The cement bag of OPC 53 must mentioned the words ‘Ordinary Portland Cement, 53 Grade ’or‘ Ordinary Portland Cement, 53-S Grade whichever is applicable.

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04. The net weight of cement in kg i.e. 25 Kg, 50 Kg etc. must be mentioned on the cement bag.

05. Check the brand of cement. It is important that the cement is of a reputable brand. One must also check the cut-sheet provided by the brand, to know the technical details about the product.

06. MRP (Maximum Retail Price) is an important to point to check on a cement bag. The retailer or seller can fool us by selling the cement bag for price more than MRP. Hence checking the MRP before buying the cement bag will help the consumer to avoid any kinds of frauds.

07. The words ‘Use no Hooks’ or symbol are printed on standard cement bag.

08. The batch/control unit number in terms of week, month and year of packing must be mentioned on the cement bag. It is preferred to use a cement bag which is recently packed, usually less than 3 months.

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09. The address of the manufacturer must be mentioned on the bag for contacting him for future enquiries.

10. The type and percentage of performance improver(s) added, if added must be mentioned on the cement bag.

11. Particular IS code number should be printed on the cement bag.e. if you have ordered OPC 53 grade cement, then “IS-12269-1987” should be printed on the cement bag, and if you have ordered Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC), “IS 1489-1991” should be printed on the cement bags.

The aforementioned points are essential to check on a cement bag, before buying it. This will help to ensure the cement bags are from a standard manufacturer and helps in avoiding any loss to the customer. After buying cement bags, they must be properly stored and used within few days.

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