41 Creative Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas to Try this Year!

An old saying “there is no place like home for holidays”. This year those lines have added significance. 

One of the most important parts of Christmas decoration is having Christmas tree at home. A beautiful ornament adorned Christmas tree takes away the centre stage, isn’t it? Christmas party is incomplete without the Christmas tree in a room or anywhere in the house. And if you decorate it yourself, it’ll be even more spectacular!

Whether you want to keep your Christmas tree in a traditional mode or you merely want to try something new, there are so many Christmas tree decorations ideas that may help you. The Christmas tree decorations primarily depend on our personal taste, which can be red flowers, red balls and garlands. Birds, stars, pinecones, snowflakes (DIY with paper) are also an excellent choice for Christmas tree decorations. The silver balls and crystal make your interior magical.

Depending on your budget, time frame and creativity, you could be able to come up with the best idea for your Christmas tree decorations. Adorn your Christmas tree this season with these top 41 latest trends of your Christmas tree decor ideas:

Creative Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas

01. Feathery Tree

Design your Christmas tree lined with fuzzy, feathered branches. They are sure to create a soft texture and fill the empty holes.

Feathery Christmas Tree

02. Metallic Christmas Ornaments

One simple way to brighten up your Christmas tree is by using metallic ornaments. These gold, silver & other shades of metal shine and add a touch of visual interest.

Metallic Christmas Tree Ornaments

03. Hanging Frames

By adding small photo frames of your kids’ or family, you can make your Christmas tree memorable. And it would be great if you stick on a strict colour palette because it will give your crowded tree little more harmony.

Hanging Frames - Christmas tree Decoration

04. Embroidery Hoop Ornaments

You can hang on the small embroidery hoops to your Christmas tree by showing your crafting skills around this season.

Embroidery Hoops Ornaments - Christmas Tree Decoration

05. Christmas Village Tree

Skip the expensive Christmas tree village sets and opt to make your own village version from paper and bright colours.

Christmas Village Tree - Decoration

06. Pom Pom Christmas Ornaments

Get your craft started with the aid of DIY pom pom maker by making your own Christmas Tree ornaments. These colourful light balls are a great impression of your creativity. I think with this nothing much more required for your Christmas tree.

Pom Pom Christmas Tree Decoration

07. Lego Theme Christmas Tree

Get some big building blocks for the Lego look on your Christmas tree. It is a great way to bring happiness on your kids’ faces.

Lego Theme Christmas Tree Decoration

08. Go Creative with Colourful Palettes

Do it yourself by hanging the colour palette fan of various shades on your Christmas tree. Further, you can adorn it with vertical flowing ribbons.

Hang Paint palette Samples on Christmas Tree Decoration

09. Fruity Ornaments

Holidays are about feasting, so why not adorn your Christmas tree with fruity ornaments.

Fruity Ornaments - Christmas Tree

10. Adorn with Berries

Decorate your Christmas tree with few sprigs of red berries for the Holy Spirit.

Red Berry Christmas Tree Decoration

11. Christmas String Lights

When you need your Christmas simple and just want a lightening appearance, the twinkling string lights are the best option to make your Christmas tree lively.

Christmas Tree String Lights

12. Show up your Countdown Numbers on Christmas Tree

What is the better way to count down to Christmas than with a tree that does it for you? When little ones are extra into holiday spirit, count down the days by swapping out the huge numbers!

Showing Count Down Number - Christmas Tree Decoration

13. Count Down Lightbox

Add a light box underneath your Christmas tree and let your kids’ change out the numbers. It will represent the countdown days left for the arrival of Santa. Definitely, your kids will enjoy doing it. Isn’t it sound so cool!

Light box Countdown at Christmas Tree - Decoration

14. White & Red Poinsettias

Who don’t like adding these white Poinsettia? It’s a December birth flower, symbolize cheer and success and are said to bring wishes of happiness and celebration.

Red & White Poinsettias - Christmas tree Decoration

These beautiful large flowers takes-up much space on Christmas tree and allow you to think less for overall decoration.

15. Mini Pennants

The collection of mini pennants that you have stored from your school can be added to your Christmas tree and blended with other decorative ornaments. You can do it yourself with toothpicks and colourful papers.

Mini Pennants - Christmas Tree Decoration

16. Snowy Pinecones

You can create the snowy look by hanging white painted pinecones over a Christmas tree.

Snowy Pinecones - Christmas Tree Decoration

17. Christmas Ribbons

Adding ribbons to your Christmas tree can often be a challenge! The Christmas festival calls for a variety of red, green, white silver, golden ribbons which makes the beautiful covering on your Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree - Ribbon Decoration

18. Falling Snowflakes

You can replicate the snow furry appearance by scattering large flakes around Christmas tree. It is one of the awesome Christmas ornaments; you can also use it individually!

Falling Snowflakes - Christmas Tree Decoration

19. Rainbow Ornaments

Bring the new colourful trend in this holiday season! Don’t just settle on only one colour scheme, channel the rainbow ROYGBIV pattern when picking out Christmas ornaments to hang!

Rainbow Ornaments - Christmas Tree Decoration

20. Scented Ornaments

Fill your Christmas tree with French lavender or any other your favourite scented Christmas ornaments. These hand-painted sachets will make your Christmas tree smell absolutely heavenly!

Scent Ornaments - Christmas Tree Decoration

21. Candle Ornaments

Using real candles can give a touch of old-fashioned charm! But for safety reasons, you can make paper candles at home by yourself or candle string lights.

Candle Ornaments - Christmas Tree Decoration

22. Star Christmas Ornaments

If you love stars, then you must never forget to use it for your decoration of your Christmas tree.

Glitter Star Ornaments -Christmas Tree Decoration

23. Candy Tree Decoration

Wrap your Christmas tree with these artificial hard candies, lollipops and other ornaments covering the whole tree.

Candy Christmas Tree Decoration

24. Floral Christmas Garland

A floral Christmas tree is an unexpected but lovely twist on traditional winter decor. You can add artificial flowers or make it yourself by cutting the silk flower into 2 or 3 inches and stick them right on the Christmas tree.

Floral Christmas Decoration

25. Felt Snowman Ornaments

Decorate your Christmas tree with a snow-covered look by adding a felt version of a snowman.

Felt Decoration - Snowman - Christmas Tree

26. Galaxy Christmas Tree Decor

Your Christmas tree can also be full of ornaments like – stars, moons, planets hanging around the tree. Try it yourself with glitter papers.

Galaxy Christmas Tree Decor

27. Citrus Ornaments

When it comes to opt for the burst of freshness in your home this Christmas, the citrus ornament is a great idea! Decorate your Christmas tree full of preserved lemons and orange slices – citrus inspired decorations.

Citrus Ornaments - Christmas Tree Decoration

28. Alphabets Christmas Ornaments

It is perfect for the kid-friendly home. Hanging letter ornaments around your Christmas tree is a festive way to get excited about the alphabet!

Alphabets Christmas Ornaments

29. Lyrical Display

Drape your favourite Christmas Carol on your Christmas tree for this Christmas festive!

Christmas Carol Christmas tree

30. Small Bird House on Christmas Tree

Home is where the heart is! What better sentiment to decorate your Christmas tree other than this? Birds love to perch on the trees, but even more when there is a mini bird house!

Sweet Home Christmas Tree

You can also make it yourself these small houses with the paper available in your home.

31. Woodland Creatures

Bring a bit of forest in your home by adorning your Christmas tree with Owl, reindeer, bear, elephant, etc. that evoke a woodland look.

Woodland - Forest Creature - Christmas Tree Decoration

32. Christmas Card Decorations

Display your favourite cards of Christmas cards by clipping them directly on your tree branches for an instant upgrade.

Christmas Card Decoration - Christmas Tree

33. Tinsel Garland

Wrap your Christmas tree with tinsel garland for an overall shiny appearance.

Silver Tinsel Garland - Christmas Tree Decoration

34. Santa Doll Tree

This would be your kids’ favourite. Decorate your Christmas tree with Santa dolls hanging around.

Santa Doll Christmas Tree Decoration

35. Coastal & Beachy Christmas Ornaments

If you are planning to spend this holiday near the beach or seashore, then your Christmas tree is a great spot to show off your shell collection.

Coastal & Beachy Christmas Tree Ornaments Decoration

36. Tag Christmas Ornaments

Make it yourself the tags with the message you want to spread this Christmas and hang it on your Christmas tree.

Tag Ornaments - Christmas Tree Decoration

37. Ice-cream Special Ornaments

This idea is super cool for your kids. What is sweeter than your Christmas tree decked out in ice-cream?

Ice-cream Ornaments - Christmas Tree Decoration

38. Zodiac Ornaments

It is for the ones who are obsessed with reading zodiacs can hand on their zodiac signs to decorate their Christmas tree.

Zodiac Ornaments - Christmas Tree Decoration

39. Hang on Donuts

Who doesn’t like Donuts? Hang on the donuts on branches of your Christmas tree. It looks great with pink decoration.

Donut Ornaments - Christmas Tree Decoration

40. Add Some Reindeers

Add up some of the Reindeers on your Christmas tree bring festive vibes.

Reindeer Christmas Tree Ornaments

41. Santa Gifts

Santa just leaves some extra presents for you and your family. Steal these gifts!

Santa Tree - Gift Box

In the end, these are the creative, unique and festive ideas of decorating Christmas tree this season.

If you have any other ideas, we would love to hear from you, drop your ideas in below comment box.

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