Decorate Your Christmas Tree Skirt with Gorgeous DIY Ideas For 2020!


Dec 18, 2019

Christmas decoration is incomplete without Christmas tree decoration and in fact, it is more of a ritual than a decoration. So, whether you opt for real trees or long-lasting fake ones the choice is yours, but when it comes to decoration, they are never optional.

Talking about Christmas trees you can definitely not ignore Christmas tree skirts which again is a whole different story. These mostly serves as a base for ground decoration and plays an important component of Christmas tree. Here is a small tutorial showing how to make a DIY Christmas tree skirt for beginners by EasyToSew (It is a YouTube channel showing various sewing projects).

DIY Skirt Ideas for Christmas Tree

Here we have compiled some interesting Christmas Tree Skirt ideas for those who consider Christmas trees looking incomplete without a skirt. So, let’s start:

01. Snowflake Tree Skirt

Snowflake Tree Skirt

Snowflakes and Christmas go hand in hand and so does this skirt which is the very replica of a big snowflake on a Christmas morning. All you need is some white fabric with edges cut-out like snowflakes. You can add some extra charm by cover them in silver glitter, which will give it a special sparkle.

02. Hand Printed Tree Skirt

Hand printed Tree Skirt

If you are willing to go beyond the traditional, try something different with this hand printed skirt. Grab some colours, dip your hands and stamp them on the skirt fabric. You can ask all the family member to add on to it. Easy yet explicit indeed! Try this DIY.

03. Ruffle Tree Skirt

Ruffle Tree Skirt

Ruffles are usually quite simply folding of fabric and always pleasing to the eyes. While it may take some time to complete making all the ruffles and gluing them to the skirt sheet by joining all the layers, it will certainly be easier and exciting than you think. In any case, the result is certainly worth the effort. To know how to make it at your home, watch this video tutorial by Online fabric store. (It is a New Zealand based fabric industry).

04. No Sew Tri-coloured Tree Skirt

No Sew Tri Colored Tree Skirt

This three-tiered and tri coloured skirt is not as difficult as it meets the eyes. It is rather quite easy to make, because all you need to do is place three pieces of scalloped fabric in three different colours and center them around the tree at the base. The best part is you do not even require any sewing and you can secure the layers by making few holes and attaching them with pretty laces.

05. Sun Burst Tree Skirt

Sun Burst Tree Skirt

Give your tree skirt the candy cane look with white and red striped edge, and add it to the Christmas Tree. It requires no sewing, but it is a perfect project for beginners and looks pretty and neat to give a decent look to your Christmas tree.

06. Flower Tree Skirt

Flower Tree Skirt

This can be a tricky one as it needs some serious crafting skills. Get your hands on some felt and start making flowers which you will need to either sew or glue with skirt fabric. You can opt for a single colour for both the base of the skirt and the flowers or you can opt different colours. If you wish, you can go beyond and add some minute pearls or stones to decorate the same.

07. Ornamented Tree Skirt

Ornamented Tree Skirt

For those who are good with the sewing skills, this one is for you. How about adding some ornamented designs such as a bell or candy canes with your thread and needle onto the Tree skirt? Surely, you will not be disappointed.

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08. Faux Fur Tree Skirt

Faux Fur Tree Skirt

This is indeed the simplest of all and also appropriate if you are planning for a White Christmas type of tree skirt, just cut out a circle of faux fur fabric at the base of the actual tree and you are good to go.

09. Doughnut Tree Skirt

Doughnut Tree Skirt

We all love doughnuts. Right? To create this, you will be requiring a nice brown base with a second and uneven layer to prepare for the glaze and finally add small pieces of colourful materials to create the sprinkles which will help to create the donut look. This may just be the cutest and most original tree skirt ever.

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10. Pom-Pom Tree Skirt

Pom-Pom Tree Skirt

Why have a simple white tree skirt, when you can have pom-poms all around the outer edge. If knitting is your hobby you can create some homemade pom-pom from fabric of your choice. It may be felt or faux. Once done you can go ahead stitching them around the edges or all over the skirt fabric.   You can either use a single colour for fabric and pom-pom or you can experiment with different colours for both.

11. Fabric Circle Tree Skirt

Fabric Circle Tree Skirt

This can be another out of the box Christmas tree skirt! Cut out printed colourful circles, balls or flowers of fabric and glue them on single colour fabric. I think white or off-white is the best. And believe me it will really look   gorgeous.

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12. Blanket Tree Skirt

Blanket Tree Skirt

This tree skirt is very detailed and it requires some passion to do the same, as it is not only a tiered skirt but also includes ruffled layer which is eventually decorated with strings of beading, and the final outcome creates a stunning effect.

13. Ruched Tree Skirt

Ruched Tree Skirt

Ruching is another technique which can help create stunning yet explicit fabric effect for the christmas season. Do some ruching with a fabric of your choice and create a layered effect to the upper part of the skirt.

14. Burlap and Lace Tree Skirt

Burlap and Lace Tree Skirt

Laces are a fascination. They can make anything come to life. Again, making burlap ruffles is an art and if you can make the burlaps with ease, this one is for you. Create some burlap ruffles and make a layer of tree skirt and then re-design the edges by dainty lace. Surely, it will be the talk of the town. Make a burlap and lace tree skirt yourself by watching a DIY burlap and lace Christmas tree skirt video tutorial by Do It Yourself Divas.

15. Velvet Tree Skirt

Velvet Tree Skirt

This one is one of the easiest and simplest and all you need to do is buy a velvety sheet, it can be of any color, and make a skirt out of it. This simply is a comforting look, however, if you wish to experiment a further, give it a touch with embroidered white overlay.

People usually ignore these Christmas tree skirts but it is one of those essential decorative items that can actually change the look and feel of the Christmas Tree and can create a cozy and festive atmosphere during the holiday season. Remember, making a Christmas tree skirt is no rocket science either.

You can share your creative ideas in our comment box. You never know, we may add-on to our blog! Waiting for your ideas.

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