12 Trending Home Décor Gifts Ideal for the Festivals

Festivals act as a means to connect with different people to spread brotherhood, love, emotional bonding, sense of respect, and unity. Festivals integrate us to our relationships and society in a better way. Festivals are the opportunities to celebrate the joys of our relations.

Now, it’s a great impetus to meet and greet your loved ones and appreciate the essence of relationships in our lives. Words are not enough to express always the gratitude toward your loved ones. Hearty greetings, along with a beautiful gift, would complement you in extending your gratitude in a better way.

Home decor Gifts for Festivals

There are plethora of options of buying unique gifts under your budget. Anything gifted with love is always valued but festive gifts should be of trendy type and easy to maintain at least. A box of sweets, a hamper of assorted chocolates, dry fruits, electronics, money envelopes are way too fusty. Remember, home decor gifts are always trendy, plus these are mostly suitable for all types of festivals.

Festivals are the time of the year when you start wondering about the type of gifts you can present to people you love and care. When you start making the list of home decor gifts, options are endless to mention. But keep in mind that when you are planning for a gift to someone, the gift should be long-lasting, somehow useful, and a real memento so that the gift can kindle your memory to the recipient of the gift.

You can choose one or more housewarming gifts from the below-mentioned list of innovative and unique gift item suggestions.

01. Driftwood Lampshade Candle

Lampshade Candles

Lampshade candles can embellish the ambiance of a place in a natural and instant way. You may place these candles at any corner of the house.  This is a beautiful way to spread the joy with the gleaming light of happiness! The lampshade has a bold driftwood scent, spreading pleasant vibes and refreshing fragrance all over the area, creating a gleeful aura. Lampshade candles are loved and admired by all. These items are available at reasonable prices, so they are affordable too.

02. Set of Snowy Candles

Set of LED Candles

The set of snowy candles are flameless, wax-less, and comparatively heatless. Snowy candles are LED candles. They give you a realistic feel even though they are virtual. LED candles can sense the motion of air and flicker with the direction and speed of the wind. It is designed to recognize even the slightest blow of wind to give you perfect realistic look.

These candles not only can be used for festive decorations but can also be used for creating perfect candlelight dinner ambiance leaving you tension free about the fire safety and unwanted mess of wax deposit on the stand.

03. Bandhanwars – Door Hangings

Traditional Bandhanwars

Festivals are the time when we try our best to blend aesthetics, customs, and traditions. Gifting something traditional could be very pleasing sometimes. Bandhanwars are the popularly used home decor items in Indian houses. They are commonly referred to as toran: they look beautiful and used as ornamental door hangings made from different materials like beads, pearls, stones, etc.  They are used as an embellishment to an entrance door.

You may gift your loved ones a beautiful bandhanwar embedded with beautiful stones and glasses. Bandhanwars come in varied sizes and shapes with fabulous decoration of colorful beads and balls.  In some pieces beautifully carved little glass pieces enhance the beauty of the bandhanwars.

04. Wooden Wall Clock

Wooden Wall Clock

Spending some quality time with your loved ones is perhaps one of the best ways to live happy moments.  A trendy wall clock or a vintage table clock can be your perfect festive gift for your friends and relatives which will keep on telling how precious time is! A wooden clock would look perfect with wooden flooring and furnishing.

While the glass and crystal embossed clocks are stunning in look, there is nothing as exclusive as wooden clocks. Let your loved ones cherish all the happy moments spent with you, each time they look at the clock.  Time is priceless and wood symbolizes endurance. So, let your gift symbolize how precious your bond is.

05. Storage Box

Decorative Storage Box

Storage is one of the essentials in everybody’s life and that is why gifting small or big storage accessories cannot lose its appeal.  Nowadays, the stodgy, obsolete storage boxes are not in trend! The new-age storage boxes are quite unique, creative, and look like an elegant, astounding piece of art.

These storage boxes can add splendor to the interior of any house. These items are quite useful and beautiful gift for your loved ones. A versatile collection of storage boxes differing in size, texture, and shape is available at reasonable costs in market.  It’s your bait now to cherry pick something unique to gift to your special ones and make them feel special.

06. Decorative Ceramic Vases

Decorative Ceramic Vases

The captivating beauty of flower vases can’t be underrated by any means. Their subtleness symbolizes fragile beauty as well as a super cute delicacy that we all love to feel around. Do you know any of your friends and relatives, who are passionate about home décor and creative interior designing?  Yeah! Beautiful ceramic vases are one of the best gifts for these creative home makers.

Placing beautiful ceramic vases at the right corner adds a great grandeur to your interior. Good looking ceramic flower vase can be of the best home decor gifts. These vases are also available in a set of 2 and 3 or more.   You can experiment with different shapes and sizes, which will add variance to home décor as well.

It’s the time to appreciate the opulence of the festive days and relate it to the tenderness of your relations: you can count on ceramic vases as a special gift for someone you love. The gift will stay for long with the recipients exactly as your emotional bond with that special person.

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07. Dream Catchers

White Dream Catcher

Wish your loved ones all the luck, prosperity, and well-being by gifting them delighting and enchanting dream catchers.  It is in fact a delicate way  to  express your love toward your friends and family as these dream catchers are specimens of  warming home decor gifts that will keep on entertaining the gift receiver round the years.

These small but magnificent gift items not only can magnify the beauty of a place but also can resonate positive vibes around, which make people feel contended.

08. Decorative Diya

Decorative Diyas

Decorative diyas and pooja thalis are the perfect gifts for Indian festivals for home decor. Any festival in India is incomplete without lighting diyas. You can also add some alluring wall hangings along with these to complement your gift. Spread the good wish and blessings by gifting diyas to all your friends and relatives. Let there be more and more aura of light in everybody’s life.

Diyas and pooja thalis are the most appreciated housewarming gifts, especially when you are gifting these to senior people, or even newly married couple starting their new journey.

09. Hanging Crystal Balls

Hanging Crystal Balls

Bring positive and fresh energy into the lives of your friends and family with unique and enigmatic crystals.  This year you may plan gifting gleaming hanging crystal balls made with precious and ravishing crystals, which is believed to be the harbinger of positive energy and good luck for the users. Receiving such a delightful piece of art would make your loved ones specially pampered.

According to Feng Shui, Little crystal ball hangings can stimulate prosperity and success. This is a small package full of gaiety feels for the festive season for someone you really care.

10. Exquisite Showpieces

Exquisite Showpieces

When you can’t think of anything else as your special gift, antique showpieces are the best option. There is a wide variety of showpieces available in the market. Beautiful artifacts can please everyone around. Some graceful and elegant pieces can lit up people’s mood also.

11. Useful Books

Books as Gifts

For the bookworms, a book is perhaps the best gift in the world. Even a book may be considered as more precious than a diamond for the book lovers. To be precise, books are a unique and beautiful option for gifting someone of any age. Good books last for lifetime and can be enjoyed as many times you want. Books have the power to engage the readers and spark curiosity and suitable for all festival glee.

12. Handicraft Art Pieces

Handicraft Art Pieces

Hieratically, India is well-known for its customs. As far as art and culture is concerned, India is counted in the top culturally rich countries in the world. The handicrafts of India have left everyone awestruck. Handicraft art pieces can add awesome beauty to your home décor.

Apart from the gifts listed above, there are many articles like glass prisms lights, Hanging Globe Terrariums, Crockery Sets, Decorative Candles, Voyage Lampshades, Ceramic Flower Pot Set, Small Silver Coins OR Idols of God or Goddess, Personalized Arts, Photo Frames, A Box of Chocolates OR Dry Fruits, some inspirational books like Most and More etc. You may compliment your gifts with Cookies, Mithais and other savories.

When you gift your loved ones a tasty treat, you add oodles of sweetness to your relationship. You could customize it according to the liking and your personalized preference, with some homemade/baked treats. Remember to consider the shelf life of the eatables before you offer them as festive gifts. Cookies, Biscuits make a great choice when it comes to storage -friendly. Keep focus on calories as well while buying the gifts for festive treat.

Summing up, Gifting is a way to express gratitude toward others and to embrace the wealth of your relations. As quoted by Seneca, “A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer.” Gifts are a perfect means to connect, communicate and conjugate.  Make your loved ones feel special on every festive day. Festivals are an excellent opportunity to show your love and respect for the others, and home is the best abode, where we enjoy our festivals. Make every festival memorable by gifting aesthetic home decor items. It is an awesome gifting option.

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