10 Ways of Bringing Natural Décor to Your Room!

“There is no Greater charm or elegance than what we can find in Nature. A lovely life begins at home.” While decorating our house if we take care of the internal environment of the house by utilizing the natural elements which lies in its raw look, it makes us feel fresh, relaxed and motivated. In this process, the wood completes close to the natural look to the house. Wooden furniture gives a rustic look while unpolished lamp of raw wood and even natural wood flooring adds an aesthetic environment. The natural light plays a vital role in adding an earthy look to the house.
Desire to be closer to nature but can’t figure out how? Well, you can bring parts of it to your very own room. The latest interior designs have been featuring natural elements in super cool and sleek ways. Showcasing natural decor articles adds to the beauty of the room as well as pushes it up with positivity. Your room will feel fresh and lively. Moreover, it will look vibrant and elegant, all the time without having to put in many efforts.
The natural decor you choose solely dependson your taste. While some givethe place a chic vibe, others add a rustic touch. What makes these natural elements unique, is their adaptability. These may be used anywhere, your living room, bedroom, clinic, office or even at a party. Moreover, you do not need instructions to set them up. You may place them as it seems fit.

Natural Decor Ideas

Here are some natural decor elements which you can add to your rooms:

01. Potted Plants on The Walls

Potted Plants as natural decoron The Walls

Potted plants have been around us for quite a while. Recently, these have risen from its original place of admiration and have found a new place, on the walls. Decorating with natural elements like potted plants make beautiful decorations and add a natural touch to the surroundings. It is like having parts of a garden inside your room. Artificial plants look just as beautiful and are easier to manage. These plants may or may not be real, but you can buy some fromyour local stores. As said by ‘Richard Craze’ (Author of Feng Shui), ‘Plants in pots are easy to maintain, easy to replace if they are looking a bit tatty, easy to look after, and easy for colour.’

02. CottonTufts in A Vase

Cotton Tufts as natural decor in A Vase

While cotton makes wonderful clothes, it also looks good as a decoration element. Cotton balls are soft and delicate and look great when placed properly. These white softballs look lovely on walls, in bowls or on center tables. Cotton tufts are also available on long artificial sticks which looks beautiful in a vase. Owing to its nature, these last long and are quite durable.

03. Wooden Bookshelves

Wooden Bookshelves as natural decor

Wooden bookshelves always make the place look well organized and neat. However, a unique way of having wooden bookshelves would be, by using tree branches as shelves. Branches look sturdy and add a rustic touch to the wall. They look fresh and charming and can be used to stock a variety of stuff. Wooden bookshelves are natural interior designs, available in different lengths and sizes and can be fitted easily.

04. Seashells in Glass as Antiques

Seashells in glass as natural decor

Seashells are easily available and highly versatile. These look amazing and can be used in numerousways. An innovative idea would be, to use them as candle stands. All you need to do is to find one shell which is as broad as your candle, make sure it balances well on the surface and place the candle in it by melting its base. You could also put these in or on a photo frame and hang them on your walls. You may also stick them on vases. Being small, these can be put in a bowl and placed on tables.

05. Pinecones on The Tabletops

Pinecones on the tabletopsas natural decor

Pinecones add a rustic touch to the room. These beautiful seeds are striking to look at and make for fantastic décor items. You may place them as it is or add layer of paint to them. These can be placed inside or outside alike. Being natural products, they are entirely sustainable. You can place them on tabletops, shelves or hang them up from mantels.

06. Waterfalls as Room Dividers

Natural decor element -Waterfalls as Room Dividers

Waterfalls have a significant soothing effect. These look amazing in gardens and indoors as well. They also serve as room dividers inside the house, if placed smartly. Unlike popular opinion, these are quite easy to place and do not create a mess. These makeup as a beautiful addition to your walls and elevate them from being simple to charming and beautiful.

07. Terrariums as Minimalistic Decorations

Natural decor element - terrariums as portable glass bottle garden

Terrariums are simple and elegant decorations. They are simple, yet looks gorgeous. They can fit in anywhere in the room and uplift the overall image of the room. Installing these are a good idea if you’re into minimalistic decorations. They need a small item to cut the monotony of the surroundings. These represent modernity and style and are a suitable replacement for flower vases.

08. Stones, Pebbles and Rocks as Art Pieces

Stones and Pebbles in Bamboo shoots as natural decor

Stones and rocks can be found in a lot of places and you need not even buy them from stores. Depending upon their sizes, these can be put to various uses. If you happen to come across big, round-edged stones, you can crave the edges and convert them into small seats or round tables for your garden or living room. You can also stick stones in geometrical shapes and place them where felt appropriate. You could also put them in wooden planters and install bamboo shoots in the middle to create an Asian Garden look.

09. Leaves as Creative Wall Hangings

Natural decor element - Leaves as Creative Wall Hangings

Leaves can experiment within a lot of ways. By collecting and stringing the dried leaves, you can create a beautiful wall hanging. You canpaint the dried-up side of leaves on canvas and frame the output. You may also string leaves around table legs or laminate them and use them as coasters.

10. Tree Trunk as Natural Décor Element

Trunk Structures as Natural Décor Element

Sleek, modern and organic, tree trunks are sturdy, well-sized and make for good tables. These are available in various sizes and styles. They add to the aesthetics of the room and are handy. You can use them as side tables and place whatever you want on them or even use them to sit. They fit in any room and look fantastic. As said by ‘Heather Paper’ (Author of Green Decorating & Remodeling), ‘Wood is the most sought-after sustainable material using in seating pieces.’
Nowadays, Nature-inspired décor changes our lifestyle and make it more comfortable and soothing by making us feel calm & refreshed. Trends keeps changing but the antics décor stays longer. The obvious way is by bringing plants in our living place.

Summing up, being close to nature is always a good idea. Whether or not you have a garden at your place, you can still incorporate different natural decor ideas into the room ambiance. A touch of greenery is always appreciable. You can play around with wood, stone, rocks, seashells, leaves and even water. With the natural home décor products, the room feels fresher and lively. You will find yourself to be calmer and more composed than usual. Having a nice ambiance with parts of nature right close to you will result in you being more motivated, enthusiastic and energetic. The best part of incorporating natural decor is that you can change placements as and when you like.

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