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Room decoration is quite a challenging and somehow a daunting task when there are lots of options in hand. It may turn more difficult when you have to act on a tight budget. In this context mostly two outcomes are observed. One is the problem of over spending, and the second is buying unnecessary but reasonable priced items which may not go with your existing room décor plan.
Then what is the clue of real-life budget Shopping? How to do the smart shopping which is not quality compromised as well as it will be completely in budget? While purchasing home decoration items, you must look for products that are not only good looking, also they are durable enough and preferably low on maintenance. Good products should not be assessed by their prices alone, also you must check their quality, looks, and real-life feasibility.

Home Decoration Ideas

According to ‘Michela Imperiali Klemos’, the famous interior designer “If you create a room around one expensive piece, like any beautiful thing, it will have lots of character around, hence you should balance it with less costly items, which should preferably be simple in design and texture.”
Thus, as a rule of thumb you must go for the products that have the potential to magnify the beauty of the room. Don’t forget to consider their versatility as well, which means they should be compatible for multi-placing in your home. Your purchases must be effective yet economically affordable. Unless you’re a billionaire, thinking of buying a Van Gough painting wouldn’t be the best option for your room decor. Despite its beauty and classy elegance, a painting alone won’t make the room’s look stunning.

Here are some home decorating ideas on a budget (under INR 500), which you may consider before shopping to upgrade your home décor plan!

Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget 

01. Fairy Lights Decoration

Fairy Lights Decoration

Fairy lights are quite popular for their dreamy touch. You can use fairy light to decorate your indoors as well as outdoors walls, curtains or even the shelves. You may even hang your pictures on these wires and create your photo wall. These are a good replacement for traditional lamps for your home decoration. You can unleash your creativity and play around with their placement. Being flexible, these lights can be decorated in different ways without adding to your regular energy bill.
You may hang them from patios or over landscaping, join them and create a waterfall or mount them in rooms or hallways – just as in balconies. For decorating your room within a budget, the fairy light is one of the best options to start!

02. Artificial Plants

Artificial Plants for Decoration

Artificial plants have a long shelf life and can be a part of your décor plan for long years. These items come in different designs and sizes. You can get long stems and put them in a vase, place potted plants on tables and shelves or put flowers in a bowl. You may even consider buying small terrariums. These look simple and elegant and can brighten up your room with natural effect.
Using some chosen artificial plants, you can add an eco-friendly touch to the ambience. Moreover, it can be used to give minimalistic, chic, and even rustic settings to your favorite corner.

03. Small Canvases

Canvas Decoration

Buying the big paintings can mess up your budget because mostly these are costly products. However, instead of completely saying NO to art, you may consider buying some small canvases, maybe A5 in size or somewhat around that size. Smaller canvases are relatively cheaper in price but good for decorating the walls. Many small canvases are the best paintings you could come across. Being small in size, you can arrange 3-4 small canvasses symmetrically which would cover a larger space and look exceptionally elegant. Owning to their size, they can even be placed on tables alongside photo frames if necessary.
The canvas décor can contribute to the aesthetic value of a room by providing an elegant and artistic touch required to enliven a room. If you are creative enough, then you can buy canvas tiles from any stationary store and paint on it!

04. Candles

Candle Decoration

Don’t go to the size of the candles. Candles generally come in various shapes, colours and sizes. You may buy lots of candles for a small price. They look good when usually placed in trios. You can place them on corner tables or in small empty spaces. They can be placed in seashells or a bed of stones as per your choice. Decorating a room with candles can look attractive where-ever they are placed. These are not restricted to a particular room or ambiance and fit in well everywhere! You need not light them to bring out their beauty because fire-safety is a major concern too. Some come with beautiful cravings and color contrasts which are very appealing to look at.

05. Shaped Shelves

Shaped shelve for decoration

Shelves are an absolute requirement in a home. You may buy shelves shaped in hexagons, squares, triangles or even circles. They help in adding layers to the walls and add to the aesthetics. They radiate a modern and stylish vibe. Moreover, as they are utility items, you can use them to place other items and keep your place neat, clean and perfectly organized.
Shelves décor works almost everywhere: you can place the shelves in bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and even at outdoors. You may always go for a smaller size shelves by placing a potted plant on it, or even a candle for an instant home decoration. These shelves are of simple look, highly sapce-saver and often add an artistic appeal for your room’s corner.

06. Cushions

Cushion Decoration

Cushions are perhaps the most underrated home décor items but in reality  these objects are one of the most effective ways of decorating as well as for adding colors and designs to your room in an easygoing manner. Besides the additional comfort, cushion decor is particularly essential to break the monotony of the color scheme in a room.
You can get cushions, which matches with your sofas and chairs’ decor. You may even grab a bunch that goes well with your walls. There is absolutely no fine line when it comes to purchasing and placing cushions for your interior. Whatever quantity and size seem right, is probably the right option for your purchase. Unlike most products, even one or two cushions may look sufficient to boost the curve appeal of the target area in your premise.

07. Rugs and Mats

Rugs for Decoration

Usually rugs are used to make your floor area more comfortable but with meticulous planning you can turn these comfort accessories into elegant room décor elements. You can try with small rugs and mats instead of using huge carpets. Indeed it’s a good idea for a room because they make a room look more spacious and classy.
It’s almost essential an item for adding decor as if they add another layer to your room. There are various rug styles, which you may purchase after assessing the size of the room. Placement is an important factor that cannot be underestimated while using a rug.
However, a small rug is always comfortable to keep in your bedroom or living room. They certainly add the dreaminess to the ambience. For detail tips and suggestion on how to use rugs best for decoration, you can read our article – Tips for Using Rugs to Decorate Your Room!

08. Handicrafts


Handicraft is an exclusive kind of specialty decor items where people make items by their own or sometimes using the basic tools. They are mostly the traditional decorative items made by using traditional techniques such as pots, paintings, furniture, bamboo crafts, decorative hangings, wooden showpieces or the best from waste etc.
Handicrafts are cherished   for their cultural values that are found deeply rooted to the local availability of materials. In developing countries, handicrafts are sold by the locals as a souvenir to tourists. These places are known as Haat Bazaar or Haat such as Dilli Haat, Bhuj Haat, and Ahmedabad Haat etc. Using these products, you can easily create a traditional but very special look to your house on a humble budget.

On a final note, room decoration or home decoration doesn’t always mean burning holes in your pockets. All you need to do is buy little things which fit in and get synchronized easily with the overall ambience. To maximize the monetary value, you must consider buying goods, which meet your needs well. You can be as creative as you wish and arrange things just the way you like them. It is highly advisable to buy things, which are versatile so that you can replace them. In this way they do not go wasted and can be a multipurpose decor item in your stock. So, believe me, you will get to manage your home décor plan in low budget, which will look fabulous and feasible at the same time.
We hope these decorating ideas will help you to decorate your home within your budget; these are the most proven ways to save your money while offering the best look to your sweet home with best dose of creativity! Your home will look as exclusively gorgeous like you look.

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