10 DIY Interior Decoration Ideas for Your Home That You Must Try!

Your room mirrors your taste and your sense of displaying your style statement. You may have used rustic, chic, edgy, minimalistic, dark or bright color theme and ambiance, but in every aspect, it speaks of your personality. Your room is one such place where you can experiment with lots of décor themes along with articles and colours.
A well-organized room is not just comfortable to be in but it also brings with itself a calm and peaceful vibe. You will find your mind cool, calm, composed, and in many instances buzzing with creativity. After all, wouldn’t you like coming home? Your room is a place, designed exclusively for you and entirely customized to suit your lifestyle… that you will love to be there with pleasure.
Often, people hesitate to invest in room décor items. The idea of investing money on décor plans or on buying decorative items is still not a general practice. There is a general tension in investing money in home decor as some of the most beautiful products and related arrangement may cost you a fortune. Now the real-life problem is how can you then get the stuff you want for your house decor and at the same time can you balance your finances as well? Well, you could always make a special home. You do not have to be a great artist or extremely creative person to be able to build an elegant and beautiful home of your own.
There is no need to buy expensive items: you can create a makeover of your room with all simple and basic décor items. It’s time to unleash your creativity and your charisma to create a beautiful room of your own.
The user-friendly room decoration ideas are mostly super handy and can make your room look pretty. However, it is better to select simple home décor idea, which is easy to create and easy to maintain.

DIY Interior Decoration Ideas

Here are some DIY Interior Decorations which will surely look amazing in your room:

01. Hanging Lights for Your Living Room

Hanging lights for your room decor

Hanging lights look wonderful in all types of room décor. Of course, a chandelier is a better option for your living room, but these hanging lights also look just as pleasant. Plus, they look as if you’ve got stars inside your jars. These are more modern and give a sense of exclusive opulence to your place. You can put these up in corridors, in any room, or even outside. For these, all you need is a few bulbs and jars. It is simple and extremely effective. As said by ‘James D. Blume‘ (Editor of The Home Depot, Decorating 1-2-3), “lighting fixtures impact the ambience of a room. Besides the quality of light they produce, there’s also the appearance of the fixtures.”

02. Terrariums

Terrariums as Bottle Garden

Having a terrarium in a room is like having a miniature garden at your easy access. It is also called a portable garden. Terrariums look amazing and add a fresh vibe to the room. They are not restricted to a particular setting and will look just as good in your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. Being small in size, these are easy to fit in any space, and easy to shift its position. These small but creative décor items are not at all expensive but a pleasure to maintain. All you need is a bowl, sand, fresh or artificial flowers, and leaves, as per your convenience.

03. Semi Wreaths as Wall Hangings

Wreaths as Wall Hangings

Wreaths make marvelous wall hangings. These are simple yet fabulously eye-catching.  Hanging these rings is an excellent way to introduce greenery into your room without placing plants. Being light in weight, they can be hung on any surface. It is a simple and neat way to add a natural element. Moreover, all you need to fix it: this is a metallic wire, artificial leaves, and a piece of thread.

04. Wall Paintings Creating an Artistic Touch in Your Room

Wall Paintings as Wall decor

Canvases can be super expensive to buy but they look just fantastic. The artistic touch adds flavour to the whole aura of the room. Well, if you are not good at art and still wish to create your mini paintings, what you can do is take printouts of pictures you like and get them framed. If you find frames are becoming a little expensive for you, consider buying readymade pictures with similar visual effect.

05. Tires as Decorative Pieces

Tires as Decorative Pieces

Old and punctured tires make wonderful decoration pieces. You can always add a layer of paint on them to coordinate the colours of the tire and the wall. These can further be used in the form of round shelves. You can experiment with different shades and place them in different spaces.  You can then place plants, photo frames or other such articles inside it.

06. Brick Bookends

Brick Bookends as book Shelf

Bookends are super handy means to keep books organized in a room without occupying the floor space. It helps in keeping them in customized order and place them on the available surface. With these, you can mount your books in a safe and book-friendly way. You can cover the used bricks with a sheet of paper or paint to make them pretty and use them to keep your books organized.

07. Vases – A Centerpiece for Tables

Flower Vase on Table

Vases are one of the best inexpensive items to add aesthetics in your room. It is aesthetically elegant as well as it can be placed at any corner of a room. You can use the vase at a décor piece as well as you can add natural touch in your room with placing the flowers of your choice.
Well, now you can have your vases which are super convenient to maintain and won’t cost much. You can turn cardboard boxes, like that of pringles and cover them with paper, paint, ribbons, or seashells and place artificial flowers inside. These make authentic and pretty centerpieces for tables. It’s all about how you choose to decorate them.

08. Decorative Bed sheets and Cushions

Pink Bedsheets and white Cushions

Plain bed sheets can get boring after a while, and embroidered bed sheets are not that reasonably priced. To make your simple bed sheets pop with designs, you can take a piece of wood and carve a design into it, dip it in paint and print it on your sheets. You may even buy such blocks from your local stationary stores. Smaller blocks or stamps can be used to print cushions as well. If you’re good at painting, you may even trace an image and paint it with different colors.

09. Decorative Candles

Decorative Candles

Simple candles can be popped up with a little bit of paint and ribbons for arranging great decoration for your favorite room. You may buy ordinary candles and decorate them with accessories for making them exclusive or you can make elegant DIY decoupage candles with the scent of your choice. They look wonderful when lit. However, these candles will add to the décor statement of your room if they are simply placed on tabletops or shelves. They are an excellent addition to rooms and are great to fill in empty spaces. As said by ‘Heather Paper‘ (Author of Green Decorating & Remodeling), “Candles are the best option for creating just the right ambiance. For safety purposes, candles should be placed in secure holders.”

10. Clothespin Photo Wall

Clothespin Photo Wall

Photo walls are a unique way to display your pictures and your love for the memory they hold. These photo walls work very well when you have a lot of pictures in hand which you want to display but you don’t want to use traditional photo frames. They take less space and are very easy to build. These can be adjusted according to the size of the room and the number of pictures in hand. They are amazing DIY Interior Decorations on the walls.
Photo walls look lovely and they itself work as a memoir.

To wrap up all the 10 suggestions here we may safely conclude that room décor can be fun and affordable if you are the right on the track. You can experiment as much as you want and create things as per your liking. DIY room décor is ultra-easy and it will look fantastic if done right.
The DIY Interior Decorations can be put to various uses, and you may modify them to suit your taste and budget. The things mentioned above are simple to follow and will give you an amazing result, which you will cherish for sure.

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