18 Clever Storage Ideas To Organize In Your Home

Isn’t it true that you can never have enough storage at your home? No matter how many cupboards or drawers you own, there will always be something left behind. Whether you’re low on space or own a huge palatial home, keeping everything in place is the key to clean aesthetics.

Whether you’re looking for a home for the newly bought stuff or you want to organize the room, there are numerous ways of taking advantage of all the walls and niches. The battle of finding space must be in your favour with simple organizing hacks. Let’s explore some clever storage ideas.

For all the cleanliness freaks, having the home organized is a major task. And to make it easier for you, we’ve curated a list of 18 storage ideas to maximize the storage and minimize the clutter. Come on! Let’s get you to the clever tricks for finding more storage at home.

18 Clever Storage Ideas for Maximized Storage

Too many things to cater to? Organize the unorganized with these 18 highly utilitarian ideas, unique storage ideas, and home organizing hacks. After all, who doesn’t like a clean room to sit in, right? Let us help you in achieving that with a little smartness and creativity.

01. Get surrounded by Your Favorite Books

Book kingdom in Bedroom

How amazing is the idea of the storage acting as an aesthetic factor in the room? For all the avid readers, this idea brings your favourite books to your bedroom to keep you in the dreamy world.

Add shelves running along the room’s boundary and give a home to your books. This clever approach saves the lower levels of the room for storing other essentials for daily use. Take advantage of the mostly unused 12 inches of the wall and turn it into your book kingdom.

02. Efficient WFH with Cords at Arm-length

Cutesy desk decor

Laptop charger tangled with cellphones and wired earphones running on the top of them- work from isn’t easy or organized, right?

While we’re not sure how long the culture of working from home will stay, we’re sure to make the experience more clutter-free for you. Though these cables look sleek they can cause real problems once tangled altogether and the whole desk looks messy. Take out the clip binders from your stationery set and organize them neatly.

Pin these on the side of your desk and you can welcome more wires as you wish while still maintaining the levels of high organization. A neatly organized desk will save you time from clearing the mess and you can focus better on the work.

Creative-tip: For a cutesy desk decor, place multicolored binder clips and let the colors keep you lively.

03. Dish-drying Cabinet

Dish-drying Cabinet

If you are running short in space, why don’t you try one of these small space storage ideas? A drainboard takes up a considerable amount of space from the shelves.  How about a smart trick to avoid having to place wet utensils on the countertop?

You can go for a dish drying cabinet and save space from the countertops. Don’t clutter the horizontal surfaces of the kitchen. Drift from the conventional and approach a vertical path. The dish drying cabinet will keep all the cups and plates in the right position while also saving the mess from your countertops.

04. DIY Plastic Bag Storage

DIY Plastic Bag Storage

Isn’t it irritating how even a small breeze brings all your light and airy plastic bags to the floor? Well, we’re here to help you keep them in place.

Place a tack or command hook to hang these empty plastic bags. This trick not only keeps them in a proper space but also makes it convenient to access them. Go for the hooks with a great capacity to even hang your jute shopping bag in there. It’s an effective storage method to save space in the cupboards for other accessories.

05. A Cornered Wardrobe

Cornered Wardrobe

For all the shopaholics, do you have enough space in your wardrobe? Before you answer, let us guess- No!

While you can’t control the shopping, wardrobes won’t expand on themselves, right? But there’s nothing to worry about because we have brought up clothes storage ideas and clothes organizing hacks for you. You can extend your existing wardrobe in any nook of the room and make it like an open closet. Hang all the brand new clothes in the corner and flaunt a little on your fashion sense.

With extra space and closet organizing hacks, you don’t have to think twice before buying anything. So go out, shop more, and fill your open wardrobe with all those designer apparel.

06. Accessorized Headboards

Accessorized Headboards

Don’t we all love headboards behind the bed? You’ll like them, even more, when they’ll serve as extra storage in your bedroom. Add all the aesthetic items like lamps, soft toys on the headboard to make your bedroom feel warmer and more welcoming. For additional storage, you can opt for the headboard with pull-out sides.

07. Roll your Yoga Mat up the Wall

Roll your Yoga Mat up the Wall

We know you’ve always heard of yoga mats on the floor. Well, they do deserve a place up the wall as well. Rather than keeping the roll in a corner of your room, roll this plush math up the wall and keep all the nooks and corners clean. This smart hack will offer space to place something more aesthetic like a flower vase or a natural plant in the room to jazz it up.

08. Stepped Bookcase

Stepped Bookcase

Books are great to help you step up. And to illustrate that notion, you could opt for a stepped bookcase. These highly intimidating storages and under stair storage ideas are fun to be taken up as a DIY project. It will act as one of the main feature items whether you place it in your living room or bedroom.

Pro-tip: Store all the fresh books on the bottom shelf and keep moving them to the upper levels as you keep reading. This will make it easy to grab your ongoing novel. You could also use one of the shelves to store stationery items.

09. Functional Kitchen Island

Functional Kitchen Island

Are you in search of kitchen organizing hacks? One of the main elements of a kitchen is the kitchen island. It consumes a lot of space. Make it of more use by adding storage beneath it. It will aid in keeping the kitchen clean of the mess. This is one of the best ideas for those with very little kitchen space.

Pro-tip: Opt for a portable kitchen island with storage to move it around the kitchen and place it in a perfect spot that doesn’t disrupt the flow of working.

10. Sleek Cutlery Organizer

Sleek Cutlery Organizer

A cutlery drawer without divisions can be extremely messy making it difficult to find your favorite spoon or fork. Keep it tidy with a sleek cutlery organizer that divides it into different compartments to keep your spoons, forks, and knives in their places. The best part of such a drawer is that it makes it easier to clean as well.

11. Fruit basket offering Bath Supplies

Fruit basket offering Bath Supplies

How about going a bit on the top and using recycled storage ideas by bringing in a fruit basket to your bathroom? For all the fruity and scented bath supplies, give them a proper space with these hanging fruit baskets. These storage champs have proven to be highly functional in the kitchens, it’s time to now benefit from them in the bathrooms. With an extremely easy reach, fill these baskets with your essentials.

Pro-tip: Rather than placing just one basket, make it more organized by adding another hanging below it. You can even use these tiers to place your child’s bath toys.

12. Teeny-Tiny Tic Tac Case

Tic Tac Case

If your DIY is good enough, why not try one if these unique DIY storage ideas. It’s highly mysterious how you always end up losing your bobby pins or hair clips. Well, that won’t be the case anymore with this smart storage idea. Transform the tic tac dispenser into a case for all the tiny items. Whether it’s Q-tips or hairpins, this dispenser has space for each item. Congrats! There won’t be any case of the mysterious running away of all the hair accessories anymore.

13. The Recycled Jewel Store

Recycled Jewel Store

Stop! Don’t throw away that empty cardboard. Did you know you could transform empty cardboard into your own jewel store? Well, here’s how to use storage ideas for small spaces!

Punch some holes into the empty cardboard box and display your lovely collection of earrings. For more aesthetic storage, you can cover the bland brown cardboard with fancy paper. While one half of the box serves as the display unit, the other half can be used as a stand for these.

This is a brilliant approach to keep your jewelry in place while also displaying your collection.

14. Plush Storage behind the Door

Plush Storage behind the Door

Add your favourite soft toys behind the door. One of the creative ideas is to add a hanging ladder and place your tiny friends on it. This will give you a nice, soothing view every time you shut the doors and go to sleep.

15. Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves have proved to be highly functional whether you’re adding them to your kitchen or bedroom. Freeing up the floor area makes the room feel more spacious and airy. You can also use these to showcase your antique collection letting them serve you for multiple purposes.

16. The Versatile Pegboard

Versatile Pegboard

There’s nothing as flexible as a pegboard. Whether you use it to organize the household stuff or garage tools, a pegboard has space for anything and everything. Rather than forming a junk drawer, place all the miscellaneous tools in front of your eyes to avoid last-minute hustle to look for required items. Being highly versatile, it can also be fixed in the kitchen to hang utensils. This has proven to be the most ergonomic way of storing utensils.

Pro-tip: Make a pegboard a design feature by painting it. You can add different colors to the board and make a place to hold different accessories by categorizing them with colors.

17. Keep it Out of the Box

Eclectic box storage

Think out of the box for your items. One of the eclectic storage ideas is to keep stuff like stationery, books, decorative elements out in the open. Don’t box them up!

Rather make them one of the attention-seeking elements of the room with a nice composition of all. Such an exciting nook is sure to make the space feel cozier and more comfortable.

18. Bathroom Niche

Bathroom Niche

Bathroom niches are the most practical approach to store your toiletries. These are very good for small bathroom storage ideas. Place your desired shower gels, and shampoos at an arm’s distance in the shower area with an overall organized look.

To know more about how to increase storage space in your house, have a look at the link below:

The Golden Storage Rules

Follow these rules before you go to buy additional storage boxes:

  1. Rather than going for any funky shape, buy square or rectangular storage boxes. These maximize the storage space and prove to be extremely efficient.
  2. One of the principles you must have in your mind is not to fall for cheap products. Don’t compromise on the quality of storage boxes for their cost.
  3. Buy the containers that suit your demands. Don’t buy the same-sized pieces as it might not be a practical idea. Different items need varying amounts of space, so choose wisely!
  4. Prior to investing in any storage box, look for a place to hold them. This will guide your decision while selecting the colour and size of the space.

Make Room in Your Room!

Have we helped to relieve your stress over storage? Sometimes, it’s the simple tricks that can offer you a huge amount of extra storage. Go ahead and make some room for all the extras you’re bringing in.

We hope you loved reading our blog on versatile and clever storage ideas. To know more on self storage tips and creative storage solutions, we have a detailed blog on it:

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