The Best Storage Ideas below the Staircase!


Below staircase storage is a unique space-saver and stylish home décor arrangement. But you cannot use a simple formula of storage here because the idea of storage and the need to store the items may differ from one user to another.

Regardless you plan to display and preserve something special, or you are just planning to expand your décor plan, under stair storage ideas are mostly fit in with innovation and creativity.

A common hiccup of designing storage space is that people often feel confused about making the best out of the space available when it comes to storing goods. They often forget about the rooms that otherwise can be used easily. While there are wardrobes, cabinets, and racks to keep your clothing, accessories, and supplies, but hardly the places suffice after a certain period to keep all items well placed and organized. Instead of buying new storage, isn’t it wise to use the area already available in your house which is easy to access? The space below the staircase is mainly ignored, as we don’t readily visualize it as a potential storage option, and many of the homeowners leave it unkempt, unaware of how useful it can be.

So, instead of just parking your bicycles and motorbikes there, or stuffing it with unnecessary items like a stack room, check here the under stair storage ideas, which will add a whole new look in your premise for sure with the credit of excellent space management.

Under Stair Storage Ideas

01. Create a Cupboard Under the Stairs

Create a ‘Cupboard Under The Stairs

If you are a Potter fan, you are already familiar with Harry Potter’s dingy ‘cupboard under the stairs’ where uncle Vernon used to confine him. Why not make your version of that cupboard with the storage below staircase-option in your house? Spread out a small mattress on the floor and cover the sides to complete the look. You will find it a safe place for your furry friends to sleep. Or you can stock your favourite clothing and accessories here using separate compartments and storages, just like a wardrobe.

Apart from below stairs storage ideas, Gharpedia has given some tips to add some additional space in your home.

02. Add Cellar Below Staircase for Storing Wines

Add Cellar below Staircase for Storing Wines

Wine connoisseurs may like to convert this place into a cellar by adding wooden racks in a vertical or horizontal setup. You can arrange the fancy wine bottles along with pints, glasses, and other containers. If the space is decent-sized, you can add a bar table and some high chairs or stools. Add a simple but durable light fixture and you are all set for this mini-bar.

03. Create Racks Under Stair to Keep Valuable Books

Create Racks Under Stair to Keep Valuable Books

Bibliophiles will no longer have to worry about their overflowing stock of books. Bookshelves as the simple wooden shelf under the staircase can keep the valuable books safe and protected. The idea is beneficial in storing collectible and limited edition books to keep them safe from the attack of mites and dust. Add a door or glass cover for the shelf, so the pages do not turn yellow from unwanted exposure to air.

04. Install Drawers Below the Staircase to Organize Confidential Items

Install Drawers below the Staircase to Keep Confidential Items

From valuable jewellery to business documents, hard cash to heirloom –keeping your confidential and precious items safe from theft is possible with the drawers built beneath the staircase. While your personal items can be kept secure with the locking mechanism on drawers, this also helps you to find the things within hand’s reach when you need them. For example, when you head out for work, you can open the drawers at once and access the important files or folders, which you might misplace if stored in some other place.

05. Using a Space Below the Stair as a Shoe Rack is also one of the Good Under Stair Storage Idea

Using a Space below the Stair as a Shoe Rack is also one of the Good under Stair Storage Idea

You may arrange a shoe rack below the stairs. It is a grand opportunity to display your collection of stylish and daily wear shoes in a spacious shoe rack or storage instead of cluttering them together. You can arrange them according to the frequency of wearing or types such as flippers, sandals, heels, boots, pumps, runners, and more. Get a nice shoe rack or create a wardrobe with glass doors to keep dust away, and your shoes stay dust-protected.

06. Create an Aquarium or a Pet Room Below the Staircase

Create an Aquarium or a Pet Room Below the Staircase

You can build a kennel or spread a pet bed under the stairs to create a safe nook for your pets. Apart from beds, you can also use it as a walk-in pet closet where you can organize all the pet supplies, medicines, grooming kit, leash and other pet-care products separately from other items of your house. You can even get a wall aquarium by putting a concrete base beneath the staircase or put the aquarium on a shelf (Keep aquarium products inside the drawers).

And if you need any additional tips for making space for a pet, go through this blog.

07. Use the Large Space Under the Staircase to Store Indoor Plants

Use the Large Space under the Staircase to Store Indoor Plants

Plant lovers can utilize the large space under the staircase by adding a fancy plant stand or just place the plant pots arranged properly on the floor. You can get indoor plants like different cacti, succulents, Peperomia, Birds of Paradise, Philodendron, Syngonium, Monstera, money plant and bamboo.  Turn the place into a green corner and enjoy a feel-good vibes around.

08. Create a Reading Nook Under the Stair

Create a Reading Nook Under the Stair

You may add a desk with a chair or spread a floor rug with bean bags and cushions to create your work area or a reading nook under the staircase. You can add a reading lamp and some books on a shelf or set up your computer table with electrical sockets to power up your laptop or PC and power up your mobile devices if needed.

09. Store Kitchen & Washroom Supplies by Making Storage Unit below the Staircase

Store Kitchen & Washroom Supplies by Making Storage Unit below the Staircase

The monthly supplies of groceries and food items need not to be stuffed in the kitchen when you can set up a closed storage to keep all the items arranged properly there. You can even make separate sections for storing wellness supplies, cosmetics and hygiene products here. Get a flush mount light fixture inside the closet for ease of finding the required item in dark.

It you are worried about how to manage kitchen storage, then don’t get worried. Check this article.

10. Keep Sports Accessories & Seasonal Supplies in Closet Under the Stair

Keep Sports Accessories & Seasonal Supplies in Closet Under the Stair

Keeping woollen garments, blankets, quilts and other winter accessories inside the wardrobe during summer months, and storing the cotton clothes, sheets and summer attires during winter months is a convenient option than stuffing all the seasonal items together in one closet. The seasonal sports accessories like ski gear, skateboards, mountain bikes, rafts, sleeping bags, travel kit etc. can also be kept safe inside the storage below the staircase area.

11. You can Keep Bags of All Shapes & Sizes in Space Below the Staircase

You can Keep Bags of All Shapes & Sizes in Space below the Staircase

You might have collected several types of bags from different outlets. The range may include decorative party clutches to handbags, school bags to laptop bags, side office bags to briefcase, rucksack to sling bags and so on in your possession. Keeping different types of bags arranged in separate compartments or hanging them with straps on hooks attached to the wall will help you organize all your bags properly and keep those in proper condition for years.

12. Store Showpieces by Adding Table or Shelf Beneath the Stair

Store Showpieces by Adding Table or Shelf Beneath the Stair

Add a table or set up a shelf beneath the staircase to showcase your collection of décor items and showpieces. Regardless these are different tribal masks or you have collected fascinating crystals and rocks, or expensive sculptures and antique objects, this nook can be used by homemakers to display their collection and spread the vibes of sophistication around.


No matter how stylish or laid-back your setup below the staircase is, it is totally up to you to bring this corner back to life. Enjoy a cup of coffee while reading a book or choose your accessories from a walk-in closet –this space below the staircase area can be transformed into a functional one in many surprising ways.

We hope these under stair storage ideas will help you to organize the space below the staircase.

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