Why do People Still Care About Composite Granite Kitchen Sinks?

Whenever anyone considers upgrading their kitchen sink, three factors seem to dictate their decisions. These include – looks, functionality, and easy cleaning. These three goals define what they might like and why. Of these, you can raise a question about the contribution of the appearance of the sink in the kitchen. Well, it is not something new. Still, it makes sense to know that sinks not only add and enhance the functionality of a cooking area but also inspire its overall mood by keeping in sync with the underlying decor and theme. That’s why interior designers pay special attention to the style, size, and design of the sinks.

If you expect this feature to suddenly come into the notice of your guests despite sitting in one corner, then you should invest in a granite kitchen sink once. The composite granite sinks can be comparatively new things in the market, but their natural stone feel and crystalline enhancements can create an instant luxurious vibe in your kitchen. You can trust it to produce the same effect on the minds of the onlookers that any quartz countertop would do. If you want proof, then check a granite sink by Kraus. Things will speak for themselves.

The granite composite sinks mainly use acrylic resin for binding the material. The products tend to enjoy higher crack resistance. You don’t have to lose your sleep over the risks of damages and staining also. When you search for them in the market, you are most likely to encounter traditional shapes, such as square and rectangle. Some designs can feature rounded or curved edges, though. Anyway, you can check the catalogue for an idea. Once you install it in your kitchen, you will realize why even others advocate this choice so much. You can read about the things that make this particular type of sink so popular with almost everyone.

Features of the Granite Composite Sinks That Make it a Must-Have

01. Versatility in Terms of Colours and Designs

As mentioned, beauty or looks is one of the three critical reasons for which you can choose one type of sink over the other. Hence, starting with aesthetics, no one can deny that granite composite sinks are gorgeous. Their availability in neutral shades of black, brown, grey, and white is another big highlight. If you stick to these hues, you may be able to lend your kitchen in a minimalist (Current & Running Interior Style) vibe for sure. And your kitchen can always look trendy. You don’t usually get such options in others, mainly stainless steel.

Available Colours of Granite Composite Sinks in market

So, it is undoubtedly a huge plus for homeowners who have quartz or natural stone worktop in their kitchen. They can choose a suitable colour in the composite granite sink to create a seamless overflow of the countertop into the sink. The absence of apparent interruption usually created by stainless steel ones becomes easily avoidable. You can pair it with marble, quartzite, and granite countertop also for the same impact.

02. Unexpected Durability of Composite Granite Sinks

When mixed with acrylic resin, the composite granite sinks become the hardest material. They show high tolerance for scratch, crack, and chip. Because of these inherent properties, you don’t have to worry while handling a large or heavy wok or pot in the sink. The sharp objects, such as knives or the edges of the dropped dishes, also cannot cause any harm. So, you can very well imagine how long-lasting it can be. Anyway, it doesn’t mean nothing could happen ever. If you are not careful enough with your kitchen habits, then constant knocking and hitting can someday affect the surface, and you would have no other option than getting it replaced.

03. Hygienic Properties of Granite

Granite natural stone surfaces tend to be non-porous, due to the use of binding material like acrylic resin. Hence, the risks of grime, slime, bacteria, food stains and moisture remain mellow. The sink always looks clean and neat. No odours, no stains! Even if something drops or spills, you can wipe it with a wet wipe immediately. The spot will go away. Since these risks are quite low, you know the dishes and utensils are also safe and hygienic. You don’t have to worry about your family’s health.[

04. Easy Maintenance

The impervious surface is the main reason why you don’t have to wrack your brain about keeping it clean. It doesn’t trap water, food particles, grime, or anything else. Hence, you don’t have to spend hours on its cleaning. You can use dishwashing soap or detergent on the smooth surface for rinsing and washing it with water afterwards. Once done, you can wipe it with a dry cloth to absorb wetness so that water stains don’t develop. As you can see, it is all a very routine process, which you anyway follow. Hence, maintenance also is not an issue. Remember, if you do not wipe with dry cloth, and if the water is hard and salty, it will develop white stains over the period of time.

Cleaning of Granite Composite Sinks

Final Thoughts

If you compare these characteristics of the composite granite sinks with the primary kitchen sink goals, you would realize that they satisfy all of them and even outperform in certain areas. That’s why even today, people choose granite over others. Those who are ready to increase their budget a bit don’t need to worry at all. These can be expensive than standard stainless-steel sinks, but they are still quite affordable if you weigh their utility and performance in comparison to others.

Just make sure you buy this sink from a trusted store only. A branded granite sink can come with enhanced functionalities in the form of accessories so that you get to enjoy the complete workstation experience. Plus, their warranties and guarantees can be another critical thing to consider. So, what are you waiting for now? Check your favourite brand for granite composite sink collection and see what design and size you like for your cooking area. If you are an avid cook, then buying a single bowl granite sink can be a smart decision. If you are not much into cooking, then you can get a double bowl design.

Whatever you select from the new range, make sure you do so based on your kitchen habits. If you choose something against your usual way of functioning, the choice may feel uncomfortable. Hence, make sure you are careful.

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