Construction Chemicals: Necessary for Speedy Construction

With the advent of modern chemistry, many new chemicals are being invented, which are playing an important role in modern construction industry. Construction chemicals are an important component of the chemical industry and have changed the matrices of construction industry. These chemicals are used in various construction projects in order to improve the quality of building materials and make the project sustainable. Here we have given brief information on construction chemicals and their types, which are used in Indian construction industry.

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Construction chemicals, as the name suggests are chemical compounds used in construction activities. These compounds can be used either in ongoing construction projects to speed up the work or in new construction projects to impart durability and to strengthen the structures. Construction chemicals are added to various building materials at the construction site to improve workability, increase performance, add functionality and to protect the elements of a structure.

Construction chemicals have various products, ranging from admixtures to flooring chemicals, sealants, grouts, water proofing chemicals and chemicals for repair and maintenance of structures. Polymers are the most important group of raw materials and they are prevalent in every construction chemical formulation.

They can be broadly classified as follows:

01. Concrete Admixtures:

Concrete admixtures are water-soluble chemicals that are added in small quantity to concrete in order to change certain properties. It helps in reducing the cost of construction and changes the properties of hardened concrete.

02. Waterproofing Chemicals:

Such chemicals are used when there is water leakage in a house. Waterproofing chemicals are applied to the structural elements so as to stop water from leaking and hence damaging the component. They are widely used where structure is in frequent contact of water.

03. Flooring Compounds:

Flooring is an important component of a house, as it adds warmth and charm to it. Various flooring materials are laid using flooring adhesives. Flooring compounds also include tile grouts, which are used to fill the seams of tiles and provide a finishing look.

04. Chemicals for Repair and Rehabilitation of Structure:

There are various chemicals available for repairing and rehabilitation of structures. Admixtures, bonding agents, anti corrosive coatings, primers, corrosion inhibitors, and grouts are used for repairing works.

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05. Sealants and Caulks:

Sealants and caulks seal a surface or an opening to prevent passage of a liquid or gas. They are generally used to close small openings which are difficult to seal with materials like concrete, drywall, etc. Sealants act as barriers to external factors such as moisture, oxygen, dust particles, etc.

The popular manufacturers of construction chemicals in India are:


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