15+ Amazing Ways to Decorate Empty Corners of Your Home!

It is rightly said that “An empty corner is like a story waiting to happen, and you are an author.” There are instances when you keep on staring at these corners & often feel that something is missing here! And if you feel so, you can try earnestly to fill it up with some decorations… but, the question, which mostly may haunt you that is how? So, if this is a regular situation with you, you are at the right place to find it out the solution of decorating barren corners. In face…every house has some corners which are deliberately or non-deliberately overlooked. Empty corners are mostly found next to a door or window, or beside a piece of furniture, but regardless of where they are located, when it comes to furnishing or decorating a space like these not-so-much used corner spots, it becomes a challenging task! You have to be creative considering beauty and its utility in your mind to be expressed and executed in a smart way.

With increasing price of real estate and also with ascending desire of homeowners to decorate each and every corner of their house, the corner furniture are gaining popularity these days. Therefore, one should learn the corner decorating ideas to convert the empty corners of your rooms into creative & functional points!

You can do a lot to retouch or re-decor these silent corners to create smart makeover! It is not always necessary to modify each & every corner of your home. You can just revise some of them & give a new look to your home interior! So, to make your task easier, we have provided a lot of ideas here to choose from for designing the creative corner…

Creative Corner Decoration Ideas

Create a Gallery Wall Corner
Sectional Sofa
Reading Spot
Look Out Point
Window Nook
Indoor Plants
Hanging Chair
Coffee station

Corner Furniture Ideas

Freestanding Shelves
Floating Shelves
Hang Clothes
Console or pedestal
Wooden Cabinet
Stylish Statement
Corner Shelves
Corner Working Desk

Every empty room corner is a space-making opportunity to design. The empty corner is not just used for keeping your shoe-rack or leaving it unused. While designing, the designers usually think of big picture & overall effect- the wow factor. Very often the corner spaces are overlooked, which can mean a lot for the homeowners – from the functional and utility point of view!

Corner Decoration Ideas

There are easy & inexpensive ways to reuse your wasted space & transform them into an attractive functional area with decorative and innovative design statement. Here, we will brief the above-mentioned creative corner furniture decoration ideas. By adopting these 19 corner storage solutions, you will be able to make use of all types of room corner by adding innovative corner furniture as well as creative wall decors without impacting overall décor of your interior:

Art is a great option for filling up the empty corner of your home because it not only creates a focal point but also adds a lot of visual interest without utilizing your floor space. A gallery wall in the target corner helps the line of space to disappear. For creating a bigger impact, choose your artwork to be displayed properly blending varied shapes, size and texture.

Gallery Wall Corner

You can cover your corner walls with a framed family pictures or with handmade paintings, mirrors, or artistic frames. A beautiful gallery created on a blank corner wall gives the eye-catching & monochromatic display. You can also try a piece of a styled chair with an impressive cushion along with a pendant lamp from the ceiling.

02. Add Sectional Sofa

Sectional Sofa

You can fill the corner with a sectional sofa: Just this small placement and you will get to enjoy a creative corner instantly. You will feel happy too that you have perfectly utilized the corner of the living room. It not only provides enough seating space for the people but it will help you to create more space in your room and the corner will look cozy and compact.

03. Fake Design a Playroom in Bare Walls of Corner

Fake a Playroom

If you have a small kid in your home, you can always create a unique playroom for firing up a small child’s imagination…It will transform a bare corner into a playhouse. Here a pseudo tree is created with a seating hole in the tree, which can amuse kiddos…

04. Create a Reading Spot in the Corner Space

Reading Spot

For an interesting corner furniture & decor, you can place a chair in the corner of the wall having a window nearby & create a reading cum relaxing spot. You can place a floor lamp for the artificial light & a side table if required! It will turn out to be a really good spot for reading as well as for enjoying me-time!

05. A Look Out Point at Corners

Look Out Point

This idea is one of the global favorite ones that designer interior artists always love to implement it. It would be great if you turn your corner a lookout point in your living room. Not only it brightens your living room, but it also adds a spectacular view to it, enhancing your space. It widens the indoors by connecting partially to outdoors.

06. Build a Corner Window Nook

Corner Window Nook

Transform your empty corner by leveraging the openness of the window and improvise that ignored nook into an interesting café corner. Window-view will add a chic and open view corner as well as will offer you the feasibility to use the corner space in customized way. In this way an apparently dead corner may turn out to be interesting hangout corner for everybody in the house enjoying chit chat over phone, for reading a book, or for relaxing some moments alone.

07. Add Indoor Plants in Corner Space

Add Indoor Plants

If you are not interested in adding shelves or doing something dramatic, here is a simple solution. One of the best choices for the odd corner space is adding indoor plants. You can add a plant, it can be small or large. If it is small you can club-up the number of houseplants in a decorative pot of different sizes to make the corner green!

Indoor plants can enhance the feel-good mode of the room & can also improve your sense of wellbeing. Indeed, it will also improve the air quality of your home. As long as it’s not too dark, a corner can make a great place to create a small green oasis, even in a contemporary or minimalist design style.

08. Corner Space Embellished with a Hanging Chair

Hanging Chair

Corner furniture can be a hanging chair right in the corner to add fun & fancy to the corner and it keeps the floor space open, giving the more open feeling to your corner. Hanging chair made of cane would add a rustic vibe to a space. Hanging chair lovers would love to hangout on this corner space.

09. Set up a Coffee Station

Coffee Station

If you have an empty corner in your home, use it for something interesting element like a coffee station. You can add coffee maker on your platform in the corner and shelves below the platform for storage. Additionally, you can incorporate linear wall shelves to add coffee mugs on it.

10. Freestanding Shelves in Corner

Freestanding Shelves in Corner

Corner furniture include adding the free-standing shelves that can fill the space with accessories. It’s a great way to decorate your corner by adding corner storage in a simpler way.

Corner Storage as Shelves

If your corner space is small, you can add a compact pyramid style corner furniture called bookcase or shelves for displaying assorted accessories like dishes, vases, plants, etc. depending on the type of rooms for proper display. The idea acts as a fine corner storage solution!

11. Corner Floating Shelves

Corner furniture can also be modified by adding floating shelves to the corners, as it can do wonders with corner storage as well as for the beautiful display. The smallest corners like one beside the doors can also be used functionally in this way. Free wall space makes a backdrop for the floating shelves.

Floating Shelves

In case you don’t want the shelves to look too heavy, paint them with the same colour of wall to neutralize the total overall look & also don’t stuff the shelves with too many items! It totally depends according to your needs & requirements that how you can use the floating shelves i.e. whether you need to display the décor accessories or simply use them to store your books or some art pieces!

12. Corner Space Utilization – Hang Clothes

Corner Space Utilization - Hang Clothes

You can place a hanger or a rack in the corner of your room as a decor accent or corner storage & use it to hang your clothes. It will make the full use of the corner space and it will look compact and composed by all means.

13. Corner Shelves

Corner Shelves

Corner shelves are space-saving solutions when there is no space on the floor due to the sectional sofa kept or any furniture like small cabinet, side table or work desk paced at the corners. Corner shelves are a great items for creating backdrop when there is a free wall space. It is easy for beginners to customize their space by adding corner shelves.

14. Add Small Round Table in the Corner

Round Table in the Corner

As an effective corner furniture, you can also add the small round table in your corner along with a couple of stools. Such corner furniture can be used for multiple purposes like reading, seating, chatting, eating, playing games, etc.

15. Add A Console or Pedestal at Corners

Wooden Carved Wooden Unique Pedestal

A traditional wooden carved wooden unique console or pedestal of a contrasting colour from the wall looks amazing in an empty corner. You may use it as a decent spot to present limited display of artifacts on the pedestal.

16. Corner Working Desk

Corner Working Desk

To create a working corner furniture, you can set the table & chair. It will transform your boring corner space into the useful working zone with some functional corner storage solutions. You can also beautify it with a pendant or a floor lamp along with the green plants & antique pottery. This entire set up will bestow an antique & artistic look!

17. An Interesting Cabinet to fill Empty Corners

Interesting Wooden Cabinet

The great way of using all the space practically & creatively is to have the corner cabinet which you can use for storage as well as for displaying your decor items! It will look simple yet elegant and perfectly functional. It makes the space a perfect example of beauty and utility combo.

18. Add a Stylish Statement to enhance the Corner Wall

Stylish Statement

If you need an extra storage space, you can create a stylish statement easily by using stylish designer shelving. It is a natural but creative way to add a focal point by displaying some eye-candy and cool objects like small indoor plants, beautiful planters, a smart but chic photo frame or few special books, etc.Follow the above-mentioned corner decorating ideas and come-up with the best corner storage solutions for barren corners in your home.Now that you have gathered some creative corner decorating ideas, and if you want to read more on tips for decorating small spaces, here we have a blog for you:

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