12 Tips for Remodeling Old Boring Home!

Home Remodeling Tips

No matter how beautifully you have organized your sweet home, sometimes, you may feel bored with the old décor plan around. This is the time you need to make some changes to add some special vibes in your home decor.

It is not necessary for you to spend hefty for home makeover; yes, you need a healthy dose of creativity, planning, and an artistic approach to embrace new scopes and dimensions in your layout.

The makeover is a code, but simplicity has to be integrated. If you can implement the change yourself, you can enjoy the privilege of adding the flavour of creativity at random with your décor scheme. Here we have suggested a few simple homes remodel tips which can impart a bigger effect on the ambiance around. These are only the hints: we completely believe that brilliant homemakers like you can make something stunning out of our suggestions.

Tips to Remodel Old Home

Remodeling Tip 01: Try to Change the Furniture Layout

Change the Furniture Layout

You may be loved of your old furniture layout and movement space. Try a few alternatives of rearranging the costly furniture itself. The revised layout perhaps, will be more efficient. This does not need the money and you can do it yourself also even on the weekend. The joy of doing yourself will add your pleasure. You might have to some light point. This may even improve illumination in the room.

Remodeling Tip 02: Refurbish Your Living Room

Living Room Renovation

Truth be told, a living room renovation makes your home looking comfortable, charming, smart and friendly. A formal living room renovation is quite a challenging program. However, in recent times, especially in open-idea homes where individuals are searching for imaginative plans to create a separate space for enjoying company of friends and relatives, a living plays manifold purpose. A living room is expected to be lively and welcoming, where sitting arrangements should be the focal point. Sofa or no sofa, you can arrange places where guests and family members will feel comfortable here. Want to add a new makeover?

Paint the walls and conge the cushion covers in the room. Add a hanging light and paint or polish the furniture in the room. You can also change window curtains, covers of sofa, etc.

We have also written detailed article on living room remodeling tips, read 7 Quick Tips for Remodeling Your Living Room!

Remodeling Tip 03: Change Wall Colour

Change Wall Colour

Changing the colour of one or all wall while doing remodelling home is the common thing. The colour of the wall should be chosen according to the vibes of the room, and it should match the upholstery and existing fabrics in the room. For instance, in the living room, you can select a vibrant colour, but for the bedroom, you should select a tranquil shade.

It is a DIY project, you can do yourself. It is not an expensive plan either. You can change the wall colour, if necessary, after a few months according to your discretion. Of course, repaints the entire house will of course add an altogether new flavour.

Remodeling Tip 04: Change Lights or Light Sheds

Changing Lights

Changing light sheds and even light bulb will have a new spark of illumination. They changed bulbs with new colour will set new tones and moods, especially during nights. If you have simple tube lights, add more fixtures.

Remodeling Tip 05: Built a Memory Wall for Adding Personal Element

Built a Memory Wall

Memories work as a lively chronicle. Decorate one room or at least one wall of your living room with family photographs. You may add artifacts also as wall hangings. It will take some time for sure, but it’s worth trying.

You can always expand your memory wall, or you can change the décor by alternating the places. Again, it is a pocket-friendly artistic décor plan and a creative challenge for you. If you cannot create a new wall, use existing walls and cover them into a “masonry wall”. You can also add or heavy décor piece on walls. Try to make some best from waste as a DIY project and feel happy with your artistic skills.

Remodeling Tip 06: Add Freshness of Green while Revamping Your Home

Add Indoor Plant

Want to add lovely vibes in your home décor? Place a few green plants or some colourful foliage. Check their need for sunlight. Some trees need bright shade but not open sunlight. Go for these indoor décor plants varieties.

You will get varieties of indoor plants from your local nursery at a low budget.  Check their daily care methods and always go for easy to maintain plants. Not only you will get to change the look of your home, but indoor plants will take care of indoor air quality, too.

Remodeling Tip 07: Remodeling Old Home by Making Entry Way Interesting

It is perfectly said that the first impression matters. The same can be said for your entryway: don’t lose the chance to impress your visitors with a stunning look. Put an umbrella rack or coat stand in the entry point, where your visitors can keep their luggage if needed. It will add a smart look on your entry point.

Make Entryway Interesting

You can fix a wall rack for this arrangement. Wide varieties of wall racks are available in the market, you can buy online also according to your personal choice.

Remodeling Tip 08: Add Floor Seating Pillow

Floor Seating Pillow

Placing some numbers of floor pillows is an incredible way to add some appeal and comfort to your interior. Additionally, your room decor could turn out to be significantly decent and attractive on the occasion that you can include a few pillows with stories or with intriguing prints with splendid hues to it. You can even put a few on your deck, and it would wind up comfier as well. Otherwise, these pads are exceptionally comfortable to sit on. That makes them ideal for using them for a reading corner, in front of the garden or home theatre or just to spruce up vacant space. What’s more, in case you welcome sudden visitors on and off, you can generally sort out enough easygoing seating places around your center table.

Remodeling Tip 09: Add Vinyl Sticker or Wallpaper on the Wall

Vinyl Wallpaper

Well, we understand that you want to add some fresh décor elements in your home, and walls can be pretty helpful as they are just like an empty canvas. You can buy vinyl wallpaper or sticker, and make the room more interactive. It will hardly be an expensive décor plan, and you can do it yourself.

Want to replace the sticker or the wallpaper? Buy a new one and replace the old piece. It’s a simple and no-time consuming job.

Remodeling Tip 10: Space Under Stair Case

Space under Staircase

While rebuilding or remodeling old home to make it increasingly wonderful, frequently we tend to ignore the stairs, particularly the space that exists underneath them. In spite of the fact that it may not appear to be that significant, spending some time into planning this vacant space can make the zone progressively appealing and attractive than the general style of the home.

A stone bed and delicate lights make a decent pair – ideal for enlivening and lighting up the zone under a low staircase. You can utilize the space under your stairs to set up an enlightened indoor nursery with plants and a characteristic floor covering of stones.

With assistance from a local contractor, you can plan made-fit storage to utilize the empty space under the stairs.

Remodeling Tip 11: Readymade Fountain

Readymade Fountain

Small handy flowers with some illumination can really rejuvenate your mood and of course the pomp and show of the room.

You may also like to read on, Invite Tranquility into Your House Through Indoor Water Fountains!

Remodeling Tip 12: Book or Wine Wall for the Book/Wine lover

Book Wall Rack

Making a book or wine wall is certainly an innovative makeover of your home that will work as a friendly zone along with the place to show your classy taste.

For those searching for a less expensive choice, you may transform a wall of the house into a walk in book/wine wall. While wine wall could be an area of the kitchen, the book wall can be in living room. However, it could simply be the space under the stairs or some other corner of the living room.


An old boring house is an energizing and testing work. By doing remodeling old home, it is a chance to inhale new life into the home and to transform it into something that it has never been. If you have that creative fire in you, the opportunity to remodel old house is a fun and a stimulating task. You can draw motivation from the home renovation plan suggested here or our best home design section. It will be a work of merriment and a pleasant creative challenge!

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