7 Ways to Make Artefacts the Key Elements of Your Room!

Art adds decorative layers in your room. Wonderful decoration pieces can captivate viewers’ attention naturally. Artefacts are often seen as symbolic in natural settings and reflect a deep meaning. According to the dictionary meaning, it is an object made by a human being, typically one of cultural or historical interest. By adding artefacts, you not only can introduce decorative elements in the room ambiance but you can also make some space for an artistic reminiscence of cultural history. Some artefacts are created with a modern touch, and some represent traditional ideas in an appealing- gesture. Others might be local to a particular place or simply play with forms, figures, and shapes.

Artefacts mostly look amazing in all settings. You just need to find the right spot to place them. They need not be accompanied by extra elements as they can stand out by themselves. Contrary to general idea, you don’t need to be extra careful in order to maintain them. It is quite simple and easy to install these creative pieces in your rooms and make the ambiance gorgeous. You can collect these artefacts from anywhere: you can purchase these décor pieces while travelling or you may buy them from any exhibition. You can thus personalize your collection and proudly present it to the world.

However, if you are investing in artefacts, you should ensure that they are duly maintained and they get the special attention they deserve. Also keep a watch that these masterpieces do not remain placed in some random corner of your house.

Ways to Make Artefacts as a Decorative Element

A few ways are suggested here you can experiment with:

01. Leave Free Space

You may leave some free space around the artefacts so that they draw people’s attention at the first instance. Consider museums, the artefacts in those rooms are distantly spaced most so that each piece can be observed, understood, and admired by the viewers. It’s true that it is mostly difficult to spare space in a home no matter how large it is as a museum can offer, but you can leave at least some little spaces around your artefacts. You can display objects either in living rooms or in corridors. Also, you should try your best to avoid crowded arrangement of the display as it diminishes the aesthetic charm of the objects. Remember these are wonderful fillers, but you mustn’t ignore the space they need to stand-alone in its own glamour.

02. Statement Wall

Artefacts on Statement Wall

Walls play a crucial role in adding an aesthetic vibe to the room. You can experiment with a number of things. There is a range of options you can select from depending on your budget. Most artefacts can be hung up on the walls. From wall paintings to baskets and carved structures, you can pick anything which you like. You can add lots of shelves to place the articles. The aim here is to draw an emphasis on one particular wall. This is a creative way to form a spacious look in a room despite the size of the artefacts. Moreover, having all your artefacts arranged against or on a wall is a unique way to display your collection.

03. Mix Them Up with Matching Accessories

Match Artefacts with other Accessories of the Room

Depending on the material of the object, you can create your customized decor with different elements that may or may not be similar in nature but they will go well with the artefact. You can add a lamp or natural elements around it. You may even go with matching prints on cushions or curtains to add a bright effect. This ambiance and its total effect adds to the theme of the room and displays a coherent look altogether. Playing with colours and introducing contrasting shades through furniture and walls is a nice and creative way to decorate the room. While you want your artefact to stand out and be noticed, you also want it to be in sync with the room setting. Introducing matching elements is a good way to do so.

04. Place Them at Different Heights

Place Artefacts at Different Height

It is a good idea to add variation in the heights and widths of the objects in a room be it the furniture or the decor items. If you’re going for more than one object, it would be great to mix and match their placement. If you’re going for a wall painting, then perhaps the other object could be a vase of some kind which could be placed nearby. You may even go for pedestals of varying heights to elevate objects. While placing objects in trios or pairs, you should aim for the objects, which differ in size in order to break the monotony of decor. This is also a creative way to play with the available space.

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05. Centre Space

Place Centrepiece in Centre of the Room

The centre of a room is probably the focused space, which gets the most attention. You can always go for the right sized objects, which fit well in the centre of the room. While it may seem tricky to select the objects, the final outcome will be awesome if you take the special care. The objects should be proportionate in size according to the other furniture in the room. You can also go for smaller sized objects which can be placed on tables and shelves. You may also go for an artistic table or you may select an eye-catching centrepiece. Bigger sized articles may work well in the outer corners of the room.

06. Corridors-Line Them Up

Artefacts in Corridor

Corridors are a good place to display the artefacts you have collected so far. Since hardly any furniture is placed there, you will get to avail a lot of free space for displaying artistic products here.  Depending on the size of the corridor, you can go for full-length articles, several small-sized products, or here also can play with the sizes to create an attractive effect. You can use a corridor and its area as your own canvas where you may add anything that seems appropriate. Even a few random items which, you have liked but exactly they are not matching with the room décor, can come here.

07. Use Them in Place of Standard Furniture

Use Artefacts as Standard Furniture

Artefacts are not always decorative in nature. Some of them are also available as furniture pieces. You can find beautifully carved tables, chairs, beds, and even shelves. You can even buy bookshelves and ceramic cutlery. This is a cool way to add unique and stylish furniture in your room’s decoration.


Artefacts are an interesting way to add an artistic touch to your room. You can have one or many products depending upon the size of the room and the space available here within the four walls. The artistic placement is a priority here to ensure that each article gets some individual space to shine. You should aim at breaking the uniformity in size and that is why you should try to add different sized objects in the target room. Artefacts enhance the gorgeousness of your premise and your expert placement can add spontaneously the much-needed vibrancy and authenticity in your premise.

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